Pike Place Paradise~

Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a browsing, and eating paradise.
Could you resist buying from this cow? I couldn’t. I think the bedazzled pink tennis shoes are an especially nice touch and I think all cows should have them. 🐮🐮🐮
The quantity of stunning flowers, particularly the dahlias, are incredible.
The produce, fish and food stalls, will keep you occupied and eating for hours. Don’t eat before you visit here!
There is a Miss Biggy-Piggy for messages,
and lovely places to eat outdoors and watch the ships sail in to port.
Don’t miss The Giant Shoe Museum (actually you could, but don’t tell anyone I said this).
There are many stalls to explore filled with handmade art like these detailed miniature flowers in their tiny pots (click to enlarge and see the detail).
Cheers to you from the enticing Pikes Place Market~

265 thoughts on “Pike Place Paradise~

    1. It is so wonderful with so much to see & eat, two of my favorite things to do, laughing….. I do generally shoot manual. I wish I could go back to the market tomorrow!!!

  1. Giant donuts, hand-tied bunches of flowers at two-fer prices, best takeaway mac-&-cheese on the planet from Beechers Handmade Cheese, fab coffee of course (it IS Seattle), AND a quick rub of Rachel the Pig’s nose for luck–now I’m really missing Seattle!

    Thanks for a wonderful post and say hi to Rachel for me.


  2. Oh, all these photos made me smile! The pretty cow is so amoozing and what a unique flower pork. LOL! ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆

  3. What a delight!
    I agree the pink tennis shoes on the cow are a must!
    As always these are stunning photographs. Thank you for bringing all that joy to my morning coffee.
    May 2017 be kind and gentle to you and loved ones.

  4. I’ve heard so much about Pike Place Market though this is the first time I’m seeing what it’s all about! Thanks again Cindy for capturing all the wonderful sights everywhere! It really is incredible that we can have such bright, colorful, flowers in the midst of winter. Happy New Year Cindy! 🙂

            1. No I didn’t see them here, but I see them in Central California now, and I saw them on Vancouver Island ON LAND on this trip, which was really unusual! Throughout my lifetime they had been hunted to the point of extinction so I never saw them even though they are indigenous here, ever, in the wild, until recently. Thank you Monterey Bay Aquarium for bringing them back from extinction! <3

  5. Gorgeous colors and entertaining photos Cindy – especially loved the miniature flowers and the cow. The shoes are too cute as is the hand bag hanging by her neck 😀 And of course the stunning Dahlias 😉

  6. It’s been decades since I was there and I’m only 5 hours away. It was so much fun back then though I’m sure it’s changed over the last 30 years. I love the cow with pink tennis shoes and all the flowers. Great photos and I’m envious of all your travel. 🙂

  7. I’ve been to the Pike Place market before on vacation trips to Seattle and love watching the fish market clerks throwing fish out to people when they bought one. It was so entertaining. 🙂 The many flowers are beautiful and such a variety, too.

      1. When we were there in the summer months there was one whole section filled with different kinds of fresh or frozen fish, so they kind of made it entertaining tossing around their fish like confetti. 🙂

  8. What? No pictures of aerial fish? (At the fish market if I remember correctly.) Your subject matter is always photogenic and your execution photo genius. Thank you for sparing us the obligatory photo of the original Starbucks, though I too consider myself the sole support of the corporation through my frequent purchases.

    1. Laughing. I have recurring fantasies about being able to beam over (I am somewhat of a Trekkie) to Riquewhihr France for cookies, Passau Germany for chocolate, and Pikes Place Market for clam chowder. Can you tell I am trying to lose my Christmas 4?

      1. I loved them – while they wouldn’t go with our decor, I would love to have something like that that made me laugh when I looked at it/them.

  9. I wish this wasn’t on the coast opposite to me. The cow reminds me of one that stands in the town of Northeast, Maryland…although it doesn’t have those delightful pink sneakers. Great post.

    1. It is a crying shame that poor Maryland 🐮 doesn’t have sneakers! It gets cold in Maryland. Maybe if we got the Seattle cow some flip-flops, she might be willing to donate her tennies. Poor 🐮!

  10. What a neat place! I especially love the last photo of the miniature flowers. Our skies are dreary gray today and we’re awaiting an Arctic front, so this shot of spring flowers with the hope they bring is especially appealing!

  11. I hadn’t thought of that! It would be fascinating. We are home now. These photos were from September. We actually are home for four solid months now which is the longest period in almost a decade!

