Southwest Desert~



Because here they are!

Hanging out with their very outgoing chicks.

There were Australian swans,

snoozing with Canadian Geese.

in ponds,

in Nevada and California.

Cheers to you from the happy birdies~

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    1. What shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but still does, is how opportunistic birds are. There were all sorts of species that didn’t “belong” in these ponds, but found their way there, and liked it very much! დ

  1. Such a fun post!! I roomed with a group of girls in California–and we called ourselves the flamingoes, as most of the girls had strawberry blonde hair!! So, it was fun for me to be reminded of that college experience, when saw your flamingoes, and saw the hello from California!! :)Hope you are having a blessed day!

  2. The detail in the feathers is amazing. Beautiful photos, Cindy. I enjoyed seeing the young flamingos. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen pictures of the young, and certainly not in real life.

    1. I have never seen the chicks either. I was flabbergasted by how friendly they were. They walked up to my camera lens like they were trying to understand it დ

      1. That’s probably not a good thing for their own safety, but after all, when they see how welcome they are on all the lawns (real or not), they must think they are bulletproof.

    1. Believe me, I didn’t expect to see them. I have seen them in many places in the wild, where they actually live. These parents and chicks were in Palm Desert დ

  3. Marvelous images! Up close and personal with those flamingo chicks. Lucky you! And the reflection shots are so serene.
    (Looks like I may FINALLY be getting notifications from WP. Yay! Perseverance wins out in the end?)πŸ‘

    1. Sleeping birdies are peaceful sights. They tend to watch you with one eye for a bit, until figuring out you’re unimportant and going back to sleep! πŸ˜‰

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  5. No wonder they’re happy birdies, Cindy — just LOOK at that gorgeous scenery!! And the sunshine! Something tells me they wouldn’t like Central Illinois much, not with the snow and cold we get. Sigh.

    1. My grandfather, grandmother, brother, aunt and cousins, were all from Chicago. I was the first generation to be born in California. They told me how fierce and cold the winter wind was. But, they loved Illinois, and the midwest, as I know you do Debbie დდ

  6. I see that one of these flamingo’s beak is slightly crooked close to its mouth, their feathers are very bright. Thank you so much for sharing your marvellous shots.

  7. Flamingos? That’s it! I’m putting my foot down. Lol! FlamingoOD pics as always, my friend β—Ÿ(β—”ΰΈ±β‚€β—”ΰΈ± )β—ž ༘❀️❀️❀️

    1. Laughing….. A lot. I have been besotted with Flaming Goes (as my son named them), ever since I first saw them in the actual wild where they live. When they take off enmass in flight, it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen დ

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    1. I didn’t know about the chicks either. But I do know flamingos turn pink over time from eating pigment contained in algae and bugs. These little guys won’t turn pink until they eat lots of both, which takes a few years. If you remove these pigments from a flamingos diet, they will start losing their color as they molt. Nature is very interesting. დ

    1. They are such incredibly beautiful creatures, especially when you see them taking off and airborne in huge flocks in the wild. Stunning. Thank you very much & stay safe and well დ

  9. There’s something about seeing animals, especially birds that make me scared somehow but also in awe. Such magnificent creatures. And that’s a stunning view you’ve got there.

    1. Evolution was thinking, let’s make these amazing biological flying machines and cover them with colored feathers in every hue from nature’s spectrum დ

  10. I never thought of flamingos as very pretty–dramatic and eye-catching in shape and color–but not really pretty. But those flaming chicks are really cute! I love their curvy, fuzzy necks! Also those mirror images in the water. Thank you for your eye for beauty, Cindy!

  11. I’ve never seen a flamingo’s face this close up nor a chick! Very nice captures. To sit by that pond and read a good book would be the perfect afternoon for me…with coffee too.
    Have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

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