“Andalucia With Fields Full of Grain”~

Malaga Spain is one of the oldest cities in the world.
DSC05288 (1)
It was founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC.
The Moorish Gibralfaro Citadel was built-in 929 AD.

It is the best preserved Moorish Citadel in Spain.

Flocks of Indian Ring Necked Parakeets,


gorgeous flowering parks, and empty beaches make Malaga a tourist’s dream.
Cheers to you from fascinating Malaga~

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  1. It does look like a tourist’s dream destination! I always look for history when I travel and this place would have plenty plus so much natural beauty. As always…gorgeous photos, Cindy! Safe travels!

      1. Well, thank you. Every time I see your photos I contemplate getting an HX400 or at least an 18-300mm for my Nikon kit. The Sonys are priced quite reasonably, as happens with older models.

      2. Yes. They are quite economical. I think you would like the 400! I checked before I left on this trip and at that point there was no 500 publicly in the pike.

  2. Timothy Price

    Did you tour the Pueblos Blancos? They are interesting and very photogenic. There were flocks of similar parakeets in Casa de Campo on the northern edge of Madrid.

    1. We haven’t gotten to Pueblos Blancos. I have read about it though and would very much like too. It is a prehistoric place which would be fascinating. The parakeets are all over both Spain and Portugal. They are even in Barcelona. They are not native and they stay very high in very tall trees so they are hard to photograph!

      1. Yes, I do. It was a wonderful year. I am anxious to return someday. I bet your trip was wonderful!! It’s so great to travel and experience other cultures.

    1. I knew nothing about them being here. They are not native. There are monk parrots too. Thousands of both which thrills me to no end, but they are extremely hard to see and photograph!

  3. Spain looks so beautiful! One of my blog friends lives in Adalucia! I would love to see Spain some day! I bet the food there is awesome too! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    1. Spain has given me my first chance to tour these incredibly old, unique and beautiful Moorish castles and forts. They are truly exceptional architectually.

  4. Ooh, that Indian Ring Necked Parakeet! I just love those parrots. And WOW, I don’t see stone walls like those being made anymore. I like the way brick is incorporated into the wall in the top stone wall image as well as all the colorful attention to detail in the second image below. Thanks for this wonderful tour Cindy! <3

    1. I was waiting to post the parakeet for you Lynn! The first ones I saw surprised the heck out of me. I was like, “What are these birds doing here?” They have thriving flocks of ringnecks and monk parrots all over Portugal and Spain. I search for them like only a parrot lover would. I know we would be doing this together if you were here my friend. Be well~ <3

      1. Yes, I would’ve loved to be there for that Cindy! Another bucket list item for me. One of these days! Seeing them through your camera lens is the next best thing though.

        And yes, how amazing feral parrots in urban areas are. I finished Parrots of the Wild recently and discovered that urban parrots don’t generally negatively impact the native flora and fauna. We can enjoy thoroughly their presence! 🙂

  5. I enjoyed all the photographs but the last one may be our future: playing with transhumanism leads to robotics, even for wildlife in the picture. We don’t need space aliens, we can make our own.

  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Espana, its own country in many ways. There is far too much richness in the individual cultures of European nations for normal, psychologically healthy people to want to blend them into blandness.

    1. Oh so true and wonderfully expressed! I am with Prince Charles on the importance of maintaining these architectual masterpieces and these wonderful, intact, old European cities. Thanks for “getting” this my friend and cheers to you~

    1. I will do a post on the interiors of these old Moorish castles. They are spacious, triangular arched, light and lovely, and so very old! Grandeur indeed~ ~(=^‥^)_旦~~

    1. Laughing. You could put three or more photographers in the same place and each might focus on different things. My husband often says to me, “Where did you take that photo? I don’t remember this.” Of course he was with me. I find this whole process of unconscious perceptual differences fascinating. It is not so much what you see, but what you focus on. Sort of a metaphor for life.
      Be well Fae and thank you my friend~ <3

