Cheep & Croak to You From the Astonishing Azores~

It was worth crossing the Atlantic to reach the amazing Azores. Just ask this little cheeper!
DSC04583 (1)
The islands are like a fantastic jungle garden of Eden.
Check out the trees,
and grottos!
The islands are volcanic and verdant.

Definitely worth croaking about!
It is especially nice visiting paradise when people are happy to see you!
There are vibrant towns with arts & culture just waiting for you to explore~
These historic islands are part of Portugal and have old European charm.
Cheers to you from the amazing Azores~
(Please excuse my being out of touch. Wifi is still hard to come by.)

183 thoughts on “Cheep & Croak to You From the Astonishing Azores~

  1. Wow……. these are truly astonishing and amazing. I will probably share some of them in our June newsletter. Thanks so much for traveling so we can see scenes like these.


  2. ¡Que maravilla de flora y fauna! Las Azores tienen una situación privilegiada con un buen clima y, además, conservan todo el sabor colonial. Siga disfrutando de este viaje tan interesante 🙂


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  4. You, by now, just be well past the Azores. The little bird is too cute to be real. Was this an adult or a nestling? Loved the old Spanish architecture, Cuz….., enjoy the journey ! 🙂


    • Yes, I am guessing he was not fully fledged. He was adorable and pretty darn tame. We have left the Azores and are in the North Atlantic, due to reach Ireland tomorrow! I will greet her for you cuz~

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  5. The little “Eden bird” is too cute! Fantastic capture! And the nature truly looks like jungle paradise. Thanks for this rare share 🙂


  6. I am very glad that You visited Azores and presented so gorgeous photos. We visited there about ten years ago and this year Madeira, so the comparison between these two places was interesting.


  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Cindy! Island culture always seems so vibrant and alive as if the sea brings out the colour, light and beauty in everything and everyone. I so love the way you capture the essence of the places and beings in your photos!


  8. Enchanting views ! I especially loved the exotic trees ! Your pictures are something I look forward to every week now ma’am. Thank you for sharing the incredible experience incredibly 🙂


  9. That little robin (I presume he is a sort of Robin) is priceless. He looks like a miniature street fighter. The tree roots are something very special, in fact all your pictures look special. Thanks.


  10. A very beautiful and enjoyable post Cindy, I love the trees and their long roots, the flora and fauna are captivating, you have certainly seen into the Garden of Eden.
    A beautiful post that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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