See Bee-knees!

The grapefruit orchard is blooming.
Perfuming the air with intoxicating scent,
and bringing hordes of honeybees.
At night I drift,
drunk on grapefruit flower air,
dreaming of the buzzing bees.
Cheers to you from the Holler Orchards and all the humming honeybees~

178 thoughts on “See Bee-knees!

    • I was hoping you might glance at the post! I had no idea. But now that you mention it yes, no pollen is being deposited on their legs and they are drinking nectar. I need to pay attention to the difference. I am going to google this to learn more……Thank you for pointing it out and hope your hives are happy. Very glad you stopped by so I could learn something new!


      • Whether a flower provides pollen or not is quite complicated and depends on the particular species. Some tree species contain a mix of male and female flowers on an individual tree, while some (like holly) will be entirely male or female and others will produce flowers that contain both male and female parts. The male stamens produce the pollen – I think I can see some in your photos above.

        Whether you see honey bees carrying pollen in their baskets is further complicated by the fact that not all honey bees specialise in collecting pollen – most foraging bees will focus on collecting nectar and then smaller numbers will focus either on only collecting pollen or a mixture of pollen and nectar.


  1. I remember, as a child, our almond trees blooming with their delightful smell and humming honey bees. I’d sit under the trees with a good book and enjoy the experience. Thanks for the fun photos and memories. –Curt


    • Yep, I loved bees as a child too. I used to cup them in two hands and let them crawl on my arms and legs. I never got stung. We have almond trees that grow near the holler. Beautiful flowers, that produce, although they are abandoned trees. I should collect the nuts and see what they are like, but there are a lot of abandoned fruit trees out here that produce, and I only pick some…..


  2. Thanks Cindy for sharing these wonderful pics. It’s lovely to see a little sunshine and some bees, considering the time of year it is here in Britain 🙂


    • Blooming citrus groves are pure nirvana aren’t they! If you haven’t experienced it, there is no way to describe it. Light, yet completely ethereal. Cheers & hugz to you Lea. Hope life is being good to you in France my firend~ ❤ ❤

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      • They are. I grew up surrounded by orange groves. That town no longer has any orange groves and I think it is so sad. Cheers to you Cindy and things are well here, if not a bit hectic at times but that is life. Are you back in France anytime soon? There is always much to see and do and your camera shows it all off so well. 🙂 x


      • Heading to Europe & Africa soon, but not France during this swing unfortunately. Your childhood orange groves sound divine. I remember them up and down the state. So sorry most are gone~


  3. I wish I could smell that glorious smell Cindy but I’m glad to have been able to share the rest of the experience through your wonderful words and photos. Thank you.


    • So glad, the bees had to share the spotlight with flowers in these photos because the combination of the bees and scented flowers is just ethereal to experience. I am so pleased this came across to you my friend & cheers to you~

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    • Oh, was fur ein Zufall! Ich war in diesem Museum und wurde jemandem daruber zu erzahlen, aber ich konnte mich nicht erinnern, wo es war! So glucklich haben Sie es gefunden fur mich! Vielen Dank Ernst~ ❤


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