I Spy~

(NOTE: Please See ALERT at end of post)


spying on you!

Meep-Meep knows,

Wile E. Coyote is after him at The Holler, which is why he wisely lives,

all his days (and nights), inside our fences,

and considers us,

neighbors, if not friends.

As wise Robert said, ‘Good fences make good neighbors!’

Cheers to you from the very wily Meep-Meep~

ALERT: A Word Press glitch keeps unfollowing people from blogs. Many people don’t realize they have been unfollowed, and I only realized it was happening when people who have been following me for a long time, had to refollow. As a test, I started following my own blog. I am constantly unfollowed! WP Acknowledges this is happening to blogs. This problem invalidates your blog’s statistical and follower count, and results in you losing blog followers, and blogs you follow, without they, or you, knowing. WP has not yet been able to fix the problem. There is discussion of the issue by other bloggers online and in Word Press forums. So keep an eye on your followers and stats, if you are concerned, to ensure this isn’t happening to you. If it is. Speak up!

241 thoughts on “I Spy~

  1. On a family trip to the LA zoo, my 4-year-old son (now 31) ran up to the road runners, grabbing the chain link fence. One pecked him on his finger. He STILL gets upset whenever he watches the cartoon! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks for the alert, Cindy.
    Double-checked and I haven’t missed any of your last few posts, but this week, I notice it takes a long time for images to download on WordPress blogs I follow. I’m not talking about posts with just one photo. I’m talking about blogs like yours with several photos, Cindy. Maybe it’s just about the time of day I read my email notifications having higher traffic than pre-covid lockdowns?

    Stunning bird shots (as usual) πŸ™‚

    1. I was just at a blog I regularly follow and she had lots of beautiful photos I wanted to see. I gave up after around 5 photos because the load time was so atrocious! დ

  3. Marvelous bird pictures, Cindy! I’ve noticed the glitch too, it has taken me off the following list of blogs I follow. And, when I go to some blogs that have appeared in the reader for me, I get an the “follow this blog” offer at the lower left. Weird.

    1. Yes. It is a significant problem affecting many blogs. No one wants to be losing followers without knowing it, or to be unfollowed from blogs they love without knowing it. დ

      1. Yes, but I think it has been happening for a while. I have lost touch with many longstanding followers and cannot find their sites as easily. Wonder if some have given up. I had even suspected that one or two may have sadly passed away.

        1. I hear you. It is sad. I started learning about the problem when blogging friends I have known for a long time were suddenly refollowing me. I knew we have been following each other for years so it got my attention, and then people starting telling about being unfollowed. So I followed my blog as a test, and I keep getting unfollowed from my own blog!

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the glitch. You are still arriving in my reader. I have had this happen before where I have suddenly unfollowed someone.

    I love the little roadrunners. They are so dear. I remember them well from when I lived in Arizona. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

    1. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words Lynette. I am sorry it is happening to you too Lynette. I think it is happening to many bloggers who are not aware of it. დ

      1. It’s not happening right now (that I know of but I am going to check), but it has happened in the past. A couple of years ago I kept suddenly unfollowing someone I had been following for about five years at that point. Very annoying.

  5. How lucky to have Road Runners in your backyard! These are beautiful captures, Cindy. My one and only photo of this bird is one running through a McDonald’s parking lot. πŸ˜‚

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  7. How lovely ‘meep meep’ is, It is good to have good friends! Thanks for the alert, I can’t even find my followers anymore though. I hope it all works out though.

      1. Just as I looked more , I actually found them, all there, looking back at the first ones, some have left wordpress or even passed acay in those 9 years I have been doing the blog. I’ll have to look through them, now I found it. Thanks Cindy.

        1. Yes, I will go and look as well. I usually sadly know or find our when blogging friends die. Our community cares! The problem is you won’t see in your follower list any followers WP unfollowed from you without your knowing დ

      1. It is a serious problem and I am sorry you have experienced it. I am so glad you we weren’t unfollowed from each other! Actually, I need to go make sure I am not unfollowed from you! დ

  8. Dear Cindy,
    what a cute Road Runner, well photographed.
    Thanks for making us aware of this WP glitch. We noticed that we get about 10 new followers per week and in the next week we loose them. Fortunately, this seems not to be our fault.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it is a problem, both ways; getting unfollowed from blogs you think you are following, and having blogs who think they are following you, being unfollowed. All of this happening without your awareness. Unfortunately, as you expressed, many people might end up feeling this unfollowing is purposeful, and this is why it is a serious problem to me დ

  9. I love this young Meep-Meep! <3
    Thank you for the alert, I will take a look at my followers list. WordPress is constantly developing – not always for the best of us customers…
    Have a nice day, and stay safe, dear Cindy!

