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  1. Beautiful photos, as usual. I am particularly intrigued by the one with the woman , child, parrot & box – is that box some sort of antique musical device?

      1. I love those little music boxes! Intend to order the “Imagine” one for Ms. Munchkin’s birthday – it’s her favorite song. Thank you so much for that link!

  2. I love all your pictures Cindy! Crisp, clear, beautiful! But the vignette of the lady playing the music box with the little girl tells a lovely story.♡

  3. When I was there, it was stilled billed as “Oporto” and the natives were having many heated discussions about that. Now the “Porto” faction has won. But the port wine is heavenly….

    1. Yes, people still refet to it as Oporto. Mu husband does. The wine is delicious and The Douro Wine region is so beautiful. I can well understand why you fell in love with the country.

    1. Porto is so elegant in spring bloom, before the heat of the summer. The flowers in combination with all the hand painted tile work is just breathtaking.

    1. I love seagulls. I know many people don’t, but I find them so intelligent and I loved these ones with the red eyeliner! They are always looking at you.

    1. Yes. It is one of my most favorite places in the world. I would like to live there. Go! You will be floored by the beauty. Portugal doesn’t promote The Azores too actively. I’ve heard they are well aware of the island’s biological uniqueness and fragility. I couldn’t possibly urge you more to go and I so hope you post about your impressions. I did some posts on The Azores. If you want to see the photos, google my name and The Azores and you’ll see them.

  4. Once again, I discover a superior photographer at WordPress, the best place in the world to find like-minded friends. Writing and reading are my first passions, as I’m limited in getting to places to photograph, but I thoroughly enjoy the blogs, here, like this one that express beauty and imagination! Happy to meet you!

  5. What a great sampling of what Portugal has to offer! I think you’ve captured every beautiful aspect of Portugal here Cindy – the cityscape, the avian cuties and their human companions, and the beautiful blossoms. Cheers Cindy! <3

    1. Ahhhh, so wonderful to hear from you Lynne! I told you about the ring necked parakeets and monk parrots I found in Spain & Portugal. Got some clicks. We just went to the Tagus Estuary, one of the most important bird refuges in Europe and saw so many species including flamingos resting on their way to France! Heaven!

      1. Yeah, that sounds like the very definition of heaven to me Cindy! How wonderful! I’ll look up the Tagus Estuary online now. Thanks for mentioning that. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

    1. That is exactly what we said when we first laid eyes on Porto. My husband checked in to our hotel room while I was out taking photos. His face was funny when I knocked on the door. I said, “Oh, is the room bad?”
      He said, “Not exactly, look…”
      It is the view you see in the photos off the porch. Just stunning…..

  6. Beautiful pictures, Cindy. I dont remember much of the city from the time I was there, but certainly there was a little beach where we went. We went to every beach haha. Have more of the good time on your trip.Chao.

  7. Cindy, absolutely delightful photos from Porto; it’s architectural beauty shines through, the clarity of light wondrous. So alluring I’d never want to leave! 😀

    1. Laughing. Port is wonderful isn’t it! The two primary port wine growers in Porto are English and we stayed in a hotel owned by one of them. Lucky people!

  8. What a gorgeous place to visit! And, Cindy, I so love the detail you’ve captured in these photos, especially the close-up of the gull. I find myself wanting to stroke his beautiful feathers!!

  9. We’ve just planted some of those flowers in our garden that are in your last picture. Ours are yellow and red. They’re brilliant. I first saw some of them growing on our local seafront and thought, I’ll have some of those! We have a bit of a micro-climate here, so can grow all sorts of things that you’d expect in warmer climes.

    1. By next spring you will be very happy! Their spring bloom is phenomonal. I would plant them too but they require too much water for The Holler habitat.

      1. We’re on chalk, so quite a bit of watering required here, but the sun never gets as hot as where you live. Perhaps you could have it as a pot plant indoors. I think you can grow them like that.

  10. Can I be nosy and ask what type of camera you used? Excellent, excellent shots…but that is only possible with a good photographer first and foremost!

      1. I have never had an issue with the battery. I have both a 300 and 400. The image stablization is much better, it is one of the refinements, with the 400.

    1. Oh yes, fabulous food. We always say the same thing when we are in Europe, “Why can’t American food taste this good?”
      It is because people shop daily at fresh food markets that feature local growers and bakers. The difference in the taste is significant as you well know.

  11. Gorgeous pictures, as always.

    Any idea what the instrument is in picture #4? I assume it’s playing music like a player piano.

  12. Ahhh!!! Qué bonito paseo por Oporto. Portugal tiene un encanto especial. Espero que hayas disfrutado mucho, mucho en este viaje a la Península Ibérica. Un abrazo amiga. <3 <3

  13. Liebe Cindy da hast du aber super Landschaftsfoto gemacht sieht ganz toll aus und dann die ah Aufnahme von der Möwe einfach spitze wünsche dir eine gute Nacht und schönen Sonntag Klaus in Freundschaft

  14. You’ve captured the heart of Porto with these photos ~ an idyllic city, almost as if it was from a fairytale from the looks of this 🙂 I would imagine you doing quite well in this city, beautiful views of quaint buildings and houses sipping port while overlooking the water…sigh… Wish you the best this Sunday 🙂

  15. I love the co-hesiveness of the city, being that most of the roof-tops are red tile or perhaps brick. It makes for beautiful scenery. I also fancy the floral arrangement, so spare but the beauty of each Calla can be admired. Really, anything might look fantastic facing the hall of columns like that. What a gorgeous place. How do you decide where to stay when you travel? You must have a great agent 😀

    1. Yes it is a hand cranked music box that plays sheet music. Kinda amazing huh! I love planning trips and don’t use an agent. I read tripadvisor customer reviews and pay attention to formal ratings, location, and traveler photographs. I look for deals on prices through second parties like booking.com and hotels.com. Planning a trip for me is half the fun.

  16. Cindy, I really liked the sensitive elements in the post and your trip has such unique sights. I also liked the same parts which others mentioned, the delicate flower bud, the waterfront with closely placed charming houses (villas) and the music playing woman with child, so precious! <3

  17. Woooow
    Nice shots Cindy 😉
    Planning on working on my own self hosted blog soon. Would be needing support from wonderful bloggers around the community very soon.
    I would really appreciate 😉
    Great work on your blog as always hun

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