Waves on tropical reefs,


a constant lullaby.

Island breezes,


flower scented air.

As the sun sets,

you doze and dream of mermaids,

waving from the sea.

Cheers to you from the peaceful Cooks~
(We are home at The Holler now, but I have a few more tranquil images from The Cooks to share with you).

The Same Sun Shines For Us All~

Sunset in the open ocean off Peru.
This post is in honor of the innocent victims of gun violence in our country and their families. I honor the children who are leading our country away from the path of despair and gun violence.
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6. New International Version).

I salute and stand in solidarity with our student leaders today, and everyday, and all who support the will of the people for safety, sanity, and gun regulation.

The same sun sets for us all,

over the peaceful sea.

Mother Nature’s silent symphony,

a promise of enduring hope,

and lasting peace.

El Fin del Mundo~

We keep going back to ‘The End of the World.’

This poppy was as big as a salad plate!

This was our third visit, but this time we were joined by our adult children for the holidays, which made it the best ever.

Ushuaia Argentina is the southern-most city in the world,

and can be accessed via the stunning Beagle Channel and Tierra del Fuego.

The city is surrounded by the towering glacier-rich Andes cordillera (spine), which was shrouded with clouds on this visit.

This part of the world is a wildlife and birders paradise and I will post some critters next.

Not too many people come here, but those who do are rewarded with vast tracks of open spaces and pristine nature everywhere.

Cheers to you from The End of the World~

Cabo Sunset~

Off the coast of Guatemala now, heading south.

Will pass the equator in a few days.

Internet is impossible.

Looking forward to connecting with you when we touch land.

Cheers to you from sunset seas~

Above the Clouds~

Looking down upon a hurrying world,

above the clouds,

offers detachment,


and peace.

World’s away,

and above it all.

Cheers to you from peaceful heights and prayers to those in Irma’s path~

Squirrel Nutkin & His Holler Friends~

Squirrel Nutkin has his favorite chair, where birdseed falls on his head like manna, unasked for, from heaven.
It’s perfect place for pillow-hiding where no one can see him at all, if only it weren’t for his tell-tale-tail!
He can scale the walls like spiderman,
and perch on his chair like a king on his throne.

Baby-Bunting-Birdie is confused by all the action, but never hops by without leaving a gift, so thoughtful!
The Grosbeaks create the showers of seeds while stuffing their beaks past full.

The docile doves just watch the show.

Cheers to you from the setting sun and another critter-full Holler day~
(Thank you Ms. Potter for many happy childhood reads about Squirrel Nutkin and all his animal friends).

Storm Sunsets Mid-Atlantic~


Storm series follow us,

across the Atlantic,

spawning deep ocean waves and painting sunsets,
DSC04165 (1)
for only the fish,
and our lonely boat,

to see.
Cheers to you from the living sea.
Note: We have limited internet mid-ocean so I am missing you and look forward to catching up when we reach land.

Desert Flowers~

Cacti in peak spring bloom,

bursting to rival spring flowers.

Citron, ruby, pearl, amethyst.

A bejeweled thorn garden,
with cactus fairies dressed in buds.

Queen Yucca reigns,

while lowly barrel floats cellophane flowers.

Arid desert landscape,
yields burgeoning blooms.
Cheers to you from the flowering desert~