Holler Bickersons~

I was a psychotherapist before I took early retirement, and among other things, I specialized in the group treatment of anger and violence.
So, it is with no small irony, that I present to you the untreatable Bickersons, who have moved in to the former peace and quiet of Hollerdom, turning it into a downright Hollerfest!
Man, do these birds bicker! This is one cranky lady Oriole, and she is certainly giving this guy a piece of her mind.
The guys, hang around drinking nectar, and soon they too, come to words.
When the ladies get involved, it’s hard to hear what anyone is saying with all the squawking going on!
At least they never resort to actual fighting. The hummingbirds could learn a thing or three about this, but they don’t seem open to feedback.
These birds started out so shy, but as you can see now, they are quite at home at The Holler!
Cheers to you from the beautiful, bickersome, but highly entertaining, Holler Hooded Orioles~

249 thoughts on “Holler Bickersons~

  1. Those yellow birds are absolutely so stunning. They are so yellow! Yellow is my Dad’s favourite colour and I currently have a huge bunch of daffodils on my kitchen table. My grandfather gave me a daffodil in a pot as a child for my birthday and I’ve never forgotten. xx Rowena


      • It sure is! I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid. Getting married. Having heart surgery (I’m good), and experiencing a growing practice has made blogging a bit more difficult and following (in a sincerely genuine fashion) my blogger friends very difficult. But I always love to see what you are up to. So glad to have stopped in! ❤️❤️❤️


      • I knew about the marriage and am very happy for you both, but not the heart surgery. Heart surgery is traumatic even with the best possible outcomes. Rest well and be well my dear friend. ❤


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