by Dubrovnik!

George Bernard Shaw called the city “paradise on earth,”

and it is easy to see why.

Dubrovnik is a 12th Century masterpiece sitting on the jewel like Adriatic Sea.

The old city is surrounded by towering medieval walls, looming up to 80 feet over the city.

The walls can be walked in entirety,

offerring incredible views over the old city and the sea.

Game of Thrones was filmed here,

because the city retains a magical sense of unique ancientness.

Cheers to you from magical old Dubrovnik~
(Excuse my absence, but I should be returning to available wifi in a few days!)

209 thoughts on “Awestruck~

  1. Your travel bug is taking you to places I have always dreamed about! Your photos are just fabulous and I can only imagine what the scenes must be like “in person.”

  2. You brought the uniqueness and beauty of Dubrovnik right into my American home, Cindy — thanks so much for this visit. Your photos and this ancient city are breathtaking. Have fun!

  3. An awesome place! I really love those houses with orange clay roof tiles (I am guessing that they are made from clay). Their somewhat random pattern and the orange color against the deep blue sky are so pleasing to look.

    1. I love really old rooftops, so thank you for noticing. Prague’s and Dubrovnik’s have to be some of the most fascinating I have seen. I love the contrasting lines and colors offset by the azure blue sea too!

    1. Thanks my friend, we are traveling all over the former Yugoslavia & Bulgaria. It is special to me because my grandfather emigrated from here to the US in 1920~

      1. Enjoy your trip and enjoy the food. And please eat some Ajvar for me. I cannot get it here. Gosh I would take a bath in it right now. LOL

        Have a good time and take lots of pictures. (Not that I have to tell you this.) 🙂

  4. A stunning place indeed. Definitely a surprise on our one-day stop there not that many years ago. Many thanks for the reminders through our outstanding images.

  5. I loved this, Cindy, Any city by the sea is my cup of tea, and this one, with its history is special. I didn’t know it had been used for Game of Thrones but looking at your pictures, I could see King’s Landing..

  6. Breathtaking….! Blue sky and sea, a paradise indeed. Thank you so much, Cindy for posting while you are traveling. I know how much trouble you have to go trouble to get these beautiful photos up. 🙂 <3

  7. Wonderful shots across the rooftops, Cindy.
    (now here… one place I have been to…..but I only seem to have one good shot made down in the harbour)

  8. Cindy, what beautiful photographs! So beautiful. What an architectural delight and the scenery is breath-taking. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing city with us. K. D. 🙂

  9. As a GoT viewer, I have to say that you managed to show us some beautiful views and angles of Dubrovnik that even show producers didn’t manage to! Wow! They need to hire you! And what a wonderful way to end this series of photos – with a magnificent interior of that cathedral.

    1. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to be a still photographer on that set! The cathedral was an amazing surprise. It was empty, tucked away, and so splendid! Take good care Lynn~

    1. The beauty is unbelieveable. George Bernard Shaw was right to fall in love with Dubrovnik and I have fallen heavily for all of Croatia! I feel like I am walking in my grandfather’s footsteps and everything seems strangely familiar, from the handmade textiles which I inherited lots of, to the food which I cook, and the written language which I can somewhat understand (not the spoken though). It is so beautiful here. Hugs back to you dear one~

    1. We are now in Slovenia and missed Rovinj, but did see many other enchanting little towns in a country with serious charm overload. I am googling Rovinj now……..

  10. Truly beautiful, ” paradise on earth”, and who knew that of thrones was filmed there….
    And this city is in wich country? I can obviously look it up in google but you know I’m to lazy
    (wink wink I winking here)

          1. Well that is understandable, I have 2000 plus people following me and I stll didn[t figure how can I read all those people, and trust me that I love to read you guys,that is why I got into wordpress, blogs about writing, pictures, e.t.c , I try to read them all, but I can’t no time in the day, but I do remember out of my head at least 20 including you that have been there from some time ago, and that, is nice.
            love ya

  11. What a beautiful place, I love the buildings with their red roofs! The sea looks gorgeous too. Thanks so much for sharing these with us Cindy. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time 🙂

  12. Wow. How fascinating. Did you walk the walls? I watched Game of Thrones once. This city seems to be the perfect setting. The photos are stunning. I love old cities, the history, geographics, and the architecture.

    1. I love old cities too, and their imposing walls, and can understand well, why they had them. I did walk them and wish I could have brought you along. Hugs to you dear friend, and thank you for traveling with me~ <3

  13. So beautiful! What amazes me about these cities is that there appears to be no space to even walk between buildings! But whereas in modern cities that looks cluttered, here it just adds to the charm!

    1. Exactly! These corridors are built for a person to walk through single file. They fascinate me. In some cities they create mazes that are so fun to get lost in, and hopefully, eventually found!

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  15. Oh Cindy– always have wished to go to Dubrovnik!! thanks for taking us there!! That last photo of the intensely colored church altar– amazing!! Hope all’s going well as you travel along… hugs!

  16. The location is amazing and so many wonderful sights, Cindy! I liked the beauty and special faith displayed within the church in the mural on the ceiling! Wow!
    I liked the bay and glistening blue water, as well as the charming village. Thanks, dear Cindy! xo

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