Holler Sunset & The Rains Finally Come!

A rainstorm is forecasted to arrive at The Holler.
All we can see is a spectacular Holler sunset progression.
The sky is lit with fire.
The next day the rain clouds are here, so we head to the ocean to watch the squalls move in.
Soon they are moving in with attitude!
DSC00733 (1)
We race back to The Holler, where the rains have finally come!
Cheers to you from the happy Holler plants and critters who are still, at this writing, being blessed with RAIN!

252 thoughts on “Holler Sunset & The Rains Finally Come!

      1. You have a true talent and eye for true beauty! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽฅthank you for sharing your beautiful photos! I paint and your photos inspire me ๐ŸŽจ I could not capture that light in painting as you have caught in the photo- love the last one especially

    1. Watching the squall lines move across the ocean, is a spiritual experience, especially after prolonged drought. Hope your travels are all you could hope for my friend~

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Cindy! I’m so glad to read that you finally got some rain. Rain is such a blessing, easy to forget how magical it is until a drought comes-then we are well reminded by it’s absence.

  2. Wow, what an intense sunset! It’s been so long since I’ve seen such a red sky, so thank you for sharing this. And that last image has such an ethereal quality to it that I almost expect a magical creature to descend from that gap in the clouds! (Maybe I watch too many fantasy movies ๐Ÿ˜› )

    1. I think your imagination matches your intelligence. Einstein rightly stated that imagination is the highest form of intelligence, so imagine away please, and keep telling me what you see! <3 <3

  3. Hoi Cindy, A nice contribution to the fire in the sky and the rain, our unique creation of nature takes over again.
    Friedensreich Hundertwasser said: “Every drop of rain is a kiss from heaven.”
    Ich wรผnsche dir eine angenehme Woche. <3 Ernst

    1. Thank you my friend and I am going to be spooking critters in your South Africa very soon now. As soon as they see us, they will all say, “Oh no, here comes that odd couple from America who always get lost, again!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Heaven.It really is true, that the more you miss something, the more you appreciate it. Jim is advocating we return to New Zealand. He wants to take that famous road that goes up into the mountains past the tree line, not until 2017 though. I am lobbying to combine with a return to Oz……Hope you are well my friend and who knows, maybe we’ll see you in NZ in 2017!

      1. 2017! That’s dedicated forward planning. If you have plenty of time, it would be tempting to combine Oz and NZ. I have just had a short, but lovely , visit from bloggers from Texas. I think they would recommend my spare room. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Those of us living amid mounds of snow often forget there are whole regions parched and eager for moisture — glad the Holler got some, Cindy!

    1. I so often get the feeling blogging, that there should be some way to swap, we take some of the snow, ice and cold, and you take some of the heat and sun!

  5. YAY! I’m so happy for you and all the little critters! Your sunset photos are breathtaking, Cindy. My gosh, it does look like the sky is on fire! And you’ve gotten such wonderful captures of those storm clouds! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The Holler does get the most remarkable sunsets which was a surprise when we moved in because we had never been here at night before we moved in. I think it is something to do with being in an unpopulated area, on a mountain, with a valley below and the ocean to the west. The sun puts on quite nice shows in all directions~

  6. Some great shots of weather. Somehow it connects us all. An old saying:-
    Red sky at night
    Shepherds delight
    Red sky in the morning
    Shepherds been at the cider again.
    Have a nice rainy day. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. BookOfBokeh

    Wow! You make a rain storm incredibly interesting! And those sunset shots! National Geographic quality!

    1. A rain storm at The Holler is the most interesting thing that happens here!!! It so rarely happens. You are very kind and most appreciated my friend. Stay warm~

  8. I loved watching the stark transformation in the sky here, and oh what a glorious thing it is when the rains finally do come. Lovely post, Cindy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Reminds me somewhat of storms coming on the prairies. Fabulous shots, Cindy!!
    I’m thrilled you got more rain. Is more coming?
    I just want the temperature to get up to around freezing in Toronto. I wore 2 parkas today!

    1. It looks like the storm may be ending, but it is just possible we may have reached our annual average, too soon to know yet, but it was a substantial storm. I can imagine the need for parkas. We are now talking with the polar bear lodge in Churchill. September is peak polar bear viewing, but oh my, it is nippy up there!!!!!!

  10. What a great feeling of renewal it is and such an amazing smell when that life giving rain finally comes to soak into the parched earth. Looking forward to the photos of the plant growth that I’m sure you will catch.

