by Dubrovnik!

George Bernard Shaw called the city “paradise on earth,”

and it is easy to see why.

Dubrovnik is a 12th Century masterpiece sitting on the jewel like Adriatic Sea.

The old city is surrounded by towering medieval walls, looming up to 80 feet over the city.

The walls can be walked in entirety,

offerring incredible views over the old city and the sea.

Game of Thrones was filmed here,

because the city retains a magical sense of unique ancientness.

Cheers to you from magical old Dubrovnik~
(Excuse my absence, but I should be returning to available wifi in a few days!)

209 thoughts on “Awestruck~

  1. Truly beautiful, ” paradise on earth”, and who knew that of thrones was filmed there….
    And this city is in wich country? I can obviously look it up in google but you know I’m to lazy
    (wink wink I winking here)


  2. Wow. How fascinating. Did you walk the walls? I watched Game of Thrones once. This city seems to be the perfect setting. The photos are stunning. I love old cities, the history, geographics, and the architecture.


    • I love old cities too, and their imposing walls, and can understand well, why they had them. I did walk them and wish I could have brought you along. Hugs to you dear friend, and thank you for traveling with me~ ❀


  3. So beautiful! What amazes me about these cities is that there appears to be no space to even walk between buildings! But whereas in modern cities that looks cluttered, here it just adds to the charm!


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  5. Oh Cindy– always have wished to go to Dubrovnik!! thanks for taking us there!! That last photo of the intensely colored church altar– amazing!! Hope all’s going well as you travel along… hugs!


  6. The location is amazing and so many wonderful sights, Cindy! I liked the beauty and special faith displayed within the church in the mural on the ceiling! Wow!
    I liked the bay and glistening blue water, as well as the charming village. Thanks, dear Cindy! xo


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