Seaside Santorini~

Sun kissed,

white washed,

azure accented,


Especially quiet,

and lovely,

off season.

Cheers to you from stunning Santorini~

Intermittent island internet, so please bear with me!

268 thoughts on “Seaside Santorini~

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  2. OOPS! This is the place that looks cleaner than my apartment! Good grief, how do I manage to post comments under the wrong posts? Just a knack I guess. LOL! Happy trails, dear friend!

  3. Glad you visited Greece too,hope you gathered plenty of Apollonian light and that you enjoyed your stay in the “Gem of the Aegean Archipelagos.Friendly greetings to you from a WP outsider, at the moment … ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I still have much more to post on your stunningly beautiful Greece, so please stay tuned. Sorry to hear you are a wp outsider but hope it is only temporary. Hopefully wp is being good to you. We want you here! โค

  4. brought back memories of my days in beautiful Greece. the pictures are absolutely beautiful!

    • I think we should have donkeys at The Holler. I really do. They chase off coyotes and would protect the quail. Besides, I love donkeys. โค

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