  12. Pike Place is always fun place to visit, Cindy. I like the flowers but where are the fish? 🙂 BTW, someone should tell that cow to tie her shoe strings before she trips over them. Wonder how many times I heard that advice from my mother? –Curt

  13. Although it’s only 2-3 hours up the road, I still haven’t made it to the Pike Place market. Maybe one of these years.

    BTW, I remember you were a bit peeved about the new Reader format; I just discovered the desktop version of WordPress is still running the old Reader…

    1. Thank you for the heads up! I will find it. I guess WP tends to do this, like the old stats page. Other bloggers would probably like to know this too, so you might want to let them know. Thanks again Dave & cheers to you!

  14. It’s a wonderful market. I was there years ago.
    Fortunately we have the St. Lawrence Market, Kensington Market and others in Toronto. In the summer and fall there are small markets all over the city. Beautiful shots!!!

      1. I’d like that!
        I was thinking today about what you would love to see out here in eastern Canada.
        Besides the food & street art tour I would take you on in Toronto:
        Have you been to Niagra Falls, the Niagra escarpment, Quebec City or the Maritimes (especially Lunenburg which is a UNESCO World Heritage site)}?
        I think you could make a great tour out here.
        Niagra Falls is outstanding, even though the town itself has become carnival of tourism.
        You might like northern Ontario’s rugged beauty, although after British Columbia it could be a let down.
        We have a lot of beaver up north. They are so very cute, but boy do they make a mess with their dams.
        Anyway, we don’t have Polar Bears here, but if you end up in Manitoba, you might as well consider Toronto, Niagra Falls & Quebec City.
        OH… the train ride from Toronto to Ottawa is fab. Ottawa, our country’s capital is worth a visit on the way to Quebec City.
        Just a warning, this is Canada’s 150th birthday year, so do not travel to Ottawa in late June or early July. 😀 😀

        1. Oh this would be so wonderful! I have been to Quebec and loved it, and stayed in a cabin in the woods north of Quebec where I saw all sorts of unusual and wonderful wildlife. I have been to Montreal and all around that area. I have been to some of the Maritimes, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Novia Scotia and the amazing Bay of Fundy. I posted on all these spectacular places. I had generations of family in Nova Scotia. But I have never been to Niagra Falls or Lunenberg or Toronto and I would very much like to go. I have only seen a few beaver in my lifetime. We were going to go to Churchill via Winnipeg in September as you know, but have instead opted for a wildlife expedition cruise in Norway, Iceland and Greenland. There would be a much better chance to see polar bears in Churchill, but we (my husband especially) wanted to go deeper into the northern arctic circle. Someday soon I will be heading your way, will visit all these places, and will come and look you up Resa and that is a promise! <3

  15. The kind of place where I could happily spend a whole day. Starting off with an emtpy stomach and a camera in my hand. ;.) Lovely photos, as always.
    All the best for 2017, Cindy!

    1. You would be engaging in two of my most favorite activities eating & photography, so why not do them both at the same time!!!! 🙂 🍽 🍰🍕🍦📷

        1. I was last in Canterbury at age 17! It looks like it’s well past time for a revisit. Plus I have never been to Cornwall and Wales. The market is so visually appealing in the old building. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do a food and photography tour of the world for bloggers who love all three things! Cheers to you my friend & be well~

  16. Cold, wind, bare trees, snow…, won’t see any of those beautiful flowers and sunshine here for another 3 months, Cuz. Right now it’s 19deg and snowing here. Oh, well….., this too shall pass. Starting to make plans for winter vacation. 52ft yacht this year. More about that as it develops. Stay warm ! 🙂

  17. Such a colorful and beautiful place to casually browse and stroll through, Cindy! I like the flowers, the pink shoes on the cow and the different foods! A sumptuous “feast for the eyes!” Thank you, dear friend. xo

    1. Thank you Ruth and stay warm. Even California is getting hit by these polar expresses. We needed it though, but the temperatures your way are serious. Stay safe~ 🌻

  18. Cindy, Oh how I loved these markets no matter where we lived. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, compositions and sensations are always what make up the whole. I can wander for hours wanting to take every element into my soul. The row upon row of dazzling colors and chaotic movement. How can one choose between the beautifully colored fresh flowers, the glazed pot or fingering different types of glazed pottery? I’d always leave with the feeling I should go home and redecorate my house to go with the flower I purchased that very day. I never remember leaving such a market without fresh flowers [if traveling they would be for our hotel suite] and if at home, well I had to have enough for every room when I already had beautiful flowers in my gardens. You’ve taken us on a magical journey once again.

