Kotor Montenegro~

If ‘beauty is truth,

and truth beauty,’

both can be most perfectly seen,

in age,

and innocence.

Kotor Montenegro possesses both the beauty of age,

and the appeal of innocence.

It seems unspoiled by the modern world.

Staying here one feels removed from the stress and strife of our messy contemporary lives.

Cheers to you from beautiful Kotor Montenegro~

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  1. Sehr eindrucksvoll, Bilder und Text ! Mein Englisch ist ja nicht so toll, aber gehört da nicht ein “be” vor “seen”. Wenn nicht habe ich den Satz nicht verstanden 🙂 Herzliche Grüße und viele, viele weitere Eindrücke in Montenegro.

    1. Vielen Dank, dass du meinen Fehler gefunden hast und mich so schnell benachrichtigt hast. Du hast mich vor Verlegenheit gerettet und ich bin dir sehr dankbar. Und du hast es in einer zweiten Sprache gemacht. Ich bin beeindruckt und dankbar! Ich wünschte, mein Deutsch sei so gut wie dein Englisch! <3

        1. Ich will das. Ich bin so dankbar, dass du dich genug um mich gekümmert hast, um mich von meinem Fehler zu retten. Ich bin so beeindruckt, dass du das Englisch hast. Ich könnte das niemals auf Deutsch machen, und deshalb lerne ich das Bloggen, ich mache wirklich intelligente Freunde aus der ganzen Welt. Ich werde bald in Deutschland sein, Deutsch üben, aber meistens Schnitzel essen!

          1. Oh, da wünsche ich dir jetzt schon guten Appetit und viel Freude in Deutschland ! Ich freue mich immer über deine wunderschönen Fotos <3

    1. The little girl and the dog were a serious of photos. He was not her dog. They just fell entirely in love with each other as I watched. The baby kept checking with her mother if this was okay, and the dog was rolling full over on his back, giving her total submission. It was perfect beauty.

  2. I am in love with this place. What fantastic photos. I feel such a yearning to walk down those narrow streets, meet the people, and savor all of the beauty.

  3. Thank you for those beautiful epostcards and the thoughts that went with them. I noticed few people in the streets; I assume crowds were standing behind you watching you compose and take the photographs as is (was?) often done with artists with brushes, canvases, and easels on the left bank of Paris.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh I love this post. It makes me feel peaceful…maybe because I am old and innocent? Kidding aside your photos and thoughts are remarkable.

  5. Always beautiful photos, but capturing the top one of the little boy and his dog is my favorite. It does capture the beauty and simple way of life. Is all this still in Greece? Wasn’t sure of that part of geographical location, so assumed it was as that is where your last ones were posted?

    1. I am always behind in my posts, posting about places I just left. I haven’t finished posting about Greece yet. This town is in the country Montenegro that used to be part of the old Yugoslavia~

  6. I would LOVE to go there and experience the simplicity of the place; it looks wonderful – and so colourful! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos Cindy, going to check it out on Mr Google now.

  7. ahhhh so inviting, just back from a day trip along the St. Lawrence, wish I’d had some of that sunshine… waves a cheerful hello…

  8. Wow, the beautiful lighting here adds to the enchantment of this place, which, has so much character just by itself. It IS relaxing just to see this! Thanks for the trip back in time Cindy! 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    There is much to be said for double glazing, attic insulation and the obligatory energy certificate in Europe that can determine your asking price of a house… but you cannot beat the colour and character of these wonderful old houses as they arch towards each other in narrow streets. Cindy Knoke on her Grand Tour takes us to the warmth of Montenegro and that first photo is just delightful #recommended

  10. Your photographs make me want to go to Kotor, so amazing they are. The first one is oustanding for capturing the moment and for the soul it contains. Congrats for all the pictures, because of them I can almost feel the atmosphere of Kotor as I was there…

  11. Ahhhhhh!! I know you posted this yesterday but I’m just seeing it today and it is PERFECT because I really needed this beauty today to counter the dreadful news. Thank you for lifting my spirits with you beautiful photos, Cindy! <3

    1. Yes. I know exactly what you mean and how you feel. The old stone walls and builidings in these ancient cities seem protective against the true insanity of our modern world. We need to travel back in time for a species do over and see if it is possible for us not to screw everything up.

    1. The food is superb! Everyone grows their own veggies, has chickens and geese, that freely roam with no restriction. When I had my first egg for breakfast, it took me awhile to get used to it and realize that eggs are supposed to be deep yellow in color and have a strong egg flavor. Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, bread, everything small scale artisan produced and so different from the mass produced and processed food we get at home. I clearly think we have devolved as a species. We even screw up our own food. We are getting chickens and I am expanding the vegetable garden at The Holler when we get home.

      1. Good idea, Cindy! We have lots of local small farms and farmers markets to shop at in Toronto.
        There’s also a co-op of tiny farms that have free range eggs and chickens with no hormones or antibiotics.
        I know what you mean about the eggs. The yolks are golden, and the shells are like rock. Every egg in the carton is a different color.

