Azores Dreaming…..

in a North Atlantic way.
Such idyllic islands,
for whiling time away.
Only sad time had here,
is when you sail away!
The Azores are a Portuguese island chain in the mid-Atlantic blessed with heavy rainfall and a temperate climate.
They are pristine ecological wonders,
filled with exotic plants and beautiful, historic Portuguese architecture.
Cheers to you from the remarkable Azores~

141 thoughts on “Azores Dreaming…..

  1. Well Cindy, I’m a bit globally lost following you around! “lol”
    We had camera tests today & Kim Cattrall looked gorgeous. We start shooting this upcoming Thursday, and I’m gong crazy every day at work.
    I miss having time to blog.
    Love you!


  2. You are such an amazing photographer. I could never choose a ‘Best Picture’ award. Each one so lovely in its own right. I’m thinking my favorite is the gorgeous flower with the bumble bee. Awesome!


  3. I think you had better weather! But we are still enjoying our stay. More rugged and windswept and the rain… Your photos add to my desire to come back in the spring! Beautiful choice of shots from so much incredible scenery.


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