    1. We all need some magic don’t we Sheri! You are like me. When I was younger, I would take the kids to our local ranunculus field. They grow them for the bulbs and let you pick as many flowers as you wanted as long as you used scissors to cut them. I filled many trunks with Ranunculus and all the rooms of the house too! Now the fields are under new ownership and you can no longer do this. Wish I could send you some 🌻🌻🌻!

      1. Me too. When we lived along the central coast of California, I had something in bloom outside every window year round. Of course that’s out of the question here. Of course, the flower markets were so reasonable, I stopped each Monday morning and picked the flowers I wanted for my office each week and flowers for my secretary’s desk. Fresh flowers were such an important part of the magic and never once did I think about one day I might have to leave that behind. Oh the memories. We had a neighbor that grew fields of dalheias and of course growing up in Kansas there were field after field of Sunflowers growing all straight and tall. My brother and I could play hide and seek in them. It was all magic and so far away from reality. Thanks for brining me some magic along with the flowers.

  19. Bonjour CINDY et bon jour de l’Epiphanie,


    L’amitié d’un jour peut durer toujours
    C’est une chose naturelle quand elle est virtuelle
    Donner sans attendre en retour
    Ce petit bonheur d’un petit coucou
    On se remonte le moral, quand on est mal
    On ne se fait pas de peine, on ne connait pas la haine
    Les kilomètres nous séparent mais rien de grave
    Ce qui la rend belle, c’est cette étincelle de l’amitié
    Que l’on ne peut pas acheter
    Je te souhaite une excellente journèe

    Gros bisous




  20. A fascinating market. I could spend days there because I love wandering where there is food and magnificent color. Love the sharp, intense colors. Thank you for sharing, Cindy. The photos are amazing. 🙂

  21. Oh, Cindy, you just brightened my day! I love Pike Place Market and you caught some of the best highlights. We only live 3 hours away and I am sad to say I haven’t been there for years. These pictures put me right back there! Thanks, friend.

  22. Lovely visit to Pike Place, Cindy. I’ve been here a few times and it’s a little overwhelming for me with so many people, so your post here did a great job of keeping the focus on the beauty, color, lively joy, and magnificence of the market. A bright spot in this beautiful city.

    1. It is inundated with people and I share that overwhelmed feeling. The solution is to have Pikes Place Markets in every city so we don’t have to go there to experience it!

  23. You know, I’ve never trekked to Seattle and that’s a shame. I love all the color and flowers. The dining patio is sublime, what a grande way to dine el-fresco. I’d probably stay all afternoon. Can it be this summery there right now? We’re waking to -27 in the morning, LOL ! Does that sound insane? It is! I have to laugh, otherwise I go a little mad over winter. xo K

    1. -27 is seriously intense and it must get very stressful over time. I was in -50 below once with wind chill and never want to experience that again. It was difficult to breathe. Stay warm and safe. 🔥 ☕
      These photos were taken in September. Seattle will be cold, rainy, slushy, snowy now. Palm Springs in nice now. There are always lots of Canadians in Palm Springs this time of year! <3

  24. Hey Cindy– I’ve always wanted to spend an afternoon in PIke’s Place market!! It’s on my Travel List (for when Larry retires!). Thanks for all the bright and beautiful flowers. You do get around!!! Hope your year is starting off well… xox

  25. You are talking my language here. I love Pike Place Market! My husband had to drag me out. The worst part was having no kitchen in my hotel room. I was unable to buy all the beautiful food since I had nowhere to cook! 🙂

    1. Exactly what I thought! If I lived near, I’d be shopping there each week and cooking what I bought. I think this whenever I travel and see really exceptional local sourced markets. I want to shop and cook! We did this once in Italy and are going to do it about two months in Alsace. We have a farmers market where I live but it doesn’t hold a candle to the really good ones like Pike Place.

  26. Ah, this brings such lovely memories. I fell in love in Seattle 23 years ago this month. 😊 Pike place, the waterfront, the ferries….yup, sweet, sweet memories indeed! (Recently celebrated 22 years of marriage with my Seattle man. ❤️)

  27. Love Pike Place! We try to get at least one quick visit in whenever we get back home for family time, but the latter is bound to limit the former sometimes. 😉 Great pictorial tour.

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