Chasing Rainbows~

Off again,

chasing rainbows.

This one arced over The Holler,

the valley,

the bank.

The Pot of gold was on our garage!!!

I ran to catch it, but it danced away.

The storm was followed by a frosty moon.

and pastel sunset.

We’ve left again. Chasing rainbows.

Cheers to you from The Holler~

195 thoughts on “Chasing Rainbows~

  1. The real pot of gold was the reprieve from your drought! Like magic those double rainbows burst forth, and Mother Nature confers her blessings upon the land and the creatures thereof. Excellent photos, Cindy

    • It seems to be never enough where we live, so when we get two storms back to back, I don’t care about gold, water is gold here. Thank you for know Anne დ

  2. Run Cindy, run! Don’t let any rainbow get away!
    If you don’t, I won’t!
    To all your pals, don’t let your rainbows get away! ❦

  3. Is this your house, Cindy? I’ve long had a great affinity for Spanish-style architecture, so I’m drooling over it! And catching a full rainbow like this makes it extra-special. Enjoy your travels … safely!

  4. I suppose you went looking for the pot o’ gold in your garage. But, my, you have a large hacienda. Where’s your barn??? 🙂

    • Laughing…… That’s my husband’s garage! It is full of porsche parts. I will have to dig through all the grease to find the gold! We do have room for a barn and horses. I would also like to get donkeys. They don’t tolerate guff from coyotes! 😉

  5. When I saw the name of this post I did a double take cause Chasing Rainbows and Discovering Dreams is the title of one of my poetry books. Love rainbow photos. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos again. I recently posted a poem called Rainbow and I looked through all my photos – not a rainbow to be found! Trees, leaves, ocean, lakes, streams, sunsets but no rainbows. These are wonderful!

  7. Beautiful skyscapes and rainbow captures, Cindy! Thanks for the peep at your home and neighbourhood, connecting us across the pond.

  8. Your photos do not only awaken the eyes with a dazzling array of shades of blue, and red. They convey the gentle warmth of the sun, the coolness of the moon, the fresh smell of spring. A delight for the senses: thank you for sharing!

  9. love rainbows and sunsets! These are beautiful ones that you captured in your own backyard! What a gift.

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