First Day, First Photos~

It is really hard take an ugly photograph in Canada.

We came to see the leaves change,

and they are just starting.

We are in Alberta now,

heading tomorrow into the mountains where wifi will be spotty.

Will check in when the satellite enables, but until then, cheers to you from geraniums growing in the middle of a river!

140 thoughts on “First Day, First Photos~

  1. I agree with you on Canada, Cindy. You could probably close your eyes and snap photos and they would still come out beautiful. πŸ™‚ Your eye always adds a special touch, however. I’m sure the color will miraculously appear as you climb into the Rockies! Peggy and I are working our way North as well, having zipped across the country from Virginia. Tomorrow we will be in Badlands National Park. –Curt


    • I love Quebec, and especially the forests. We were supposed to go back in a cabin in the woods when covid hit and changed everybody’s lives. We are traveling a bit, but then settling in a little cabin in the big woods. I am so happy you are traveling with me Eileen. You will make the experience richer. Cheers to you my friend დდ


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  3. Love those geraniums growing in the river! What beautiful scenery, Cindy! I’m a bit surprised you didn’t see more Autumn color, but I don’t know why I should be. After all, it’s still Summer … technically!


  4. Thot Alberta send you this comment to let you know that these pics are absolutely stunning and pristine. Have a fabulous week, my friend! β—Ÿ(β—”ΰΈ±β‚€β—”ΰΈ± )β—ž ༘❀️❀️❀️🌈


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