The Eagles Have Landed~

Soaring Eagles,

touch earth,
for a time,
but never really,
leave the sky.
Their home is always,
in the clouds.
Cheers to you the stunning eagles of Vancouver Island~
(Note: Dark colored eagle is a juvenile)

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  1. They are a beautiful bird. I live on Vancouver Island and in my neighborhood where I just moved from had a bald eagle nest which is quite large. The birds look big in flight as they can have a wing span if not mistaken up to 7 ft. On the ground they are not so big as they look the size of a turkey

    1. I am taking advantage of them landing for salmon. I have neverr seen so many eagles on the ground. You are so incredibly lucky to live on this amazing island. I’m going to look at property values in Tofino tonight. I bet they are steep though~

  2. So majestic! The last time I had an up-close view of a Bald Eagle was at a raptor rehabilitation center where I volunteered several years ago. Thanks for bringing back memories for me! Never saw a juvenile this close up though. Love the coloration and patterns on the juvenile as well! <3

  3. Lovely pictures. It’s so sad that our intervention means an imbalance in prey for them. They are decimating the populations of some migratory birds like a species of cormorants. But what majestic creatures!

    1. Even when humans are not being overtly destructive to the environment, our environmental policies/practices are so illogical and conflicting, that they are rendered harmful also, too much of the time. 75% of the old growth forests on Vancouver Island have been harvested. We are just a way too destructive species in too many ways, to ourselves, to the planet and to all the creatures on it~

  4. Such fabulous photos, Cindy. I’ve always been fascinated by these majestic birds. I actually have two large prints displayed in my home. Got them over 25 years ago. Love your post. <3

    1. That’s a coincidence. I had two large prints of bald eagles too in my home that I bought in Alaska about the same time frame. I finally, only recently, replaced them with some of my photos as they were fading.

    1. Finally, we have two bald eagles back at The Holler. California basically devastated the entire bald eagle population, so I have never seen one here in my lifetime at home, until a few weeks ago, because biologists have reintroduced them.
      California did the same with our grizzlies, our state mascot, who are extinct in the state. The largest grizzly ever shot in North America was shot at The Holler. I have to go to Canada to see my state bear who should be living in my backyard.
      It doesn’t matter how close the eagles come to you in Wisconsin, they are living there naturally, as are you, which makes all of you, extremely lucky.

  5. Such a regal looking bird. I am convinced it is the eyes. We have a pair that live up the canyon from us. I am always amused about the early debate over whether the US should adopt the eagle as its national bird, and Ben Franklins argument for the turkey. Great shots, Cindy. –Curt

  6. Cheers to the stunning eagles of Vancouver Island. They actually look so pretty. It is good that they are strong birds, otherwise, man would have captured eagles also and caged them as a pet.

  7. The eagle is an amazing bird, especially when you feature their beauty and fierce looks! Cindy, an eagle got hit by a truck and is in a nature preserve in Mansfield, Ohio. A surgeon had t repair his leg tendons. Bird Sanctuary

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  9. Such majestic photos Cindy ~ everyone show the regalness of our national symbol, with the third shot being my favorite. You’ve captured their spirit ~ wonderful series.

    1. Ah, so appreciated. For these photos I used my Sony HX400 which has an adjustable lens 1200mm equivalent. It’s great for wildlife and you don’t need a tripod so you can move with the shots.

  10. Hello hello! I really had no idea there were so many types of Eagles, less they all live in Canada. We see more Falcons on the Prairies. I was always afraid they’d carry off my cat when we lived at the lake. Awesome photo’s Cindy!

    1. Thank you! It is thrilling to get close to these beauties and they have let me do this three times in the past several years for which I am most grateful to them.

  11. Hi Cindy,
    Your eagle photos are breathtaking. A bald eagle has appeared in my back yard. Now I have to watch my 7 pound fur baby with an eagle-like sharp eye. Thanks for liking a few of my older posts earlier today. 😀👍

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    Bald Eagle populations in Southern California have been decimated in the past decades from residual DDT, habitat destruction, and human persecution. also in Europe at one point many different sorts of eagles had nearly disappeared from several regions, but slowly through nature conservation they come back more on the scene.

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