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  1. Beautiful Cindy, I hope your not suffering too much taking all these lovely photos over there. Especially the crocodile cloud getting ready to eat the sun…but alas, the sun by the last photo was eating him instead 🤣❤️🙏🏽

    1. I wish you wrote the narrative for this post. This is awesome. Thank you Mark. The ending is the best! Of course, the all powerful sun pervails over a mere crocodile. Kipling would be proud დ

    1. The “Click to enlarge” advice is helpful here.  Click and then click again to zoom in.  In the last photo, it looks like a sliver of sun peeks over the horizon and is a bright yellowish green.  The phenomenon was new to me.

    2. So the green flash occurs when the last bit of the setting sunlight reflects off the earth’s atmosphere creating a prism like effect that lasts for about a second or two. In the photo you can see the island of Moloka’i darker and higher in the right hand side of the photo, and the island of Oahu lower and lighter on the left. The tiny green flash can be see above Oahu, directly on top of the land, about half way in the middle of the photo. Tap or click to enlarge the photo and you will see it more clearly. I hope this helps დ

          1. Absolutely. Just like when we write something and a reader points out this or that (and they never occurred to you!) The joy of art of all sorts.

  2. Great you saw it and caught it and shared it. I’d love to witness that.


    1. My son said the same thing. It is a tiny green flash in the last photo. I can see it clearly, but then I tend to see things!!!! 😉 Green Flashes occur when setting sunslight reflects off the earth’s atmosphere creating a prism დ

    1. hmmmmmm…… My interest is piqued. We’ve been here a bunch but are having a wonderful time. Today I swam with 8 green sea turtles, big old guys which was awesome, and I am going doors off in a heli over Moloka’i for photography by myself (no one wants to go with me, go figure!) and the cardinals are walking in our lanai door daily, so I’m good. I see from your posts that you all are busy with the competitions. Enjoy & stay safe დ

      1. Hey, enjoy your chopper ride. I’ve done that a few times. At least you won’t be carrying a rucksack of gear. You’ll see things you otherwise won’t see if you were on the ground. Stay safe.

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