Beep-Beep & Cheep~

The Holler really is ‘for the birds,’
but, then, as you’ve probably noticed by now, so am I!
They make the nicest neighbors,
greeting us in the mornings, and flocking in droves to the feeders at sunset.
Our son calls the roadrunners our “pets.”
But they are wild creatures, who choose to live inside the refuge of our fences, which protect them from the Holler Wiley E’s.
We also have found our refuge here, amongst this wild family.

Cheers to you from wild creatures great & small because they are your family too, after all~

165 thoughts on “Beep-Beep & Cheep~

    • I know exactly how you feel. I am hoping we can hold on to the orioles this winter. So far so good. The Anna hummingbirds stay year round, but the rufous and allen’s have left already. A couple black chins are still here. All the other birds stay year round thank goodness or I would miss them terribly! You have my full empathy.

      • We have woodpeckers, cardinals, chickadees, tufted titmice and a couple other winter hardy birds in the winter. I appreciate them dearly but they ate so quiet when the snow is on the ground. I love when the spring air is full of cheerful bIrd songs!

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