  7. This is now the time between the Whitsun Holidays and Summer Holidays, therefore the beaches are so empty. And your Pictures are so inviting as ever. The blooming trees and the clolourful bricks, very nice. Keep on enjoying, Cindy! We do with you (of course only a shadow of what you experience)…

  8. Birdie bird, on the wind your born,
    Bringing the news of the brand new morn,
    Up above the trees you fly,
    Birdie bird you’re way up in the sky.
    ~ Mick Softley

    Enjoy your hols (you and the parakeet). 🙂

  9. Hello hello my traveling friend. Spain looks wonderful and hasn’t been on our radar but obviously should. I can’t wrap my brain around how old that Citadel is. Amazing! There must be some very ancient plumbing in that city too. Flocks of green Parakeets too, gasp. How pretty. I really love that futuristic mural. Is a cacophony of old meets new, very creative. Happy days Cindy! x B

    1. Great to hear from you! The Moorish architecture is a new (old) experience for me. Usually the castles I tour are dark and claustrophobic. Not these ancient building. They have interior triangular arches, lots of windows with views of the ocean. They are spacious with interior courtyards, fountains and tile work. Really quite beautiful.

  10. Those Phoenicians were busy traveling the world, weren’t they!!! I think you have a bit of Phoenician blood in your ancestry! 🙂 Fabulous photos – every step has a story….

  11. on one hand, I had to be redundant in my comments. On the other hand, I would be remiss in not saying, once again, how striking your photographs are. Thanks always for sharing them!

  12. http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/581638toutou.gif
    Bonjour Cindy Merci pour ce beau partage de couleur j’aime le perroquet
    Mon plus grand plaisir
    C’est de venir te saluer
    Ce matin chez moi le temps n’est pas formidable
    Toi !!! As- tu le beau temps
    Mais je me dis quelque part tu es là
    Prés ou loin qu’importe la distance
    je compte ton amitié parmi les plus grandes
    Ce n’est que du bonheur dans ma vie, un réconfort dans les moments
    de doute et de chagrin avec grande source d’inspiration

  13. Malaga looks much nicer in your photos than the day I was there in the rain. We didn’t see much due to the weather, but did come across some rosemary ladies walking down the sidewalk. They really tried to push their rosemary on us, but we were insistent about no and made sure to stay out of their reach having heard before going there that if you take it they will either pick your pocket when you let them get close enough to hand it to you, or demand money for it once you have it. Watch out for them and have a great time.

  14. I always feel I embrace a peace of heavens serenity when the image you share grace my day…they surely will inspire a poem which I will share soon. Hugs and blessings Cindy!

    1. I hope you and your dad both go together! Thank you for your kind appreciation and I am very impressed with your blog and started to follow it on google.

  15. We enjoyed our two days in Malaga … well, actually one because we went to Granada the first day in port to visit La Alhambra. Great catch of the bird … and loved the mural.

  16. Thanks for the little Malaga history.. I didn’t realize it was so very old. Hope you found some luscious seafood while your were there!! Enjoying every stage or your trip!!

  17. The Phoenicians who built this made such interesting walls with unique brickwork. I liked the views of Malaya, too. The ancient roots of these countries are what make me believe in world communities. You have shown us how people seem friendly and on a simple level, willing to build connections. It gives me Hope for our children and grandchildren’s futures. One warm smile at a time, Cindy. <3

      1. I apologize for not spelling Malaga, correctly or maybe my phone did this error. (?)
        Thanks for such a warm compliment on my comment, Cindy. It all started with the inspiring words you included with your photos! 🙂

  18. Sad to say my knowledge of Malaga is limited to the airport! Although we visited many parts of Andalucia we never saw the coast. Maybe next time I can visit the Gibralfaro Citadel! Thanks for the photos.

      1. Yes Cindy, the parrots are right at home there. I’ve never posted any of those photos as they are not from France… I also have plenty of photos from Holland and Belgium, c’est la vie!

  19. It is a fascinating city and hope to visit when cooler. Our friends did a city break there from their countryside retreat in January! It’s only 2 hours by fast train from Seville!

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