Cheep & Croak to You From the Astonishing Azores~

It was worth crossing the Atlantic to reach the amazing Azores. Just ask this little cheeper!
DSC04583 (1)
The islands are like a fantastic jungle garden of Eden.
Check out the trees,
and grottos!
The islands are volcanic and verdant.

Definitely worth croaking about!
It is especially nice visiting paradise when people are happy to see you!
There are vibrant towns with arts & culture just waiting for you to explore~
These historic islands are part of Portugal and have old European charm.
Cheers to you from the amazing Azores~
(Please excuse my being out of touch. Wifi is still hard to come by.)

183 thoughts on “Cheep & Croak to You From the Astonishing Azores~

  1. The bird is sooo cute. He looks like he is made up of different parts from various birds all put together. Is the dinosaur on the building and the “Not Sure You Understood It” meant to imply we don’t get we’re causing our own extinction? Hope you’re having a fabulous time.


  2. Oh I just adore the bird. What a fluffy underbelly! ❀ And the serpentine tree roots are awe-inspiring. I'll be the sounds of nature out there are just as beautiful as the sight. The buildings, especially in the last photo, have a real beauty to them as well. I like how they seem to stretch from this perspective! Have a great time Cindy! ❀ ~Lynn


    • Yes, I love all the same things you do Lynn! I didn’t want to overload with photos but the islands are pristine, clean, with pretty little towns, amazing flora & fauna and the ocean at your doorstep. Paradise!

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  3. Sweet little bird. πŸ™‚ The trees are so fascinating, especially the second photo. Thank you for the beautiful tour, Cindy! πŸ™‚ Happy travel. ❀


    • I really didn’t post enough of my photos to do the islands justice. There are thermal pools, lakes, volcanos, and beautiful clean, small towns, and nine islands!


  4. The amazing Azores indeed, this place looks almost surreal and as you say a good look at what the Garden of Eden may be appeared ~ wonderful photos and great to see you are enjoying your trip. Safe travels.


  5. Oh my, that frog seems to have unusually long hind legs – or is it just me πŸ™‚ Well they’re surely to give it a gunge advantage in hopping about


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