Raiatea’s Remarkable Flora & Fauna~

Raiatea has some unusual flora and fauna.
Check out the colors of these water lilies for example!
The scent of tropical flowers perfumes the air, sending you off to sleep, even in mid day!
I tried my new underwater camera for the first, and last time for awhile, because I got a nasty coral cut, that is now infected. I got it from fire coral that was not visible on our balcony’s dive ladder. No more underwater photo practice for me until it heals.
I did manage to get some decent shots on my first attempt. Can you see the camouflaged octopus here? He was quite large and stuck his tentacles simultaneously down many holes searching for prey. When he found some, he ballooned his entire body around it and killed it.
So many beautiful fish, I even saw a lion fish wish I would love to show you. Lots of giant clams too.
This guy was half in and out of water!
And this one appears to live in the thatch of our bungalow.
Raiatea is surrounded by motus, which are empty atolls, that you can sail or kayak over to, and spend your day on your own private island like Robinson Crusoe!
Cheers to you from beautiful Raiatea~
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    1. We decided to go off the beaten tourist path and boy did we! This place is very hard to describe. It is another world with very, very few tourists. The few that are here are mostly French. Our hotel is maybe 10% occupied! Very unusual!

  1. It looks idyllic but even Paradise has it’s pitfalls. I’m so sorry about your hand and hope it’s soon OK again. The pictures are beautiful. I’d want to live there if it wasn’t that I can’t eat fish. Mind you, if you want to slip a couple back in a bag for my tank………..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. These photos are absolutely delightful. You gave us the full tropical tour, Cindy, including the coral cut. Those can be really nasty, so good thing to stay out of the water for now; but kind of a bummer. I’m glad you got the incredible photos you did, and I am certain there is still a lot of frolicking fun. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

  3. I love the photos of the fish, gorgeous colors! Water lilies are exquisite. The island is so beautiful via your lens. I have never see photos of this island. Thank you for the tour, Cindy! πŸ™‚

  4. Cindy, Great shots. DO NOT give up on underwater shots, they were magnificent. Especially the octopus. As for the Indian Mynah bird, they are a real pest in Melbourne. I know they look good and in some places they are kept as cage birds – but not here. (PS, thanks for always being such a great supporter of mine even although I don’t get around to you as often as I would.

    1. Thank you for identifying Mr. Bird. He certainly behaves like a Myna bird, always having something to say and tapping away on the thatch. Thank you for your encouragement on the underwater photos, so bummed I am not practising now! Hubby is the lagoon!

  5. These are amazing shots and what a wonderful place to be. I hope that nasty coral cut heals soon and you get to use your underwater camera again soon.
    The water lilies are beautiful.

  6. Your photos are stunning. They are the difference between looking at and being in. I’m in them every time I see them. Like being on your adventures. Just stunning and such a pleasure to be part of.

  7. The flowers are gorgeous — such brilliant color — but I’m with you: no more underwater camera stuff for a while. I will say, however, that the photos you took underwater were brilliant. Just maybe not worth the cut! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I should know this I am sure, but what is a nom???? I am certain it is a good thing, so big congratulations……..And why don’t you fly over here Resa, you would love the change in scene! πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh Cindy!
        I got a “Canadian Screen Awards” nomination for best Costume Design in the TV mini series adaptation of Terry Fallis’ “The Best Laid Plans”
        I’m beside myself. (Wish I didn’t want to win so much!)
        I will fly thereto see you one day! πŸ™‚ 😎 πŸ™‚

      2. WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Congrats!!! You SOOOOOO deserve this!!! I am totally jazzed for you! The nomination is a VERY BIG DEAL! The nomination is an award in itself! You already won my deah. Hugs and so happy for you!

    1. Yes, the cuts are turning out to be so! I am so careful, but I didn’t see the cluster on the bottom rung of the dive ladder. Ah well, cest le vie! I got to go see what a hospital looks like in Raiatea which was most educational! πŸ˜‰ Hot here, must have been like this when you were growing up in Fiji and the sights would look familiar to you I am sure!

      1. Coral cuts do put a touch of a damper on paradise don’t they!!! Laughing……Here I was just now in our idyllic south sea bungalow, following the meticulous directions from the doc for wound care, when a sweet little gecko running on the rafters above me, let loose his load on the cuts that are to remain sanitary. How the heck does one stay sanitary in the tropics!! Plus there is another creature that lives in the thatch, that yaps at us at various times. The problem is, I have no idea what he is trying to say. I have actually asked Jim to smoke a cigar, hoping the smoke may encourage them to go pester someone else. Fat chance! