Our Unexpected Community~

is like a brilliant field of new spring flowers,
filled with creative, talented, intelligent people, with open, searching minds, who are kind and supportive, rooting for each other.
A field chock full of productive people who use their unique talents in individual ways to contribute, to try and make a better world.
A community that spans countries, continents, religions and viewpoints, composed of individuals adding their light to an often dark world.

You are a blessing everyday to so many, including me. It was time to pause, and express my gratitude for being part of you.

Non-bloggers may not understand the depth of our individual and community connection. Hopefully, they might start a blog and find out for themselves, if not, it is their loss.

I picked these photos and flowers in honor of you, and our community.
Thank you for being you! Cheers to you and long may you blog~

362 thoughts on “Our Unexpected Community~

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  2. Oh sweet Cindy! Thank you for such a beautiful post that features amazing flowers that symbolize the relationships between bloggers. The community is priceless and stunning, indeed! Sending love ❀


  3. Thank you for this bright and warm post, Cindy. It is such a pleasure to blog with you. I, too, am repeatedly delighted with the people we mingle with in this community. The flowers here are awesome, I love that crinkly orange poppy. Have a great week, my friend~~


    • You are a true joy and honor to know Brenda. I really can’t accurately express how much I like and value you. You are the sunshine, the gentle rain and the beautiful flowers, all in one lovely person~

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      • It’s so rare I hear such lovely words, especially now that my kids are getting older. πŸ˜‰ I love your joyful and supportive presence in the blogosphere, and I often see your smiling gravatar preceding me places. I love knowing your world blooms with beauty and that you plan to share that here. Somehow, that gives me hope about human nature and our world. Long may you travel, capture our unique world with your lens and share your thoughts here. XOXO


  4. Cindy I am just back from Australia and Fiji and what a delight to return to find this post. I couldn’t agree more about the supportive network and community in blogging. We had the good fortune to visit 6 bloggers in Australia who we had only met virtually before. The warmth, kindness and connection once in person strengthened our belief in this wonder world wide group.


    • You know of course why I follow you. I so look forward to one of your carefully thought through posts of places far and farther. I am reading about Turkey learning from you for my trip there in 2017. I finally saw your photos on San Miguel on facebook. I am really looking forward to your posts on Allende.
      This is who you are. A person who people eagerly await to hear from.
      Be well Alison.

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  5. Wow – beautiful! Love the colors, composition and depth-of-field as well as the bee-butt photo! Thank you for the post… =0)


  6. Ah, Cuz, all of this beautiful color and it isn’t even Easter yet ! Speaking of color, I know Spring is just around the corner here…, the crocus are in bloom and the daffodils are budding. Warmth is on its way…, Yay !!!!! πŸ™‚


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    • It is a delight to meet you and thank Edwina for me! I never could have imagined when I started blogging, that it would enable me to make friendships with incredible people all over this beautiful world. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and welcome! ❀


  8. These are all lovely Cindy. I am so ready for everything to be blooming now. Some of the flowering trees are beginning– mainly the locust trees, shedding over everything in the way, but others are beginning now. And real green stuff out my window. YAY!


  9. I love so much it!!! I love, love, love it! Your flowers look like watercolor paintings!!! You are a great artist!!!! Thanks for sharing with us this treasure!!!! All the best for you Cindy! Bravo!


  10. These are wonderful Pictures and more wonderful are your sayings.
    Yes! What a loss to Non Bloggers as you say.
    Most time they do not understand or may be misunderstand a lot.
    There is something for you in my Blog, come and read my Quotes and the latest Poem Open the door…..
    Hats Off to You Maam!


    • You are a thoughtful and kind person Sherri. Thank you my friend! I love your art work and wish you the very best with your new endeavor. It looks exciting. Be well & cheers and blessings to you~ ❀


  11. This is such a perfect post in so many ways, it expresses beautifully and imaginatively the connectivity of blogging, I just wish I had more time but my final year has been very challenging. It’s so nice to stop and see these beautiful images even if I can’t smell them I can imagine.


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