Little Cabin in the Big Woods~

We had been to The Knight Inlet in Canada before on a day trip by small boat and always wanted to come back and stay. This is the dock area in Campbell River on Vancouver Island where we met our pilot,
and boarded our plane for the flight into the inlet.
The trip in is stunning and carries you deep into pristine wilderness.
Here is our little cabin in the big woods. It is new construction and sits on the water’s edge.

It is tiny, but charming, and has everything you need.

This is your view when you wake in the misty morning.


In the inlet you are surrounded by wildlife.

There are harbor seals,

and Stellar sea lions, and whales, birds, wolves, cougars,


and of course, the star attraction,

the grizzlies!
Cheers to you from gorgeous Canada~

312 thoughts on “Little Cabin in the Big Woods~

  1. Beautiful…reminds me of Southeastern Alaska. The Steller’s sea lions are huge…I can recall many a dock in the harbors in Petersburg that had been crushed by the weight of three bulls that would regularly sun themselves on them!
    Wonderful photos, as always – and that cabin looks very cozy!

  2. Oh my gosh, I hate the woods in real life but these pictures and your post make me want to be right there with you. Keep sending the pictures cuz that’s the way I like it. Uh HuH uH. ~~dru~~

  3. What a wonderful place and view!! I’m envious, of course. Bear are the animals that frighten me the most but I guess they aren’t as interested in you as you are in them. What a wonderfilled adventure. Great photos of it.

      1. That is interesting. I think all creatures have thought about the others of us. We write them off too quickly. Don’t know I’d want to be close enough to a bear to have it look in my eyes. 🙂

  4. You have found and shared a great place to “get away from it all,” or, at least almost all of it. Have to save just the right balance for comfortable survival with company one is dedicated to keep.

    1. It was perfect for the locale. It felt like our own little pinprick of light and warmth in the vast dark wilderness. And it gets pitch dark at night when the stars are obscured by clouds.

    1. It is good for our psyches to be exposed to positive imagery. Our visual centers process it before our mind is actually aware. Conversely it is bad for us to be exposed to excessively negative imagery which we all are everytime we tune in to mass media.

  5. Just viewing these images gives me a sense of spaciousness and tranquility! However, with the company around you, I can’t imagine that being out there would be lonely at all. Savor all the moments you have there Cindy! <3

        1. Sounds divine. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Jim is trying to get me to go on this last minute deal to Costa Rica, Chile and Peru. He is always getting me to go on last minute deals, but this time I am resisting. We’ll see how long I can hold out…..I don’t want to fly over the holidays.

    1. Thank you. The guy who runs the place grew up nearby, off the grid and home schooled, no roads, no people, winters must have been challenging. Can you imagine the creative sort of lives some people manage to live! I admire them and want to be a bit like them. Cheers to a non-standard life!

  6. I liked this earlier and had three of my four children,my husband, and my mom talking to me. But your pictures needed time to stare at, imagine I am there relaxing, reading a book, waiting for that beautiful morning to wake up and look outside, and then go exploring. Except for the bear, I would love to see them, but I would be nervous! I really enjoyed this! :)) Jen

    1. What a lovely comment. Thank you! I am glad you feel about this little cabin as I do and imagine yourself there. Sometimes the best things do come in the smallest packages!

      1. We’ve been mulling this area over for a visit – never thought of searching for a place you could fly into….well, there was that one isolate cliff side community in CA…flying in like many apparently do would have been better than that road.
        Adventures rock!

        1. Are you talking about Big Sur and that amazing road down through Fort Leggett? That is spectacular scenery. I do hope you go and stay in Knight Inlet. You have several options for staying. Let me know if I can assist if you start to plan~

    1. Hi there you two! How wonderful to hear from you whilst I am in Canada. I keep seeing Barton businesses and wonder if I am related, since learning from you there are lots of familial Bartons in Canada. No wonder I love it so! Hope you both are well and love hearing from you. Thank you for dropping by! Give my best to Wendy~ <3

  7. Wow, Cindy, so this is the place…and yes, it is amazing. What an experience this must have been and this post and your amazing photos ~ such diversity of wildlife ~ just empowers me more to visit this area one day. Beautiful!