  12. You have managed to capture the beauty of the city with your images. I would like one to be in your eyes to discover the magic of your art. Your photos are so wonderful, they look like an extraordinary painting.

  13. Sharukh Bamboat

    As a traveler I am in love with this place. Those narrow streets and alleys take you back in time, don’t they? Have I seen this place in any of the James Bond flick? I believe Casino Royale. Am I right?

    1. I think most of Casino Royale was filmed in Prague and the Czech Republic, but Prague is my favorite city and Kotor is now my second. They resemble each other and are both in Eastern Europe~

    1. Europe is having a extended record making heat wave that has lasted the entire time we are traveling. And so goes our planet. Hope the sun comes out soon for you Rebecca and brings the burst of spring flowers that I know are on their way. <3

  14. What wonderful photos, Cindy… the colours of the shutters, the wrought iron canopies, the wonderful textures of the walls and the paved alleys, the colours of the tiled roofs,the curves of the minaret -type churches, the tranqull atmosphere, it all made me long to live there, it seemed like a lost paradise, and how wonderful that no world war had despoiled this ravishing place….and not even any rubbish or litter… no coke bottles of fast food wrappers, chocolate wrappings or plastic bags.. just beauty and truth and innocence !!!!

    1. You have a discerning eye Valerie. I am now in Strasbourg and watched the BBC news for the first time in weeks. I want to go back to Kotor and live there too! Thank you for your lovely comment and have a happy Sunday my friend~

  15. Truly insane beauty and mixed with so much history! I’m really envious: to paint in such a place would be fantastic. And as I understand you really get a chance to go to all these beautiful places. That is just WOW!
    I cannot even remember when we were on vacation. The last 3 years in 1 backyard and a few rooms. So, looking at these pictures takes a breath away. Great job on all photos! That takes a special talent, too.

  16. Fantastic photos. I love the child with the dog. The city is magnificent and ancient. How lucky you are to be able to visit countries full of stunning architecture and captivating history. Wonderful journey for me. Thanks, Cindy! <3

  17. What a beautifully written post!Love those lines Cindy. They seem to say it all. I love such places which have their old world charm and innocence about them.

  18. Love love this set of photos Cindy!! What an amazing place– it looks as if it could have been 100 years ago. I’m off to google Montenegro to read more about the country. Your description made it seem like a wonderful place to slow down and reflect! Happy travels!! xox

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  20. SO envious of all your travels. (I only hope to feel better to travel overseas, again, some day. ;))
    Those wisteria blooms…JUST GORGEOUS! Your photography is always so stunning! Happy Easter!

    1. You have already packed an incredible amount of travel and living abroad experience in your young life! I started a lot later than you! But I do hope your health allows to continue your adventures in the future. Hugs to you and Happiest of Easter to you and your family!

    1. There are all these unspoiled little towns in Eastern Europe. All of them incredibly charming and untouristed. I will post more of them soon. Cheers to you Charlotte~

  21. Hi Cindy, the most striking thing to me about your post, is the great photography for one! 🙂 but how clean the streets and buildings are in the pictures, I dare say you would be hard pressed even in small towns around here in the USA to find towns as clean as in your pictures. It seems in a lot of places around the world there is a real sense of pride for where they live and wanting to keep it clean, no trash, streets (walk ways) seem to have a washed down appearance. Also everything is brightly painted. and I love those terracotta roofs. Love reading your posts! 🙂

    1. What a detailed visual eye you have. I didn’t really think of this until you mentioned it, but you are certainly right. These towns have not litter! How wonderful. You saw something in the photos that I didn’t and that is marvelous! Thank you & cheers to you~

      1. You know Cindy, we both being the photographer and writer, often it is the case I will take pictures, and not notice tiny things, that really should have stood out at the time. However, they do not seem to appear until you are processing the images. 🙂

  22. Hola Cindy. Lovely little village. About the same population as my village of Ajijic. Finally finished my novel Aging Beautifully in Light of You – A Romance, and the collection of essays and poetry on the aging process. I look forward to visiting your blog more often now that my mind is free to explore beyond the demands of writing. Put up a web site at http://www.johnthomasdodds.mx – enjoy John

      1. I just loved the rooftops and all the colors! I was thinking about you because I’m in Australia and I ‘ve been seeing a lot of birds you would love to photograph 😊.

        1. Funny you should mention this, we are discussing returning to Australia in 2018 and I am itching to see the birds. Australia’s birds amaze me and I am so happy you are there!

                1. Oh I am envious. Was just talking with my blogging friend Alison about her recommendations for good birding spots in Oz. I would love them from you too! We are going in 2018 if all goes si Dios quiere!

                  1. So far, I would say yellow water/East (I think) Crocodile River in Kakadu NP. Just beautiful with amazing birds, many in number and variety. You have take the late afternoon boat tour of the marshes because there are also many crocs–the most I’ve seen so far. It is near Cooinda in the park.

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