“What a World, What a World,” cried the Wicked Witch~

Remember, she said this when she was melting. (Orange Julia)

She was too selfish,
to care about anything beyond herself (Orange Julia, Blue Morpho, Cydno Longwing)
and so she melted. (Side-Striped Hairstreak)
Poor wicked witch.
She could never find joy in a butterfly. (Monarch, Longwing)
Joy finds those, (Postman)
who care about nature, (Gulf Fritillary)
and all her creatures. (Cattleheart)
May our beautiful butterfly world bring joy to you~ (Starry Night Cracker)

279 thoughts on ““What a World, What a World,” cried the Wicked Witch~

  1. Such joyful images of our fluttering friends. Enjoyed how your words tell a story leading to the ultimate truth that love of nature will manifest joy in our lives. πŸ™‚


  2. I feel like I stumbled onto a private party with these beautiful creatures. Your images are so amazingly crisp and close – details I’ve never seen before.


  3. Cindy, what beautiful butterflies! Our botanical conservatory has a butterfly display in April of each year, featuring butterflies of other countries. Entry is through a series of doors and screens to prevent the butterflies from escaping, and they provide nectar so you can attract butterflies. They will land right on your had to get the nectar.


    • I love love the nectar idea! What fun that would be. In Iguazu butterflies these amazingly colored tropical butterflies would land on you and hitch a ride through the jungle for long periods. Smart little flying flowers were saving energy and being friendly! ❀

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