Torrey Pines~

2 planes flying. (Click to enlarge photos)

A 3rd 1, 2.

1 person walking, tiny by the shore.

My hometown.

Kissed by the sunset.

Washed by the sea.

Cheers to you from Torrey Pines Park in Southern California~

159 thoughts on “Torrey Pines~

  1. You live in a gorgeous place! Not many places are better for a Staycation.
    Fab shots, Cindy!
    Hey, are you still doing the Route 66 Trip? ❦


        • I used to go in summer to Jackson Hole as a child. I remember riding horses across the Snake River and being chased by cattle. I remember ski trips in college and grad school, driving from La Jolla to Jackson Hole, and being introduced to wind chill -50F. I remember when the wolves would howl me to sleep as a child in the summer. It was so comforting. დ


          • I remember my grandma taking us to lunch at the Hotel Del. We took the ferry over. I remember my grandma lamenting the Coronado Bay bridge when it was built. We could see it from our house.I remember weekends on the beach.


            • My grandfather took us regularly to brunch and dinner at The Del by ferry! It was great fun. They kept the ferry operating for several years after the bridge was built, so you could still ride over. They have boats now, but they are not the same. We have synchronistic memories Jean.


  2. I’ve actually been here..and I forgot. My husbands brother treated us back in the 80’s. We’ve not returned to that area of California. What lovely photos.


    • Vi ringrazio molto! Così apprezzato. WordPress ha una funzione integrata che consente agli spettatori di ingrandire le foto facendo clic su di esse. Se hai problemi a farlo, invierò un’e-mail agli ingegneri di wordpress per chiedere aiuto o google come farlo. Ci sono molti tutorial online. Spero che aiuti. Ciao! დ

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      • Grazie Cindy, farò delle prove. Il nuovo editor di word press e la possibilità di inserire immagini e video ancora non lo gestisco bene. Penso che quando avrò imparato il sistema diventerà vecchio e sostituito 😉


        • Tendo a evitare di leggere le istruzioni e mi limito a giocherellare con le cose finché non lo capisco. Le istruzioni mi infastidiscono. Non c’è metodo per la mia follia ti auguro buona fortuna e ho fiducia in te!!! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Torrey Pines is such a beautiful place! How blessed you are to have grown up there! I grew up on an eastern coast that’s also beautiful, but has sunrises instead of sunsets!


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