    1. The plants just instantly perk up don’t they! And the birds, line up for rain water bird baths! I can tell by your description that you well undersand drought and the experience of healing rain! Hugs to you Pauline~

      1. We had drought here for 10 years from 2000 to 2010, so being gardeners we had a spear pump installed to keep the garden alive, but it does not revive the plants the same way that rain does. We have been very fortunate to have reasonably regular (sometimes too regular) rain in the past 4 years, with just occasional dry spells, consequently the garden now looks more like a tropical jungle. But I’m sure the cycle of drought will return at some time in the future, that is the nature of Australian weather, boom and bust, all or nothing… Hugs back to you Cindy… ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I was there towards the end of your drought, 2009, and it was horrendous, even for us who come from the “fires” zone. I remember everything parched, dying, like it gets here, but I also remember the maelstrom of fires, over such a large area, all the Aussies staying and defending their homes.
        I remember watching the news about the koala bears who don’t leave the eucs when the fires come, and firefighters picking them up, with their burnt paws, and feeding them water from their personal disposable plastic water bottles.
        Some things stay with you, ya know,
        Australia in 2009 stays with me.
        I wasn’t even taking pictures then,
        I need to go back.
        It is on the schedule, which means, Jim and I agreed, for Jan 2016. I want to photograph the birds!
        Oh my gosh I can’t wait. I want to meet Jack’s Galahs.
        I saw them in on the ground in a group in Australia, I didn’t know what they were.
        I found out, when I came home, and visited them in unhappy cages in the US.
        Nothing like them wild and free in Australia.
        Which, it just comes to mind, is a good descriptor for you and Jack. <3 <3

  11. You are looking at the sun set over the ocean and we see the sun rise over that same mighty ocean. Your photos made me think, how beautiful and although we are at opposite sides and about 1500 km apart the climate is similar. How fortunate we are to live in such wonderful places and notice this beauty and appreciate it. That is the real joyous pleasure. Thanks Cindy for showing us your side.

    1. I was just writing an essay in response to Pauline’s comment (apologize for me). I don’t know how to describe it, except it is so wonderful to meet people who see the world so much like I do.
      No matter how far apart we are, we are very close together. <3

      1. I’ve been worrying all day, because of the name of the song, that it would be disturbing, if the lyrics couldn’t be understood.

        A curse that is not always a curse. It depends on your point of view.

        Like a drought that is not a complete drought, and lasts at least a year .. a complete growing cycle and ends soon enough, especially in the spring, is not a curse. It is a blessing, especially, especially if it repeats every so often, but not too often. Some plants and trees only reproduce when stressed. The new growth will grow deeper roots, the weaker will die out and be fertilizer and not block the sun ….

        I am so glad you have had some rain :star:

        Thank you for your beautiful photos and beautiful captions and your beautiful insights, dear Cindy of the <3 Kind Heart .

        P.S I lived most of my childhood in Forest Service housing … if it had all worked out differently I would have gone to school in Corvallis, or Alaska, where the only Forestry schools were, at the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Oh no, don’t worry, I find the things you send me to be beautiful and other worldly-wonderful. I didn’t even notice the name, or if I did, it surely didn’t worry me. I am not worried about curses (I would worry more about the sad sacks that harbor/send them), and certainly know I would not get one from you. I thought the music was haunting and lovely. I understand what you are saying, droughts, like fire, have their role in the eco-system. One thing I do worry about, as I know do you, is the fact that our ecosystem is getting so stressed at this point, and so out of balance, that the droughts and fires may now be a reflection of this deterioration. This does concern me.Hugz to you my friend and no worries about me. I have faith in you. <3

  12. Thank goodness for the rains Cindy – so happy to read your post. Did you get pummeled with hail as I saw on the news this morning? You photographs are stunning, from the first to the last – there is nothing like a west coast sunset!

    1. No hail, but the first really steady drenching rain. It will be interesting to see if the roads are passable when I try to leave today. We have some landslides that are teetering and about to block the road, and could go at anytime. Rain will set them off, if they haven’t already~

  13. So glad you (and the plants & animals) got a good, much-needed soaking. Your sky shots of sunlight and clouds are wonderful (all we need is the Hallelujah chorus) and the blood-red sunset must have been breath-taking!

    1. Every time I see a sunset like this, I think of wonderful Emily Dickinson, “These are the shores that the sunset washes. These are the banks of the yellow sea….” God, I love her~

      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her homestead is a half hour from my town in Amherst. Have you ever visited it? It is open to the public, although I confess I haven’t ever visited. Come out and we’ll go together! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Magnificent skies and the sunset ones certainly look very different from the ones I viewed at the weekend whilst contemplating the question will it rain if I hang the washing out to dry? Very dark and grey skies then! We did get the rain…minus your pretty rain clouds and general stunning sky weather!

