Tagus Estuary & Fuente de Piedra~


Portugal and Spain have extensive wildlife reserves,

sheltering flamingos, black headed gulls and many other birds!

Tagus Estuary is the largest reserve in Western Europe,
and one of thirty natural protected areas in Portugal.

Fuente de Piedra Natural Reserve in Malaga Spain is known for it’s flamingos.


To mark the last day of our trip, we escaped the bustle of Lisbon,
and spent the day exploring,

enjoying the blooming flowers,
and belly dancing in little town of Alochete Portugal!
We are home at The Holler now, but it is still, cheers to you from Portugal & Spain~

211 thoughts on “Tagus Estuary & Fuente de Piedra~

  1. We visited the nature preserve in Malaga, Spain region some years ago. Missded the nellie-dancers, though. Found a local shop where we purchased ham, cheese, and bread for lunch, just before he closed for siesta. Great memories.

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  2. Beautiful photos as always 🙂
    Yes the flamingos are beautiful and so are the red poppies but they come alive through your eyes and your camera 🙂 What a gift you have ! Obrigada for sharing
    Turtle Hugs

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  3. What a beautiful end to your trip Cindy!! The thing that made me most homesick for Spain were the red poppies. They grew thick in the fields around the pueblo where we lived!! You to their vibrant colors just right!! Thanks for sending off all these photos!

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  4. I really like the vibrant colors of the clothing in the local folks who live in these quaint and beautiful towns, Cindy. I am so happy you seem to have had good weather!
    The pretty pink flamingoes are perfectly captured with even the circles around their eyes displayed! I cannot help loving the sweet and oh so soft baby ducklings, too. Thank you for stopping by my posts, as I run through saying catch up as often as work allows. ❤ Peace and so glad you are safe and sound home again, Cindy.

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    • I have no idea why your posts weren’t showing up in my reader. At some point I said, “Where’s Robin?”
      I went to your blog and saw all I missed.


  5. Bonsoir CINDY MERCI pour le partage de ces belles photos
    L’amitié est un sentiment fort
    Il est beau de la découvrir
    Sur ton blog je peux lire tes poèmes , tes créations
    Les messages de tes amis (ies)
    C’est une appréciation forte
    On peux y trouver toutes sortes d’amis Français ou étrangers
    Quelle partage
    Sur nos blogs on vit un monde de paix
    Ce serait si beau que sur terre règne la paix règne

    Passe une belle soirée , prends soin de toi
    Bernard , bises

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  6. Bonjour CINDY ils sont beaux ces flamands roses

    Laisse le bonheur te surprendre
    passe une bonne journée dans la joie et la bonne humeur
    Ce mardi n’est pas beau du tout
    De la pluie
    Je me demande si le soleil est toujours la
    Mais de passer chez toi me mets du baume au cœur

    gros bisous , Bernard

    Bonne fête de la musique en ce 21 juin

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  7. So pretty! Cindy, thanks for liking my post about Irena’s cookbook – I would love it if you could share with your friends! It’s a good book – and she’s pretty poor:) Her son has actually ‘borrowed’ nearly all her money and she’s just about broke.


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