Snowy Sierra~

We have decided not to stay home anymore. We are going to resume our regular vagabonding, as safely as we can. We left sunny Southern California,

for some cold Sierra snow.

Sunset on the peaks are lovely.

But is quite nippy.

Winds on the peaks are 55-75 mph, with temps approaching 0 F,

gets your attention skiing!

View towards The White Mountains from The Sierras.

We’ve come 6 weeks after an epic storm.

It has been sunny, but cold since.

Maybe these folks are gonna wait till spring to dig out? I don’t blame them.

Cheers to you from the chilly Sierra~

241 thoughts on “Snowy Sierra~

  1. Cindy! Do you mean intelligent people actually leave a gorgeous place like The Holler and willingly travel to snow and cold??? I’m stunned. Here, we got 4.5 inches of snow, ice, and freezing rain yesterday, with much more on the way for today. I’ll post some photos for you!

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    • Yes!! We endure the possiblity of frostbite for the thrill of whizzing down mountains on skis, or my kids on snowboards. Gotta get the 3yo twins on skis too, although it is a bit nippy for them. Maybe it will be a bit warmer tommorrow. I love seeing your photos! დ

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  2. I can’t believe you went to snow on purpose…I wish I could just send you ours and you could watch it melt around your house. I’m glad you’re traveling again. Have a wonderful time. Don’t expect to see any colorful birds or happy animals. LOLOLOL They’re probably at your house having fun in the sun.


  3. Wow, what alot of snow–epic, indeed! I’m so glad you’ve decided to travel again and I pray it will be safe and refreshing! I look forward to more wonderful photos.


    • Road tripping for now, at least. It has been both caring for my twin grandbaby boys, and covid, that has clipped my wings. But the wings cannot stay clipped, not for more than two years. I am still caring for my grandloves, but, I have negotiated time outs each month, to get back into what I love to do which is travel, move and see. It feels so wonderful. You would not believe today! I spent hours with a herd of reclusive wild Sierra Mustangs. It was a pause/approach situation on both our parts. The herd was about 100 strong and healthy, and this is The Sierras and winter! I have all the photos. Their only predators are mountain lions, they keep the popluations healthy. Their eyes are so different than domestic horses. Their irises are yellow. They look like tiger eyes. დ


  4. I gasped out loud when I saw the gorgeous violet sky in the first photo, and the amazing colours in the other photos. Stunning!

    Best of luck to those poor van owners. It doesn’t look like that vehicle is going anywhere soon!


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