Our Unexpected Community~

is like a brilliant field of new spring flowers,
filled with creative, talented, intelligent people, with open, searching minds, who are kind and supportive, rooting for each other.
A field chock full of productive people who use their unique talents in individual ways to contribute, to try and make a better world.
A community that spans countries, continents, religions and viewpoints, composed of individuals adding their light to an often dark world.

You are a blessing everyday to so many, including me. It was time to pause, and express my gratitude for being part of you.

Non-bloggers may not understand the depth of our individual and community connection. Hopefully, they might start a blog and find out for themselves, if not, it is their loss.

I picked these photos and flowers in honor of you, and our community.
Thank you for being you! Cheers to you and long may you blog~

362 thoughts on “Our Unexpected Community~

  1. Beautiful flowers and sentiment. I love pictures of flowers because I am allergic to the real ones and this way I can enjoy them without sneezing! I just found your blog tonight and am looking forward to following you.


  2. Hi Cindy what a beautiful tribute to our Community! I am totally agree with you! I came across amazing interesting people here and as an artist I found great love and support. Just follow your Blog let’s stay connected πŸ™‚


    • Yes lets. A community like ours couldn’t happen withouth the world wide web. We cast our nets into the web and catch incredible people who are simply a joy and privelege to know. I feel blessed being part of this~ ❀

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      • I truly feel the same Cindy during my year blogging I meet wonderful people otherwise impossible. It’s precious! Thank you to you too for being part of this and thanks for the Follow ❀ now we are connected! Looking forward to your future posts! And I hope to see you at my Fridays weekly Meet and Greet event! πŸ˜‰


  3. U R a shining star in this blogger community whose presence radiates wherever you appear. Your posts are lovely and soothing. Your comments to others filled with kindness and compassion. I feel lucky our paths have crossed and I get to be a tiny fly on your wall. It really soothes my heart. Love, Paulette ❀


  4. You speak for so many of us in your appreciation of this wonderful community, Cindy. Thank you for expressing it so well, and for the always amazing photo images. ❀️ πŸ’› πŸ’™ πŸ’œ


  5. I think I could have set up a tent in the middle of your first photo and stayed there for as long as the colors would have me. This shot would look great hanging up in my place, especially after the greyish winter experienced. Cheers to a great spring.


    • Ahhh, you are such a good virtual friend Randall. I turned this shot into one of those photo boards and my friend has it hanging in her entry way. I must say it looks very nice there. Thank you Randall, for your thoughtfulness~


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