Azores Dreaming…..

in a North Atlantic way.
Such idyllic islands,
for whiling time away.
Only sad time had here,
is when you sail away!
The Azores are a Portuguese island chain in the mid-Atlantic blessed with heavy rainfall and a temperate climate.
They are pristine ecological wonders,
filled with exotic plants and beautiful, historic Portuguese architecture.
Cheers to you from the remarkable Azores~

141 thoughts on “Azores Dreaming…..

  1. Cindy, your photos are always so vibrant in color and rich detail, very professional like. Do you use a large detachable telephoto lens to get such good shots, or is it just a camera with a built in zoom lens? What make of camera and lens do you use?

    1. Thank you so much! Most appreciated. It is a built in camera with zoom, a Sony Hx300 with 1200 mm equivalent zoom. It does not require a tripod and I love it!

      1. Sounds nice. I just ordered me a new one since my little old standby point and shoot HP got a crack in its casing. Hope I can do well with the new one, a Nikon 16 megapixel, 32 optical zoom (also built in). It is being shipped to my local Best Buy store to pick up. I ordered it on line. I had been also using my husband’s Fuji (12 mp) auto focus, but didn’t like its performance so wanted to replace my own with a better one.

  2. Wow! You really get around. The pins on your map are wide and far. I had to Google to see where you were, ha. What an interesting place, one that while obviously beautiful wasn’t ever on my radar. Seems like a cool place to do a wide range of outdoor activity too. I need to meet someone with a yacht too, snicker.

  3. This is so incredibly exciting going to the Azores with you, Cindy! The colors are so vivid and the place looks so interesting. I enjoyed the unique flowers and the exotic plants you highlighted so beautifully. Enjoy!!

  4. This is so amazing, Cindy. What a beautiful and fascinating place. I love your photos but your second one of that old gnarly tree I think is my favorite of this group. I look at it and I see so many different images. πŸ™‚ <3

  5. Oooh, more beautiful blooms, and the gnarly tree (in the 3rd from the top) makes me think of those tree ents in Lord of the Rings! And then there’s that bamboo rainbow… Wow! Yes, these are the stuff of dreams! πŸ™‚ <3 ~Lynn

  6. Hii Cinday, what a joy to come into your beautiful site, I love the trees how wonderful and your flowers so bright and lovely
    have a great week…lovely;lady and lovely site
    Sherri and a re-blog

  7. Wonderful traveling with you Cindy!! The beauty coming through your photographs have me going back for a second look ~

  8. Hi Cuz,
    The pics are extraordinary (as per usual ). Would be even better if a few of them showed you enjoying your journey. Looking forward to seeing what you find in Ireland. Have a Guinness for me at the pub!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Laughing, why spoil the picture!! Jim, has already had several pints at several pubs in your honor, and I named the fox Barton. It is why he liked me. (See the next post!)

  9. Excellent and colorful pictures Cindy, the architecture of the buildings is from a bygone era.
    I do like the massive trees and their varied shapes.

      1. Even before arriving, I knew it was home! There hasn’t been a bit of doubt not a single regret! I wish that for you as well mon amie! Bisons et calling!

  10. Well Cindy, I’m a bit globally lost following you around! “lol”
    We had camera tests today & Kim Cattrall looked gorgeous. We start shooting this upcoming Thursday, and I’m gong crazy every day at work.
    I miss having time to blog.
    Love you!

  11. You are such an amazing photographer. I could never choose a ‘Best Picture’ award. Each one so lovely in its own right. I’m thinking my favorite is the gorgeous flower with the bumble bee. Awesome!

  12. I think you had better weather! But we are still enjoying our stay. More rugged and windswept and the rain… Your photos add to my desire to come back in the spring! Beautiful choice of shots from so much incredible scenery.

      1. Yes, folk here are saying it is unusual to have so many strong winds but the last hurricane did drop into a strong wind category. Hope all well with the snow storms. There is definitely more extreme weather conditions.

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