Holler Feathers & Their Kruger Kin~

(African Red Winged Starling).
Holler birdies (Purple Finch)

are curious (Black Phoebe)

and friendly (White Headed Sparrow).
But their African cousins (Cape Glossy Starling)

have that African ‘vibe’ (Southern Ostrich).

Like no other birdies (Blacksmith Lapwing)

anywhere else (Pied Kingfisher)
alive (African Fish Eagle)!

Cheers to you from our world of amazing birds (Baleteur Eagle)~

229 thoughts on “Holler Feathers & Their Kruger Kin~

  1. Gorgeous! We saw two Bataleur Eagles in Boise, ID at the World Center for Birds of Prey a couple of years ago. They were imprinted on people as chicks and cannot be released. They are the most beautiful birds! How neat to see them in their natural habitat!


    • I have two photos of this eagle. I have no idea why I separated the photos. They belong together, but I made that decision in Africa trying to limit the number of photos I post. The eagle landed (no pun intended) on the dirt road in front of us. It was absolutely incredible. He stalked around on the ground a bit and then flew off. I scrambled out of the car, and peeled off two pics. Africa is simply amazing. It hasn’t been a year since we went for the second time and I am already talking to my husband about going back.

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  2. Beautiful portraits of these birds, brimming with color and personality! I like the ostrich. I can see all the details in the fine feathers on the head, as well as a good view down the beak! πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Cindy! I am always in awe of your photos! I almost felt I could reach out and tickle that ostrich because of the photo’s clarity (although I hear those crazy birds can be a tad bit temperamental)! Cher xo


  4. I love birds and these are such unique and interesting ones, from the Holler all the way to Africa. I am impressed with the pretty colors and soft feathered details in the ones closer to your home. They stand out, Cindy! πŸ™‚ We may not be “birds of a feather,” but I feel we stick together. ❀


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