Little Cabin, Big Woods

Cozy and cute,

with an awesome backyard.

All the comforts of home,

in the wilderness.

It’s good to be,

in a little cabin,

in the big woods.

I like the neighbors!

Cheers to you from Alberta, Canada~

Note: No reliable wifi here, so bye for now!

161 thoughts on “Little Cabin, Big Woods

  1. looks like a lovely place to stay!


    1. I will give them a beary greeting from you Curt. I have now seen electrical bear fence for the first time in Canada with instructions to hike in fours…. Reminds me of Africa which you will remember! დ

      1. The Klamath River in Oregon has campsites for people running the rapids and backpackers hiking along the river with food cache spaces surrounded by electric wire fences, Cindy, powered by batteries. They work. 🙂
        I wandered the rainforest of West Africa with nothing but a dog to help me avoid poisonous snakes. The Liberians tended to eat anything that resembled meat. As for East Africa, another story. When I spent a moth driving through the big game parks in a beetle, I stayed in the car. 🙂 Nice kitty. I was stalked by a grizzly in Alaska. That was worrisome.

        1. Sounds like incredible adventures and memories Curt! Love the Klamath area and have tramped all over it, had lots of adventures in Africa too. I took photos backwards while being chased off bay a baboon, and being charged by an elephant! Great memories, except the baboon! 😉

          1. The Klamath area was a great place to have as a back yard, Cindy, except in smoke and fire season.
            When I was driving a VW Bug through the National Parks of East Africa, Cindy, we heard about some people who had been traveling through the same area we were traveling through in a VW Bus the week before and were charged by a bull elephant who put a tusk through the back of their van as they rushed away. 🙂 We were charged by a rhino down in Ngoron.goro Crater. Fortunately we were in a landrover with a guide at the time. 🙂

  2. WOW, that looks really cosy. Have a great time!
    We would love living there in the winter with lots and lots of snow outside.
    Take care, keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Love the cabin 😍 Looks so warm and cosy as autumn 🍂 approaches. Hopefully the bears don’t make too close an approach! I would love to wake-up in that bedroom…but not sure I would want to be greeted by a bear outside the window in the morning!😅

    1. We stayed here before, but in an older, even more charming cabin, and always wanted to come back. The original cabin was built in the 1940’s. There was a recent, needed rennovation, so I don’t know the particulars. დ

  4. Just another pebble on the beach. Meaning me. Love the cabin. That’s not hard. But what a gift you are, ranging over so much territory, glorious photography – engaging, yet at times, casual too. Me, I’m more homebody (small adventures), but full appreciation for what you do. Happy to have found your trail.

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