I Blog Therefore I Am!


Holler Red Tail Hawk WM1 El Calafate Patagonia (Please click to enlarge photos) dsc04159 Barbary Ape Gibraltar DSC03891 Antarctica DSC03758 Banff BC DSC05114 Cinque Terre DSC00983 Holler Hummingbird DSC01489 Holler Rose
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I retired early after 27 years as a psychotherapist/mental health director and moved to the outer limits of no-wheres-ville to a home I call “The Holler.”
My closest neighbors are coyotes (packs and packs of them and they are HUNGRY), rattlers (lots and lots of them and they are MEAN), and free range cows/bulls (the bulls aren’t too friendly either!)
Forget cell phones. They don’t work out here. Forget GPS, it misdirects.
It’s best not to wander too much out here, the people (and their dogs) are kinda twitchy.
To reach The Holler turn right at the reeking chicken farm, down a bunch of pot-holed semi-streets/dirt roads, past the abandoned refrigerators and occupied old RV’s and then things get kinda dicey.
My friends usual reaction to the trip to The Holler is, “you’ve got to be kidding!” Or, “Next time let’s meet half way.”
This is our little bit of heavenly Appalachia right here in rural California.
I like to write and if something strikes my fancy, usually something odd or unusual, you will learn about it here. And thankfully, at The Holler, almost everyday is odd and unusual. So “Holler Happenings” including photos of flowers, birds, and wild animal interactions, are included too.
I travel three-four months a year so you will find my photos and honest reviews of locales, attractions and accommodations from all over the world. The good, bad and the ugly.
So put your feet up and let’s devote our attention to the best things in life, our leisurely pursuits!
To start here are some links:

National Geographic Photos page,

Goodreads page,

And “about me” before I retired and commenced this life of leisure:



Cheers & Welcome!
Cindy Knoke
(AKA-Cindy Barton LCSW)

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915 thoughts on “I Blog Therefore I Am!

    • Coyotes are dingos are very similar in terms of behavior, intelligence and ruthless survival skills. They even look somewhat similar. They are even more closely related genetically that scientists used to think. We have tons of coyotes in multiple packs that hunt in a coordinated fashion at night covering lots of territory. It is not a good idea to walk out here at night alone or without protection. So best to stay in your car and meet me halfway. You wouldn’t want to get lost which everyone does out here! We are going back to Oz in March for a month. I can’t wait!

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  2. Your photos are amazing. I love the hummingbirds. One was stuck in our garage years ago (believe it or not, he’d wedged his beak between two stacked boards and I found him hanging, limp but alive). When I rescued him, he sat on my finger for several minutes before buzzing off. I’d forgotten all about it until I saw those perfectly detailed little feet…the memory of his tiny death-grip on my finger came zipping back! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your creativity. Sometimes I get stuck in “now” (it’s a little hard to see our way past the next five years; even when I can, it’s difficult to imagine being something other than a full-time advocate for my kiddos). Your blog is a great reminder that the future is full of new opportunities.

    p.s., I’m no pro, but am curious…do you remember what kind of camera/lens you used for the hummingbirds? I can’t get over those shots. Really beautiful. You’ve inspired me to try to catch them this summer with my Nikon.

    • Well, this is why I can never lose sight of the fact that blogging is important, because I just got to meet you. And you basically get it. All the best to you and lovely to meet you.

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    • Ahhhh, so kind of you! Thank you. I had nightmares about rattlers, black widows and coyotes, for basically the first year living here. I thought I had made a serious mistake moving here. Now when I see really big rattlers, black widows, or coyotes up close, I reach for my camera quite pleased. I have fully adapted, which is what people usually do, thankfully.

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