Fish Tales~

Arizona Koi,

are friendly fish.

They aren’t afraid of getting hooked,

but do expect some tasty treats!

I had no fishy food,

but still they followed me,

around the ponds,

like swimming puppy dogs!

Cheers to you from Arizona’s friendly koi~

173 thoughts on “Fish Tales~

  1. Great shorts of them! I love their bright colors. I think they can be mesmerizing to watch them swimming in the pond especially if you give them some food so that they gather near you.


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  3. Name koi stands for both love and affection in old version of Japanese Language and these beautiful water livings stand for that we have plenty of them mostly every home in HkG have a binch of happy Koi fish. They are good fortune symbol for people here. They live in group and play happily.

    These pics are beautiful and extremely delight to watch . I will be saving them for my screen saver if you permit me to download CK.

    Cheers. Happy smiles to you.

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    • Your comments made me smile. Thank you! Loved all the info about these wonderful creatures. Please use the images as desired and thank you for asking. I have more if you want them. They are so wonderful to be around, calming and fun to interact with დ


      • I love this colourful fish we have plenty of colours. To add up to your post i will dhare the names of Koi fish based on the colouring. We call them with these names only usually. Its Japanese but the more of them used in Chinese homes widely.

        Aka- meaning red

        Hi- having red markings

        Beni- meaning orange

        Ai- meaning blue

        Cha- meaning brown

        Nezu- meaning gray

        Shiro- meaning white

        Ki- meaning yellow

        Yamabuki- meaning light yellow

        Gin- meaning silver

        Kin- meaning gold

        Midori- meaning green

        Sumi- meaning having black markings

        Karasu- meaning having a black background

        Ochiba- meaning light blue

        They really bring friendship and love with lots affections as per my past couple of decades observation. There wont be any fights and everything is about Peace with Koi fishes. So they are amazing.


  4. Beautiful and love the words accompanying these gorgeous golden movers. We had our pond fish inside in a big aquarium one year and I didn’t want to put them back in the Spring! A joy to watch.


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