The sunflowers grew tired of growing in their garden.

So they picked up long legs and walked away.

After traveling awhile, they arrived at The Holler, hot and bothered.
They realized too late, as we often do, how good they had it in their garden.

I put them in water, and took their photos, cheering them up considerably.

I hope their sunburst cheers you too~

Note: the color in these photos is not enhanced. I have been experimenting with food coloring in flower water. Blue makes some incredible effects which I will show you later. If you’re interested check out:

303 thoughts on “Sunburst~

  1. Very cool about the symbiotic nature of flowers, colors and life, Cindy. May we all take the joy and beauty into our lives and spread it like flowers across our communities! Let it take “root” in harmony and peace. . . ❤


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  3. Missed this post-sorry about the late comment. My wife plants every year sunflowers and then harvests them to feed the birds over the winter when no other food is readily available. She sits each morning with her coffee and enjoys watching them eat out of my computer room window. .


    • Your wife is a kindred soul. She and I would understand each other. We have a pomegranate orchard. I leave the fruit on the trees for the birds and we get flocks and fabulous varieties. The pomegranates are winter food and drought liquid for the birds. Birds are a daily blessing as you and your wife know. ❤


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