  15. Ah, Cindy, you must know how much I love sunsets…, and this one is beautiful ! Did the promised precipitation ever come, or were you denied rain again ?

  16. Wow…. these pictures are absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sunsets like that.

    Take a look at our newest newsletter. One of your pictures is in it! http://amma.org/sites/default/files/litterprojectnewslettermar-2015.pdf (It started off as a Litter Project newsletter and then turned into a broader GreenFriends newsletter.) Let me know if you want me to put you on the email list for receiving the newsletter. That way you will see any picture I use automatically. Thanks again for letting us use your beautiful photos.

  17. After weeks of sub-freezing temperatures, we broke into the 50F yesterday. Mist started about noon, transforming into heavy rain by bed time. A half-inch of sleet covered the ground by morning. Now, 6 inches of snow have covered the sleet. What I noticed first, when I stepped outside to feed the critters this morning, was the sound of the seasonal stream in our hollar, roaring away. Spring melt is near. I imagine that your ground is a sponge, soaking in the rain.

    1. Oh your spring melt sounds like it will be wonderful, once it decides to fully arrive! If you get tired of all the precipitation, don’t hesitate to send us some! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Hi Cindy,
    I have nominated you for a 5-day black and white challenge. The rules are easy โ€“ just hop on over to my site and have a look. Iโ€™m sure some of your great images would suit black and white. And itโ€™s only five days. But no obligation, only if you have the time and the inclination. ~Carol ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Was fรผr schรถne Fotos toller Himmel so schรถn Rot wunderschรถn wรผnsche einen schรถnen Abend und ein glรผckliches Wochenende lieber GruรŸ von mir. Gislinde

    1. We are bit inland, but within a 45 minute drive to the ocean. This is the farthest I have ever lived from the ocean, but I always need to touch base with it~

  20. Liebe Cindy das sind ja so schรถne Wolkenfotos super gemacht wรผnsche dir auch ein schรถnes sonniges Wochenende mit vielen lieben GrรผรŸen in Freundschaft Klaus

      1. Liebe Cindy das wird es haben hier schon herrlichen Sonnenschein es wird ein herrlicher Frรผhlingstag werden sei ganz lieb gegrรผรŸt in Freundschaft Klaus

  21. Oh, Cindy, these photos are majestic!
    I especially love the last one.
    There is only one time in my life when I saw such “golden light” on the sea.

    I was on my way to Nusa Lembongan (from Bali). It took an hour boat ride. It was raining when we departed but it stopped thirty minutes later.
    It was at that very moment when I saw the sunlight pierced thru the cloud, very similar to the last photo. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. It is truly a remarkable sight which I have only seen before in mid-atlantic! Such a thrill to see, and you describe it perfectly. It the sun breaking through the clouds as the rain begins to fall on the sea in the distance. Truly special. My kids are going to Bali together this year. I have never been, but hear it is so beautiful~

      1. Oh yes, Bali is so beautiful! And the people are just the nicest!

        I suggest your kids get info about the weather and tides before they go.

        Some months are really hot or rainy in Indonesia.
        There are also some months in which some beaches are filled with dead seaweeds (because new seaweeds are growing and they are releasing the dead parts – those are the ones washed ashore)

        I was there once in April and the Southeastern beaches were filled with seaweed (or is it kelp? I can’t really tell the difference. They look like long, wide-blade grass)

        Also, check for local events, depending on which parts of Bali they’ll be visiting.

        For example, The Grand Ngaben in Ubud.
        It is a colossal funeral event done by the royal family of Ubud. It is broadcasted in some other countries, I heard.

        Anyway, I hope they have safe and fun journey! May they enjoy the best of Bali!

      2. I am going to send them this comment Hari and well as a link to your blog. They are going in August and are quite excited. We get the dead kelp and seawood both on our beaches too and it is not too pleasant for swimming or sunning. The funeral sounds like it would be fascinating to see. Thank you for taking the time during this busy part of your year to give my children such wonderful advice!

  22. OH wow Cindy all your photos are stunning beyond words that red sunset took my breath away! The detail on your roses makes me think I could reach right out and touch them. And you ducks are so wonderful! I love that one looking you right in the eye! Blessings to you sweet Cindy! <3

  23. Awesome camera shots of your sunset. So good to hear the news of rain coming. (Iโ€™m trying to catch up on your posts and beautiful pictures. My vision is much worse anymore so difficult to post and read others too, so please excuse my scarce and more infrequent visits. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Blessings to you.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your vision Joyce. That sounds like a very difficult challenge. Thank you for making the effort to stay in touch, it means a lot to me. Sending love and blessings to you my friend for a Healthy & Happy New Year <3 <3

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