“Andalucia With Fields Full of Grain”~

Malaga Spain is one of the oldest cities in the world.
DSC05288 (1)
It was founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC.
The Moorish Gibralfaro Citadel was built-in 929 AD.

It is the best preserved Moorish Citadel in Spain.

Flocks of Indian Ring Necked Parakeets,


gorgeous flowering parks, and empty beaches make Malaga a tourist’s dream.
Cheers to you from fascinating Malaga~

223 thoughts on ““Andalucia With Fields Full of Grain”~

  1. Bonjour Cindy Merci pour ce beau partage de couleur j’aime le perroquet
    Mon plus grand plaisir
    C’est de venir te saluer
    Ce matin chez moi le temps n’est pas formidable
    Toi !!! As- tu le beau temps
    Mais je me dis quelque part tu es là
    Prés ou loin qu’importe la distance
    je compte ton amitié parmi les plus grandes
    Ce n’est que du bonheur dans ma vie, un réconfort dans les moments
    de doute et de chagrin avec grande source d’inspiration

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  2. Malaga looks much nicer in your photos than the day I was there in the rain. We didn’t see much due to the weather, but did come across some rosemary ladies walking down the sidewalk. They really tried to push their rosemary on us, but we were insistent about no and made sure to stay out of their reach having heard before going there that if you take it they will either pick your pocket when you let them get close enough to hand it to you, or demand money for it once you have it. Watch out for them and have a great time.

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  3. The Phoenicians who built this made such interesting walls with unique brickwork. I liked the views of Malaya, too. The ancient roots of these countries are what make me believe in world communities. You have shown us how people seem friendly and on a simple level, willing to build connections. It gives me Hope for our children and grandchildren’s futures. One warm smile at a time, Cindy. ❤


  4. Sad to say my knowledge of Malaga is limited to the airport! Although we visited many parts of Andalucia we never saw the coast. Maybe next time I can visit the Gibralfaro Citadel! Thanks for the photos.


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  7. Everything great! Ancient history, relatively recent history, historical architecture, robotics, landscapes, flora, and fauna.


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