  10. Meep-Meep looks so fluffy! Do his legs elongate when he runs?

    As for WordPress, after I finally realized that they weren’t fixing the unfollowing problem, I refollowed the blogs I follow, so that a complete list of blog titles would appear under manage subscriptions. I then took screen shots and printed out the list. Now, once a week, I go through the entire list to see if I missed posts or got unfollowed. (I had submitted multiple help tickets and follow-up emails to WordPress.)

    1. Yes. He has quite long legs for his body size. What a clever idea Liz. All the data we can gather is important. I am monitoring the n my total followers. This statistic seem hinky too, how could it not be, when people are getting unfollowed from each other regularly. დ

    1. You are perceptive. They are carnivorous birds. They eat snakes, lizards, gophers, mice etc. They puff up to appear more intimidating and larger when they are, when trying to kill something. დ

  11. Meep-Meep is just gorgeous, and a very wise bird indeed πŸ™‚

    PS I still seem to be following you, Cindy, but thanks for the alert. I will go and check out “manage subscriptions”, especially as I’ve been away from WP for a couple of months. Anything could happen in that time!

    1. Anything could. I for example, have no idea how many blogs I follow, that have been unfollowed. I just don’t see their posts in my reader, They may feel I unfollowed them on purpose which is not okay დ

  12. Lovely photos. I haven’t seen road runner in years – from when we lived in California. We would see several of them in a line, running down a road (!) on the UCI campus.

  13. Meep-Meep is just too cute for words! Thanks for the heads-up, Cindy, on the unfollowing situation. I hadn’t heard about it, but I’ll definitely check.

  14. Ugh, not good about the unfollows. Trying to get back into this and it’s been a glitchy few days. Much rather enjoy pics of roadrunners! I’ve been into birdwatching for the past two years and it’s addicting!

  15. A good neighbour indeed Cindy.
    I didn’t know about this “unfollowing” aspect to WP. I do hope they get it sorted out.
    Leslie xoxo

      1. Girl, I wish I had some of those different colored succulents. In my area we only have green colored aloes. Cindy, I am all about color…the more the merrier! Great photos once again. 🌷🌻🌺

        1. You and me both. I love COLOR!! When I come back from countries that embrace colors in all aspects of their lives, I am always chagrined by all the beige on beige in the states. Bring on the joy of colors!!! დ

          1. Cindy girlfriend, you’re speaking my language…the universal language of color! Yes!!! While neutrals have their place, they could pose to be a bore and rather depressing at times. 🌸🌻🌺🌹🏡 Lots of color on any day for me is fine! πŸ₯³

  16. Firstly, that is one handsome bird! πŸ’™ Secondly, what an annoying problem with WP. Twitter does that, too. I was just telling a friend that the internet is run by drunk gremlins. LOL!

    Yours is one of the few blogs I still follow, so hopefully I’ll notice when I’ve been unsubbed because I don’t want to miss your posts! I recommended your blog in my blog today. πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Oh, I am laughing….. hard! I think the internet is “run by drunk gremlins!!!” This explains everything. We need to send them to gremlin rehab! I am so glad to have you for a friend Teresa. Thank you for your thoughtfulness დ

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  18. Was fΓΌr ein schΓΆner und lustiger Vogel dieser meep meep ist, liebe Freundin. Ich studiere, welcher EuropΓ€er zu ihm am Besten passt. Schwierig, smile. Eine feine Umarmung

  19. Dear Cindy, as one of your followers not receiving any notices any more, I thought you were to busy with other matters than posting articles on WordPress. Though reading this article now I notice that you got similar problems as I have. Also to subscribe to blogs I was previously subscribed now often seems to be impossible as well. The same for subscribing again for your blog I got this message (which I also received on some other blogs): Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.

    1. So distressing Marcus and exactly what I fear is happening. People are disappeared without your knowledge. They think you unfollowed them, or they unfollowed you, when the algorithm or glitch did it. I am unfollowed from my own blog weekly! Also posts from blogs I do follow often don’t appear in my WP Reader. I don’t always remember every blog name and so it is very hard, if not impossible, to go and find them. I hope this is not some number shaving WP algorithm. I will go and check and make sure I am following you now Marcus. Thank you for letting me know this is happening and I am sorry you are experiencing this. It is no my intent or actions. დ

  20. After I could post a message (which recently I did not succeed at several blogs) I noticed the green pop-up in the right corner that I would be “Following” you again.

