Torrey Pines~

2 planes flying. (Click to enlarge photos)

A 3rd 1, 2.

1 person walking, tiny by the shore.

My hometown.

Kissed by the sunset.

Washed by the sea.

Cheers to you from Torrey Pines Park in Southern California~

191 thoughts on “Torrey Pines~

  1. From my house in Darjeeling(India) we get a lovely sunshine at Tiger hill. I am reminded by your beautiful photos.🙂


  2. Good morning ma’am the pictures are wonderful. In times like these, it is difficult to find a place with trees and fields. This pictures not only radiate peace and happiness but, it also provides a hint for conservation of nature.
    Thank you for posting these pictures.
    I hope that you have a productive day ahead.
    -Akshiitaa Bhardwaj {Wonder Global}


    • What beautiful sentiments and I love the feelings the photos engendered in you and appreciate you sharing them with me. And yes, conservation is so critically important for us all. I hope you are staying safe and well. Thank you for your kindness დ

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      • Thank you so much for your kind words ma’am.
        I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.
        – Akshiitaa Bhardwaj


  3. These pictures remind me of my hometown Darjeeling(India) famous for the sunrise in Tiger Hill.🙂 Beautiful photos Cindy.


  4. Torrey Pines, I vaguely remember interviewing for a job there, in my pre-Navy days. Two weeks later, I enlisted. Never heard back about the job … safe to say I didn’t get it. (LOL)

    We made it here on Monday, specifically SJC/Dana Point. We’re renting a house in Dana Point while we’re here. It’s the same house we rented in 2019. It’s a craftsman-style home. The neighbors took a long look when we pulled up in two, large SUVs in G-Man black. My daughters are notorious for wearing black or dark blue (bordering on black). I’m just as bad. We all wear dark shades. Griffin, our groom, she was wearing black with dark shades too. Griffin’s daughter, she was wearing pink with a white ballcap. Sophia, she’s the one with mirrored sunglasses. Sophia said we must be up to no good – one guy, four women, one teen girl. 😉 😎 😉


    • The Women (and Man in Black) have arrived! The girl in pink with the white hat just adds to the mystery. The neighbors are definitely talking, but it’s Dana Point, they are used to all sorts of errr……. unusual things there!!! It’s California coastal after all!! 😉 Enjoy and best of luck to your daughters დ

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  5. Cindy, gorgeous country. You live in paradise. I tried to find the second plane and the person on the seashore and need help pinpointing where to look. Your photography is stellar. What an artistic eye you have! Loved the post! oxox


  6. Cindy. I’ve missed the beauty you share with the world. What a treat to visit today. These would make terrific background photos. I love the last one especially. For one magical winter decades ago, I lived on the beach in Ocean City, NJ. There was nothing between my front window and the ocean but sand and seagulls. I woke at dawn every day that winter to drink my coffee and drink in the sun. These photos remind me of that time. Your gorgeous sunsets are a lovely bookend to my memories. Thank you. ♥.


  7. Bonjour CINDY
    Quand le week-end touche à sa fin c’est qu’il ouvre les portes à de nouveaux moments à cultiver ! Que cette Nouvelle Semaine te soit profitable et qu’elle t’enseigne que le temps passe vite ! Ne perds pas ton temps en te centrant sur les jours à venir ou en donnant trop d’importance à des personnes négatives ! Ouvre ton cœur et ton existence à l’espoir, la générosité et à l’amitié sincère.
    Que cette semaine te soit profitable Bernard


  8. Wonderful photos! Such beautiful skies 🙂 thank you for reading our Crustacean Compassion post, remember to add yourself to the selfie wall if you haven’t already, and sign their petition. Thank you. 🙂 Lots of love from Miranda


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