Holler Feathers & Their Kruger Kin~

(African Red Winged Starling).
Holler birdies (Purple Finch)

are curious (Black Phoebe)

and friendly (White Headed Sparrow).
But their African cousins (Cape Glossy Starling)

have that African ‘vibe’ (Southern Ostrich).

Like no other birdies (Blacksmith Lapwing)

anywhere else (Pied Kingfisher)
alive (African Fish Eagle)!

Cheers to you from our world of amazing birds (Baleteur Eagle)~

229 thoughts on “Holler Feathers & Their Kruger Kin~

  1. Wow, love these close up pictures of these cuties. I have the feeling that you could never get close to any of them in real life and these pictures are just unreal.

  2. Great finds! Are you on safari?

    We have a common household phoebe and family that have adopted us. She loves dipping in the pool and has the sweetest voice!

    1. The Africa photos were from last May. This phoebe has done the exact same thing! She sleeps under our side porch every night where the Great Horned Owls are afraid to go, and she hangs out on the chiminea during the day. When we hike over to get the mail, she follows us, which is where I took this photo. You need to know I believe you that wild phoebe’s will adopt you, because we have adopted a phoebe too!!! How cool is this!! πŸ™‚ <3

    1. Birdies in close up have such personalities. They are natural coquettes and so very cute. It is wonderful to really SEE them. I am glad you like them too~

    1. One of the seed feeders is right by my computer desk, so I watch their antics as I blog. They are my blogging assistants and give me constant inspiration!

  3. As a bird lover I must say these r supreme!!! The glossy starling has won my heart tho!!! Do u have any crow and Raven pics?? They’re my animal totem and my fav bird!!

      1. Looooove it…they r so intelligent..if I spread my arms like wings and fake fly in circles on the ground they fly in circles above me until I’m exhausted..they know I’m appreciating and communicating with them

    1. The ostrichs just blew me away. I was like whoa, what is that, what I first saw them!! I wasn’t expecting them. There were a flock of females and later a group of males. I was just thrilled to see them in the wild!

    1. There are so many of them here, it is practically unbelieveable. The rarer ones stay down in the oak groves and I got posion ivy recently taking their pics. But up at the feeders there are just so many. I am waiting, eagerly for the arrival of the orioles!

    1. One has to posess these traits themself in order to recogize it in others, especially in wild creatures. You have all three and more my friend. Thank you for seeing it in the wild ones~

  4. I have to share this with my birder son! He knows all the North American birds but probably not all the African ones. And your photos are always spectacular! πŸ’•

  5. Oh my gosh Cindy. I can NOT pick a favorite this time! Each has a distinct way of being adorable and magnificent. I just love how there’s so much diversity among birds!

    Speaking of avian diversity, I just purchased a book that became available in Nov 2015 called “Parrots of the Wild” by Catherine A. Toft. I’d been searching for a good source on the evolutionary history of all the various parrot species and was unsuccessful at locating one until now. I’ll send you a message/link to it via Goodreads too!

    <3 Lynn

    1. I am pretty much in love with the phoebe and she knows it. She sleeps under our porch roof and hangs out on our chiminea and follows us when we go on hikes. Plus she has the sweetest song and eats flies! She’s perfect~ <3

  6. I love seeing birds:from around the world. πŸ˜€ The snow geese stopped at our lake yesterday on their migration north. They usually only stay a day but I’m hoping they are lazy this year and stick around longer.

    1. My husband loves the sparrows too. I love their caps and eyeliner. I did take the photos and my sony deserves the credit for the clarity. Take good care Andy~

  7. Well, Cindy, I have Sparrows, Grackles, Pigeons & Seagulls in my yard. Occasionally (like today) I had Canada Geese. Love the birds!!!

  8. Gorgeous! We saw two Bataleur Eagles in Boise, ID at the World Center for Birds of Prey a couple of years ago. They were imprinted on people as chicks and cannot be released. They are the most beautiful birds! How neat to see them in their natural habitat!

    1. I have two photos of this eagle. I have no idea why I separated the photos. They belong together, but I made that decision in Africa trying to limit the number of photos I post. The eagle landed (no pun intended) on the dirt road in front of us. It was absolutely incredible. He stalked around on the ground a bit and then flew off. I scrambled out of the car, and peeled off two pics. Africa is simply amazing. It hasn’t been a year since we went for the second time and I am already talking to my husband about going back.

    1. No wonder women have historically worn feathers, we are competing with birds. Personally I prefer feathers on their rightful owners! Thank you Sally you sweetheart~ <3 <3

  9. Beautiful portraits of these birds, brimming with color and personality! I like the ostrich. I can see all the details in the fine feathers on the head, as well as a good view down the beak! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Cindy! I am always in awe of your photos! I almost felt I could reach out and tickle that ostrich because of the photo’s clarity (although I hear those crazy birds can be a tad bit temperamental)! Cher xo

      1. *LOL* Yes, good idea, Cindy!! My father-in-law is a veterinary neuro-pathologist and has told me some interesting stories about these cranky birdies!! hehehehe Cher xo

      2. He must have worked in a zoo! Now people have ostrich as pets. A fellow Hollerite does. I keep expecting the ostrich to show up on our property some morning. His goat always does, but the ostrich would make for a far better photo op!

    1. A year in birds! That would be fun. It would need to have a cardinal for Christmas and white dove for the New Year. I would love to do this. Cheers to you Charlotte & thank you too~

  11. I love birds and these are such unique and interesting ones, from the Holler all the way to Africa. I am impressed with the pretty colors and soft feathered details in the ones closer to your home. They stand out, Cindy! πŸ™‚ We may not be “birds of a feather,” but I feel we stick together. <3

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