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  1. Santorini is one of the places on my bucket list. I will get there one day. I have travelled to 4 of the 5 continents but not here – yet.

  2. After greatly enjoying your vacation to a level close to photographic appreciation delight overload, we read, “please bear with me!” We are bearing, we are bearing! My greatest fear is wondering if you will decide to stay there and not to return.

  3. Santorini is our best titbit in the buffet of tourist places to visit! If you ever find yourself in Greece, I would love to show you around! Athenian hugs! Beautiful photos, Cindy!

  4. You’re in the place I want to visit most in the whole world. I haven’t see much of the world, but this looks like paradise to me. Since you’ve been around the world and back, let me know if this was the nicest for you. I have to choose carefully and wisely for my vacation next year.

    1. Let’s talk via email when I return and get a better idea of what you are hoping to do & see. I would love to brainstorm with you and give you some ideas. I love traveling, planning traveling and helping a good friend like you! <3

    1. Oh, yes! This is our second trip. Once we return let’s chat by email. My wifi is truly terrible now. I love Santorini and some of the lesser visited islands, so let’s definitely talk. I do hope you go~

  5. Thanks for sharing these views of Santorini, Cindy. I was planning a short holiday there when living in the UK for 2 years in 1978/79, but couldn’t find the extra funds needed at that time, so it was great to view your photos.

  6. My partner and I visited Santorini maybe 20 years ago. Such a beautiful place. Of course we lost our way in the maze of streets, but found a bar with a great view of the setting sun casting gold upon the water. Our host introduced us to Bellini’s, and from then on it became a favorite drink upon our return to California. And come to think of it, our little peach tree is putting on fruit. Bellini’s are in our future.

    Thanks for bringing back such fond memories. Your holiday is looking quite fantastic.

  7. Hope you have many dreamy days spent here, dear Cindy! <3
    The one alley or lane with pretty baubles hanging on the walls was charming! The view of azure blue seaside from above was so exciting and beautiful, Cindy. xoxo

      1. Five days ago I had dinner in an excellent Greek restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. One entire wall was painted with the caldera and houses of Santorini. I have visited the island only once, briefly. I have enjoyed hiking on Crete several times. The little port of Chania is/was a warren of quaint tourist B&Bs.

  8. I remember visiting Santorinin just over 40 years ago. I gather it has changed a little in that time – still no cars I assume, but internet availability, that’s inevitable I guess.

      1. I’m horrified about the cars! What do they need cars for on such a small island? I guess life just moves on. I have happy memories of climbing the steps up the cliffs on the back of a donkey lol

  9. Yep, such pristine, gleaming white beauty! And what a visually stunning structural arrangement too, Enjoy your time in paradise Cindy! 🙂

  10. The Greek islands are so beautiful. I visited Naxos many, many years back and have been to Greece a few times. There is something about the white houses and the blue sea that puts my soul at peace.

  11. These photos are incredible Cindy! I was disappointed when I came to the end– Do you have more??! The doorway to the bar–with that view!!! And loved the first photo with the swimming pool on one of the roofs! What a great little break to a beautiful place. You are amazing Cindy! xox

    1. I do have more and would love to email you some if you are interested, after I return home. My wifi connection is very unstable here. So pleased you enjoyed. Santorini is just one of a kind! Cheers & be well Rhonda~

      1. Hi Cindy– would love, love to see more photos! And I get the spotty wifi. We spent lots of time in China when our kids were there. It was hit or miss. But I’m sure that gives you more time to take in the panoramas around you! Enjoy! xo

        1. Thanks for understanding. The wifi is really slow and not steady. I will send you photos when I return and would love to hear about China when I get back as well~

                1. We are still traveling, but now are out of Eastern Europe and the ferry system, and have a rental car, and are driving around for another month. We are in gorgeous Strasbourg now~

                  1. Stasbourg– so charming in the center city!! We love the little towns south of there– stayed in Colmar and drive off for towns nearby. Oh, I know you are seeing so many beautiful things! Will be checking all your photos ahead! Happy Trails! xox

                    1. Yes, we have been to the area before too, and are renting an apartment near Riquewher for a week this time, as well as going into Germany. I am already consuming French cookies! Oh dear!! 🙂

    1. I don’t know whether to wish you sun or snow, since I know you wanted snow, so I will just wish you both! There is snow visible now on the Albanian Alps right on the Ioanian Sea~

      1. Okay, thank you 🙂 We didn’t exspect it there this time of the year. But now we are enjoying sunny spring here at the North Norfolk coast and that’s fine.
        With lots of love
        The Fab Four of Cley

  12. To admire your photos we have to look at the intensity of your eyes reflected in the white color of the beauty that you expose. All the sights delight us and make us travel in the imagination to the center of your art.

  13. Hope you’re enjoying yourself. It’s a beautiful place to visit. Similar to Santorini is Mykonos. If you want to get away from the touristy areas, try Tinos. A lot of small towns and villages to explore. 🙂

    1. I have been to Tinos, Naxos, Delos, Crete and Mykonos in a prior trip and I agree with you! The nice part about traveling the islands in March is that the tourists haven’t arrived yet, and the popular islands aren’t crowded.

      1. Have many relatives (by marriage) on Tinos and Andros, living in the small towns away from touristy areas. Every once in awhile they ask when we’ll visit. You’re visiting at the right time. Continued good travels. 🙂

    1. Danke Michael Wir vermieten ein Auto und fahren um das Elsass und Deutschland für den nächsten Monat! Der Verkehr in der Nähe von Sttugart schockierte uns gestern. Es war wie Los Angeles! Haben Sie ein tolles Wochenende ~

      1. Ja – bei Stuttgart ist immer die Hölle los mit dem Verkehr. Wir wohnen ca. 70 Km entfernt – bei Schwäbisch-Hall (ein sehr gut erhaltenes mittelalterliches Städtchen).
        Wenn ihr noch in der Nähe seid, würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr euch meldet.
        Das Elsass ist toll. Früher waren wir da oft im Urlaub – wohnten bei einem Winzer in Mittelbergheim.
        Alles Liebe,

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  15. OOPS! This is the place that looks cleaner than my apartment! Good grief, how do I manage to post comments under the wrong posts? Just a knack I guess. LOL! Happy trails, dear friend!

  16. Glad you visited Greece too,hope you gathered plenty of Apollonian light and that you enjoyed your stay in the “Gem of the Aegean Archipelagos.Friendly greetings to you from a WP outsider, at the moment … 🙂

    1. I still have much more to post on your stunningly beautiful Greece, so please stay tuned. Sorry to hear you are a wp outsider but hope it is only temporary. Hopefully wp is being good to you. We want you here! <3

      1. Thank you,dear Cindy!Yes,WP has always been good to me;simply,my spare time was and still is so limited.My dream is to come back and start posting again.Glad to see you responded to my comment.Best wishes to you and your family.Looking forward to your future Greece-related posts 🙂 ♥

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