Born to Be Wild~


“Like a true nature’s child,

we were born,


born to be wild.”


The wild grizzlies in these photos were photographed in The Knight Inlet in British Columbia Canada. The inlet is contained within the largest temperate rain forest on earth and has a thriving grizzly bear population.
The bears live in a remote location reachable only by float plane or small boat. We viewed bears from open air wooden platforms that are approximately 12 feet above the bears. The platforms are similar to bird hides familiar to bird watchers. Access to the platforms is carefully limited and regulated. Platform visitors are accompanied by guides. Purposely approaching wild grizzly bears without such precautions would be extremely dangerous to both humans and bears.

The bears, like this juvenile, are quite focused on consuming salmon and have devised an ingenious fishing method,

they submarine with their eyes open under water, and their ears above water, so they can listen above, as they hunt below.

They take a lot of time out from gorging to bicker and play.
Cheers to you from the stunning wild grizzlies of The Knight Inlet~
Lyrics: Steppenwolf

225 thoughts on “Born to Be Wild~

  1. Wonderful photos, I think grizzly bears eat lambs and kids as well as fish? I sang about a shepherdess in my Haugtussa cycle and she has to guard her flock against foxes and bears. I draw out storyboards for my songs and these photos would have been really helpful 😊. You go on some great adventures Cindy .

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    • Thankfully there are no lambs or kids where these grizzly bears live. Deer and Moose would be on the menu though. Your story boards sound like they would make an interesting book. I hope you are keeping them.


  2. Ah cud hardlee tell th’ see any diffrens in them thar b’ars cuz ah wuz runnin’ so hard mah eyelids wuz flappin’ most th’ time….. Great pics, Wild Thang…, you made mah heart sang… Hahahahahha !!!!!!! 🙂 G’nite Cuz 🙂

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    • It is exhausting but exhilarating. Your day starts at 6:30am and you are in the boat and field for 10 or more hours straight each day. You have to wear survival suits. It is worth it though, to see these creatures in abundance in their natural world.

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  3. The bears are so amazing and you can see their eyes and details like their fur so well in your photos, Cindy!
    I really liked how the bears seem to be not concerned about life nor your scent upon the wind. . .
    The Bear Necessities song came to mind from Jungke Book, as soon as I saw the first photo. 🙂
    Oops, I scanned the comments and must have not pushed post comment and waited long enough!


  4. The strength of these animals are matched by their photogenic nature ~ and your skill 🙂 It must have been a dream watching these wild grizzlies of The Knight Inlet out there showing all the fishermen and outdoorsmen how it is done.


  5. What crazy awesome photo’s and congratulations to be guided there. Sounds like a real special opportunity. My heart beats a little faster just to think of you up in that tree stand, camera and lens in hand with these ferocious creatures lunching near. Good grief you are adventurous! Much to our pleasure 😀 xK


    • I just love seeing healthy wild animals in their natural environment. I feel fully alive around them and they never cease to thrill me. Only one bear looked at me like he might want to eat me. The others were just curious, and some seemed a bit melancholic. Maybe they were thinking of the long winter ahead with no spa days and no salmon brunches…..Poor bears~

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    • Oh I am impressed. I wish I could speak Portuguese but it is too difficult a language to pick up on a few trips. I speak Spanish & English interchangeably in Portugal. But, then, I speak English and Spanish interchangeably everywhere……Laughing!

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      • * Oi Cindy, eu também não falo inglês, estou me utilizando da ajuda do Google. Fiz isso para facilitar a comunicação com as pessoas que não sabem o português.
        Encontrei você no facebook, Estou muito feliz!
        Um abraço!

        * Hi Cindy, I do not speak English, I’m using Google help. I did it to facilitate communication with people who do not know Portuguese.
        I found you on facebook, I am very happy!
        A hug!


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