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  1. You live in a gorgeous place! Not many places are better for a Staycation.
    Fab shots, Cindy!
    Hey, are you still doing the Route 66 Trip? ❦

    1. Thanks much Resa. And yes, I am! Two weeks and counting, First travel in a year and a half. It now feels strange instead of normal life. Hope all is well with you დდ

        1. I used to go in summer to Jackson Hole as a child. I remember riding horses across the Snake River and being chased by cattle. I remember ski trips in college and grad school, driving from La Jolla to Jackson Hole, and being introduced to wind chill -50F. I remember when the wolves would howl me to sleep as a child in the summer. It was so comforting. დ

          1. I remember my grandma taking us to lunch at the Hotel Del. We took the ferry over. I remember my grandma lamenting the Coronado Bay bridge when it was built. We could see it from our house.I remember weekends on the beach.

            1. My grandfather took us regularly to brunch and dinner at The Del by ferry! It was great fun. They kept the ferry operating for several years after the bridge was built, so you could still ride over. They have boats now, but they are not the same. We have synchronistic memories Jean.

  2. I’ve actually been here..and I forgot. My husbands brother treated us back in the 80’s. We’ve not returned to that area of California. What lovely photos.

    1. Vi ringrazio molto! Così apprezzato. WordPress ha una funzione integrata che consente agli spettatori di ingrandire le foto facendo clic su di esse. Se hai problemi a farlo, invierò un’e-mail agli ingegneri di wordpress per chiedere aiuto o google come farlo. Ci sono molti tutorial online. Spero che aiuti. Ciao! დ

      1. Grazie Cindy, farò delle prove. Il nuovo editor di word press e la possibilità di inserire immagini e video ancora non lo gestisco bene. Penso che quando avrò imparato il sistema diventerà vecchio e sostituito 😉

        1. Tendo a evitare di leggere le istruzioni e mi limito a giocherellare con le cose finché non lo capisco. Le istruzioni mi infastidiscono. Non c’è metodo per la mia follia ti auguro buona fortuna e ho fiducia in te!!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Cindy, I am sorry. I looked through my comments and I’m not sure if I conveyed the meaning of my thoughts correctly. I’m afraid I need to stop commenting because I might offend someone.
        As one poet said: “If you cannot find right words, it is very dangerous to express your thoughts.”

        1. You don’t offend me. I know you. Please continue to talk. It is very easy to misunderstand each what each other means in this virtual world. I know this. But, honestly, it is even easier to not listen, hear or see, or understand each other, in the ‘real’ world!! Please keep commenting. I will do the same, and we will figure it out დ

  3. Torrey Pines is such a beautiful place! How blessed you are to have grown up there! I grew up on an eastern coast that’s also beautiful, but has sunrises instead of sunsets!

  4. Good morning ma’am the pictures are wonderful. In times like these, it is difficult to find a place with trees and fields. This pictures not only radiate peace and happiness but, it also provides a hint for conservation of nature.
    Thank you for posting these pictures.
    I hope that you have a productive day ahead.
    -Akshiitaa Bhardwaj {Wonder Global}

    1. What beautiful sentiments and I love the feelings the photos engendered in you and appreciate you sharing them with me. And yes, conservation is so critically important for us all. I hope you are staying safe and well. Thank you for your kindness დ

    1. Thank you and I am happy you enjoyed. Darjeeling is world famous and I would love to visit some day. Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself and I hope you are staying safe and well დდ

  5. Torrey Pines, I vaguely remember interviewing for a job there, in my pre-Navy days. Two weeks later, I enlisted. Never heard back about the job … safe to say I didn’t get it. (LOL)

    We made it here on Monday, specifically SJC/Dana Point. We’re renting a house in Dana Point while we’re here. It’s the same house we rented in 2019. It’s a craftsman-style home. The neighbors took a long look when we pulled up in two, large SUVs in G-Man black. My daughters are notorious for wearing black or dark blue (bordering on black). I’m just as bad. We all wear dark shades. Griffin, our groom, she was wearing black with dark shades too. Griffin’s daughter, she was wearing pink with a white ballcap. Sophia, she’s the one with mirrored sunglasses. Sophia said we must be up to no good – one guy, four women, one teen girl. 😉 😎 😉

    1. The Women (and Man in Black) have arrived! The girl in pink with the white hat just adds to the mystery. The neighbors are definitely talking, but it’s Dana Point, they are used to all sorts of errr……. unusual things there!!! It’s California coastal after all!! 😉 Enjoy and best of luck to your daughters დ

  6. Cindy, gorgeous country. You live in paradise. I tried to find the second plane and the person on the seashore and need help pinpointing where to look. Your photography is stellar. What an artistic eye you have! Loved the post! oxox

    1. Hi Mary Ann. If you click on the photos they will enlarge for you and hopefully you will see the infinitesimal tiny person walking on the shore and the tiny plane flying under the con trail. Good luck & so happy you enjoyed the post! დ

      1. Hi Cindy, I saw the plane but am not quite certain about the tiny person. Your photos inspire poetry. The colors and composition are stellar. Be well and have a good week. oxox

  7. Cindy. I’ve missed the beauty you share with the world. What a treat to visit today. These would make terrific background photos. I love the last one especially. For one magical winter decades ago, I lived on the beach in Ocean City, NJ. There was nothing between my front window and the ocean but sand and seagulls. I woke at dawn every day that winter to drink my coffee and drink in the sun. These photos remind me of that time. Your gorgeous sunsets are a lovely bookend to my memories. Thank you. ♥.

  8. Bonjour CINDY
    Quand le week-end touche à sa fin c’est qu’il ouvre les portes à de nouveaux moments à cultiver ! Que cette Nouvelle Semaine te soit profitable et qu’elle t’enseigne que le temps passe vite ! Ne perds pas ton temps en te centrant sur les jours à venir ou en donnant trop d’importance à des personnes négatives ! Ouvre ton cœur et ton existence à l’espoir, la générosité et à l’amitié sincère.
    Que cette semaine te soit profitable Bernard

  9. Wonderful photos! Such beautiful skies 🙂 thank you for reading our Crustacean Compassion post, remember to add yourself to the selfie wall if you haven’t already, and sign their petition. Thank you. 🙂 Lots of love from Miranda

    1. I remember being traumatized as a child when a woman threw live lobsters into a pot of boiling water and they made a whistling sort of scream. Such bad karma დ

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