  21. Cute little road runner! We see one occasionally around here.
    Thanks for the notice! I’m having other glitch problems that WP helpers are not able to fix – they say they check and all is good, but it’s not good.
    Hope your weekend is a good one. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, good. Your comment is no longer anonymous! This is another occasional glitch I think, but a minor one. Lovely to meet you, and any friend of Gigi’s is a friend of mine დ

    1. I think if there was a algorithm you could choose to clear out blogs you never interact with, it would be extremely helpful and I would use it, but many of the blogs who I get unfollowed from, or who get unfollowed from me, are friends and they or I didn’t choose to do this and have no idea it happened. I think the lack of choice and transparency is the problem. დ

  22. Seriously??? That’s messed up. I remember saying something about that glitch, back in October, and they STILL haven’t resolved it. Makes me wonder if the other annoying glitches are still there. Like when WordPress unlikes posts and comments. Or if it still would delete all your saved posts without you knowing, or turn off post notifications. There’s a couple bloggers I thought were on a hiatus. Now I got to check if glitchy WordPress unfollowed them on me.

    1. Well this is another WP glitch. If you follow lots of blogs, WP won’t put all the posts in your reader, forcing you to “go and find (your) friends.” This happens to me too and it is not trivial, because even though I know the person well, I often forget their exact blog name. I lose track of friends because of this. Anyhoo, I am glad you came and found me! დ

  23. Wow, your note at the end has got me thinking. And investigating! I’ve certainly been unfollowed from my own blog and wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it. Must check if I’ve been unfollowed from other blogs.

    1. It is hard to know if you follow lots of blogs. I have devised some methods to monitor it. I wonder if there is some number point at which this starts to happen. დ

      1. I only know that I follow something over 100, and that many are from years back and may not even exist. It’s funny, but a couple of days ago I thought I should bit by bit check them all and delete the “expired” ones. On the other hand if I’ve been unfollowed it’s not likely I’ll remember who unless it’s someone I’m frequently in touch with like you.

          1. Actually I’ve not been unfollowed from my own blog, just that the follow message is incorrect (saying to follow this blog rather than you are following this blog) – but it shows that I’m following it in the reader. I’m following 191 blogs and I don’t seem to have been unfollowed from any.

  24. It’s great to see their details up close in your terrific photos! I see roadrunners often…..but they’re always zipping by and into the brush! These fellows are also pretty big, so following to get a better view doesn’t feel like a great plan. Thanks for the alert! I did notice some oddities and am glad to have an answer!

  25. Roadrunner, I presume.

    RE your alert, it’s never worked for me when they added it as a feature long ago. So, I don’t follow anyone. Of the 730+ who follow me, I read around 10-15 on a regular basis. It allows me to figure out posting frequency. This problem, though, I do not find surprising. Whenever WP adds something new, it makes existing problems worse. In this case, the block editor is the new.

    1. They limit the number of blogs you can follow but never told me this. I pay for a business plan to exempt myself from this limitation but apparently I am throwing away my money. If I actually was running a business with my blog, they would be incurring damages from loss of revenue and customers, at least in the US.

      1. Really??? This is the first time I’m hearing WP limits the number of blogs you can follow. The ‘follow’ feature has never worked for me from the very beginning.

  26. I am so pleased to see your Road Runner! My younger daughter loved the cartoon when she was tiny but couldn’t pronounce Wily Coyote and Roadrunner. We still call it Wally Goatee and Rodgener.

  27. I always liked road-runners πŸ™‚
    And thanks for the heads up about WP glitch. I tend not to pay attention to my follower number but maybe I should. I’ll make sure they don’t unfollow me from you πŸ™‚

  28. Maybe we should call up the ACME tech support crew and have them figure this out. Wile e Coyote can put together a plan, but we both know he’ll just fall off a cliff πŸ˜€ Good to know this is happening though, I’ll watch for it. Beep Beep πŸ’›xK

    1. Laughing…..Just be careful of Beep and Meep. They look harmless, but are devious, always thinking, watching, spying, and killing rattlesnakes. They are the best neighbors πŸ˜‰

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