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  1. Wow, Cindy! America has the most beautiful wonders.
    Let’s keep it that way!
    Thank you, for this stunning shot of a tiny smidge of the USA!

  2. Exquisite interplay of light and shadow, Nature’s own palette tools treat our eyes in your beautiful images. That lead image is a stunner and what a charming dragon fly with the matching color scheme. So glad you share your vagabonding with us, Cindy!

        1. This concert was filmed at Red Rocks Park just outside of Denver. They made an amphitheater carved out of the red rocks. We visited there in 2018 – it’s a gorgeous place. Inside the building that leads to the amphitheater, there are pictures and lists of all the concerts performed there. It’s an amazing place and worth exploring!

          1. I read up on it. They actually started this place back in 1915 or so? I’m a X Geologist,so can see the rock type and how it’s been uplifted.
            Fantastic place to have a concert! They can hold about 9500 people. Designed after the Greeks amphitheater.

    1. Colorado has areas where you find this same type of reddish sandstone. Besides Red Rocks Park, there’s also a place called Garden of the Gods. I went camping there once. But if you want to see really spectacular red rock country, Sedona, Arizona is the place to go!

    1. Yep. My travel itch was getting seriously annoying. I hope you visit. You will not be disappointed. There are lots of stunning red rock places in the southwest. Utah and the Moab area are magnificent, and Monument Valley is ethereal. დ

        1. Feel free to ask any questions. Sedona is very crowded which is the only downside. There are other stunning red rock places in the southwest that are usually close to empty which I enjoy more დ

  3. I am so happy for you, Cindy. Your photos are stunning! You have captured the magnificent red so beautifully, and the spirit of an enchanting place. Enjoy! 🏜️

  4. Love that marvelous red rock country. Quite the contrast from our damp coast. Thank heavens for the splatters of rain we’ve been getting before summer arrives.
    (I’m still trying to figure out why I don’t seem to be getting email notifications when you post. I’m a bit slow at times… πŸ₯΄)

          1. I did check and it appeared that I wasn’t signed on. I have to admit to not keeping on top of things as the brain seems to be getting foggier from day to day… but I went ahead and signed back on. I’ll try to remember to check to see if I start getting notifications now. Those WP gremlins can be a real pain… especially when they insist on changing things willy-nilly! 😏

  5. I love Sedona, and those scenes, especially of Cathedral Rock, were familiar to me, because I went to high school in Sedona, a small school nestled among beautiful red rocks called Verde Valley School. The red dust/sand permeated everything, so that white socks became tinged with red. But no one minded, because we loved that place so much! My desktop picture is a beautiful photo of Cathedral Rock taken from campus when we went there for a reunion in 2018. Verde Valley School is now one of the top private schools in the U.S., with its international baccalaureate (IB) program. Thanks, Cindy, for the nostalgic journey!

    1. We were in The Verde Valley today. It is dust more than sand isn’t it. It is like colored powdered chalk. It is soft underfoot, and several feet thick in some areas. I saw blue rocks today and purple prickly pear cactus! When I was a kid we used to come to Sedona and stay in a house of a friend of my parents. We wore jeans over our bathing suits and rode slide rock over and over again. It was so much fun, with the drop off at the end! We made spider houses and played with the daddy long leg spiders. There were lots of spiders. Maybe, we played on slide rock together!! Your childhood must have been magical here. Happy to trigger good memories my friend დ

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  7. What a magnificent looking place! The first photograph would make a beautiful painting, I think. As for that dragonfly … it is superbly captured.

    1. Utah is the ultimate for red rock. Not just in the national parks, but in so many places. The Moab area is mind boggling. There are petroglyphs by the roadside. It is beyond description. Spiritual. Beautiful დ

  8. I love Sedona, it’s my favourite place in the USA. I took my mom and daughter there a few years ago and they loved it too. Great photographs.

    1. I am truly touched. Thank you very much, and thank you for highlights these other wonderful blogs! We are part of an a kind and creative community დდ

    1. It is a stunning place, but be warned it is quite crowded. You can get out into the wilderness alone, but it takes effort. There are other equally gorgeous red rock places in the southwest that are practically empty. If you want some suggestions, let me know დ

      1. I have heard that about the area unfortunately. It’s a bummer when things get so overrun that it impairs the experience. It’s good to know, though, that it’s still possible to escape the crowds.

  9. I should’ve guessed this was Arizona, but I didn’t. I’m sure you’re having a lovely time — and what glorious scenery you’re capturing for us! I can’t get over that blue, blue sky!

  10. Gorgeous photos! I love the faces and the shadows, too. Colors change so much from sunlight to shadow and each reveals different details.

  11. Beautiful country Cindy, the light does make it sing. Our central Australia has those red, pink hues everywhere and like your spot creates so many different colors just by waiting another 5 minutes. Great post πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

    1. It is gorgeous, but crowded! Word has gotten out. We are now in less crowded country and enjoying the serenity. Happy you visited before the hordes! Stay well Sheila დ

  12. Stunning photos. The red craggy rock is beautiful. Arizona landscape is God’s country. Thank you for sharing.

    Velva (Evening with a Sandwich)

  13. Don’t you love all the different landscapes our country has it makes me sad knowing how beautiful it is but would our fellow man here fight for it like is happening across the world.

    1. Yes. I relate to how you feel. We are Americans. We all share a love for our beautiful country and a desire to protect her. We need to stop all the fighting with each other, and start focusing on all we have in common, in order to protect America the Beautiful დ

      1. Our people have changed with many now living here with no skin in the game. No pride or allegiance to this country you can see it in the behavior to our flag and people. No history of this beautiful place resides in their hearts. A divided nation can be taken down from within. I for one am thankful for being older than 60 for sure.

  14. Beautiful pictures Cindy. They make me want to hop on a plane and head to Sedona! It seems like just yesterday my husband and I were there, and yet I realize we took our 1 year old, who is now 27! Oops!

    1. The geography is just as stunning and mind boggling, but the crowds are a bit different. It is really crowded. One is still able to hike away from the crowds though which is wonderful. There are other gorgeous red rock places in the southwest where you can be alone in nature if you prefer a more solitary natural experience დ

  15. Sedona is so beautiful, love this set and your explanation of shadows and light.
    “Faces form in the rocks,” I read that line and immediately started to see faces, LOL!

  16. Such fantastic red rocks. You give an incredible view of the place. Unfortunately here at the moment all we have falling is red dust from the Sahara and thankfully sone rain! Keep well.

    1. I so relate. And, it is raining here, hard! It probably still won’t be enough to reverse the drought, but it rained all day, and looks to rain all night. Be well my friend დ

  17. Beautiful, simply beautiful!
    And, the wings of that dragonfly are astounding! The entire being is gorgeous, but the photo you have here truly highlights the amazingness of wings – so strong and effective, yet so intricately delicate!

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