Mountain Mahogany in Bloom~

Mahogany blooming in the High Sierra,
with sailor seeds,

ready to fly to their new home.

Blooming in high altitude
they blanket hillsides
with seeds like summer snow~
Cheers to you from blooming Mahogany that grows only in the Western US & Mexico~

213 thoughts on “Mountain Mahogany in Bloom~

  1. Amazing shots, Cindy! The first one is like a rich tapestry. I’m sure many a needle work piece ( a camera from the past) was inspired by such images.

      • That is kind Cindy. I can imagine what Polly Stretton would do with it. Wee folk and the fairy folk are so in her area. I do hope she sees those photos! xx

          • So would I. I thought she followed your blog and perhaps you her? I shall have to find that link and give her another challenge… she did a wonderful job on the last one I gave her but it did take awhile as she is so busy. 🙂 xx

              • Cindy, I was sure I had seen your photo as someone who had clicked the Like button on her blog and also some comments. She has done some amazing posts about the wee folk, fairies and the like. I imagine these fairies dancing for Degas… what’s not to love with Polly?
                By the way, did you ever read her book Chatterton? I am mad about the concept and of course love her interpretation. It makes me want to do something similar as I love old paintings and photos as they all have a story to tell. xx

                • I do follow Polly and I love her too. She is super talented and very creative, just like you Lea. This is why I love blogging so! I get to meet such clever, talented people from all over our small world. Bisous Lea~

                  • You are right. Polly is marvellous and I enjoy so many of the people I have met through blogging. Some, like yourself, open new doors for me places and things I should never see otherwise. Some have carved places into my heart yet they no longer post, fortunately we did exchange email and postal info much earlier. I am grateful to so many.
                    Bisous Cindy~

    • Just to complicate things, although named mahogany, this tree is actually in the rose family. It was named mahogany because it’s hard, dense wood is similar to mahogany. But you know what they say, a mahogany by any other name……

  2. So that’s what mahogany looks like! I’ve only ever seen mahogany furniture, which is very beautiful. I particularly love the first picture, with the contrasting colours of the blooms against that brilliant blue sky.

    • Just to complicate things, although named mahogany, this tree is actually in the rose family. It was named mahogany because it’s hard, dense wood is similar to mahogany. But you know what they say, a mahogany by any other name……

      (image source google)

  3. Stunning photos as always. I have never seen a Mahogany tree. It is lovely and the seeds are pretty. Thank you for sharing. Your photography always blows me away. (cliche but it fits how I feel about your blog) and you! 🙂

  4. Delightful photos of the mountain mahogany, Cindy. We have it in no. Calif. too and it hasn’t started blooming yet, but your post has reminded me of a great delight that awaits.

  5. Wow..Jus amazing to see the pics, will be much more amazing to be there .😊 I wish I could just go there in these mahogany forests and get lost for a week or so…N enjoy the vibrant beautiful nature.!!

  6. Dear Cindy, so sorry I haven’t really been around, with my daughter and all the other things going on.. and now my computer is going crazy and making me crazy, I don’t kmow what it is doing it is all over the place I wanted to share your scupture on here and Nothing was moving.. just so you know.. I think alot of you as you may know.. I also want you to know I didn’t run away with it..I want to try andd share this but if it doesn’t work … I will try again on another day..big hug.. and I think of you..

    • I just this second sent you a message and now I am reading yours. What a lovely happenstance that we were both thinking of each other at this time. I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so very sorry about the death of your beautiful Michele. The last years have been so hard for you both. Words are insufficient to express my care and concern for you Sherri. I hope you can feel this.. Sending you prayers, hugs and love, and hopes for peace and healing.

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