Holler Sunset & The Rains Finally Come!

A rainstorm is forecasted to arrive at The Holler.
All we can see is a spectacular Holler sunset progression.
The sky is lit with fire.
The next day the rain clouds are here, so we head to the ocean to watch the squalls move in.
Soon they are moving in with attitude!
DSC00733 (1)
We race back to The Holler, where the rains have finally come!
Cheers to you from the happy Holler plants and critters who are still, at this writing, being blessed with RAIN!

252 thoughts on “Holler Sunset & The Rains Finally Come!

  1. Oh, Cindy, these photos are majestic!
    I especially love the last one.
    There is only one time in my life when I saw such “golden light” on the sea.

    I was on my way to Nusa Lembongan (from Bali). It took an hour boat ride. It was raining when we departed but it stopped thirty minutes later.
    It was at that very moment when I saw the sunlight pierced thru the cloud, very similar to the last photo. 😀


    • It is truly a remarkable sight which I have only seen before in mid-atlantic! Such a thrill to see, and you describe it perfectly. It the sun breaking through the clouds as the rain begins to fall on the sea in the distance. Truly special. My kids are going to Bali together this year. I have never been, but hear it is so beautiful~


      • Oh yes, Bali is so beautiful! And the people are just the nicest!

        I suggest your kids get info about the weather and tides before they go.

        Some months are really hot or rainy in Indonesia.
        There are also some months in which some beaches are filled with dead seaweeds (because new seaweeds are growing and they are releasing the dead parts – those are the ones washed ashore)

        I was there once in April and the Southeastern beaches were filled with seaweed (or is it kelp? I can’t really tell the difference. They look like long, wide-blade grass)

        Also, check for local events, depending on which parts of Bali they’ll be visiting.

        For example, The Grand Ngaben in Ubud.
        It is a colossal funeral event done by the royal family of Ubud. It is broadcasted in some other countries, I heard.

        Anyway, I hope they have safe and fun journey! May they enjoy the best of Bali!


      • I am going to send them this comment Hari and well as a link to your blog. They are going in August and are quite excited. We get the dead kelp and seawood both on our beaches too and it is not too pleasant for swimming or sunning. The funeral sounds like it would be fascinating to see. Thank you for taking the time during this busy part of your year to give my children such wonderful advice!


  2. OH wow Cindy all your photos are stunning beyond words that red sunset took my breath away! The detail on your roses makes me think I could reach right out and touch them. And you ducks are so wonderful! I love that one looking you right in the eye! Blessings to you sweet Cindy! ❤


  3. Awesome camera shots of your sunset. So good to hear the news of rain coming. (I’m trying to catch up on your posts and beautiful pictures. My vision is much worse anymore so difficult to post and read others too, so please excuse my scarce and more infrequent visits. 😀 Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Blessings to you.


    • I am so sorry to hear about your vision Joyce. That sounds like a very difficult challenge. Thank you for making the effort to stay in touch, it means a lot to me. Sending love and blessings to you my friend for a Healthy & Happy New Year ❤ ❤

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