Woody, Beep & Feathered Friends~

Woody Woodpecker is so shy!
He sits on the roof and watches the wild birds on the feeders but will never eat, so I have bought a special woodpecker nut mix in hopes of drawing him in. For now though, he just watches from afar.
Beep-Beep spends much of his days snooping at us through windows. Here he is watching me at my desk as I blog. This was shot through the window so there is some distortion. He was about a foot from my face.
The baby house finches are still caging meals from their parents.
Grosbeaks are new Holler residents.
Hawks always watch over everything, and have never yet gone after any of the birds.
Although they certainly like to watch them closely!
Cheers to you from The Holler’s Audubon garden.

215 thoughts on “Woody, Beep & Feathered Friends~

  1. Wonderful shots, Cindy! I can’t believe Beep Beep looks in your window like that. 🙂 A few times, I’ve seen a woodpecker come to our feeder, but not very often. I like to watch them pecking away on the trees–and on our garage the other day. Love the hawk photos, too!


  2. I didn’t know there was a bird food for Woodpeckers…I always think they look so lonely watching the others eat….

    Incredible photos Cindy, a most enjoyable walk throught them, Thank you 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…


  3. How beautiful and you must have hours of enjoyment watching them and Ty of sharing these sweet feathered creatures.


    • It is rather bird central here in Hollerdom. We have hundreds living here and I love them all! I just saw the mama roadrunner with her baby this morning for the first time! So glad you enjoyed the feathered ones my friend.


  4. I really enjoyed meeting your garden residents, Cindy. How funny to have the roadrunner so close (maybe looking at his reflection in the window?) — and how absolutely wonderful to have the newly arrived grosbeaks. Great post.


    • I also am amazed at the variety of birds and the complexity of some identification. I do love it when I get a new species though. So far no luck drawing the woodpeckers to their nuts, the other birds are eating them! 😉

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  5. Beep beep certainly has his beady eye on you Cindy. I’m surprised the hawks never attack the smaller birds. A few years ago, during the drought times, crows moved into our area and now unfortunately they have chased all the rosellas, lorikeets, king parrots and small birds away, and they have found it is good living round here so have settled in to stay…


    • Yes, crow and raven populations are out of balance in many places including The Holler. In Northern California, they are killing off endangered bird species. The more we mess up the natural order, the more out of order things get. The rosellas, and lorikeets are such wonderful birds and practically tame in Australia. I had a king parrot eat off my foot when I spilled some seed. What a thrill!


      • Dozens of crows took up residence in a large gum tree 3 doors away. They are so raucous and aggressive That tree used to be home to a flock of lorikeets. They are noisy too but I can forgive them as they are so colourful


      • I know exactly how you must be feeling. The raven population at The Holler is too large. They continuously harass the hawks. This is what we get for messing with the natural order of things. So sad……I emphathize.


  6. Great post 🙂 I wonder if are ever going to take the time and visit Haiti. It’s a really nice place when you get to know it is not really as bad as the media portraits it to be. You would need need to get a guide but after seeing the south side of the country, The beauty there will make it all worth it 🙂


  7. Do you know the cartoons with Woody Woodpecker? When I was little my father use to show me those wonderful cartoons. Your photos reminded me of those days with pleasure 🙂 Thanks, Cindy!


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