  8. I love your cabin. I watched Alaska shows on HGTV, very similar to your experiences. Of course, also, in the same neighborhood. The wildlife is fascinating. Do you have protective landscaping and bear doors? Have you ever had any encounters with wolves or bears? Most in Alaska have guns for protection. Even though it is sad to kill wildlife, it they are charging you, what else can you do? The views are stunning. What a refreshing vacation spot.

    1. This was a vacation spot for me to stay temporarily. The cabin was on a small island and there were no grizzlies on the island so it was perfectly safe. Whenever I am in bear country each person I am with carries bear spray. I follow safe bear country viewing guidelines to minimize risk ie., hike only in groups, carry no food, only water, carry bear spray, and make loud noises as you hike or move about. I sing loudly. I also closely observe all wild animal body language the same way I did with people doing psychotherapy, signs of anxiety, hostility, and I am out of there. I respect wild creatures space too. And give them lots of it until I know it is safe to proceed.
      Home at The Holler, which is rural, we have a huge population of coyotes, rattlesnakes, and free range bulls. I wear rattlesnake boots outside and never hike at home without bear spray.
      All these things work to minimize risk. I am far more likely to be harmed by humans than any wild creature. We all are at more risk from our fellow humans.

  9. This trip is spectacular and a lovely place to visit. I certainly loved the photographs shared here, Cindy! The grizzlies are such fantastic creatures, where you see every hair on them and their eyes show intelligence.

    1. Their eyes have so much going on. I love to look in them. Intelligent, curious and not the constant killing machines of popular lore. They enjoy their spas days just like us!

    1. I tried to leave a comment on your reblog Rob, but couldn’t find where to do so. You are a talented, thoughtful and brave person Rob and I admire you. On top of this. your blog is helping lots of people. Live long my friend and prosper~ 🖖 🖖

      1. We can thank MacMillan Bloedel Limited for that unfortunate situation. We are trying to preserve, but it seems indu$try wins out. Although, they are having a hard time moving all that tar sands oil around! NIMBY is winning here.

        1. Grrrr. Those old growth trees are treasures. I love Nimbyites, as of course, I would. The parcel next to The Holler was scheduled for a housing development. I did what I could to pester the owners (I can be a pest) to no avail, but then the state stepped in, bought the land from the owner, and turned all 1200 acres into a permanent nature conservancy. Now I have to focus on the remaining 1200 or so acres. If we agree to keep Justin Bieber, will you take Donald Trump???????

  10. Have you heard the touristy tag line? British Columbia, ‘Naturally beautiful’….who ever thought of that was no rocket scientist. Isn’t it just stunning? I’ve not been to Campbell River myself, but I’m happy to see it through your lens. I’m certain there are equally pristine and breathtaking scene’s around the world, yet I’m a wee bit partial 😉 I looks like you could canoe right into bed from that vantage point !! A-mazing. I can almost smell the wonderful forest from here. Man, I love the smell of a forest. That cottage could charm your woolen socks off too ! Do the sealions wake you with their chatter? I must say, a bit cuter than a crow (sorry farmlife lovers out there) x K

    1. No sea lions waking us although that does happen on the central California coast. It silent and still at night. And yes, I agree with you, our planet is incredibly beautiful all over the world. We need to try and take better care of it before it is too late~

    1. It takes a special person to like a place like this. Most would say, “Oh it is too small, too out of the way, there is no shopping, or restaurants….”
      Even I say, “I love it, but not permanently, there is no wifi!”

      1. It looks like a heavenly place to visit. It’s really well done how they did it. A small cabin is all you need in a situation like that, it brings you close to nature.


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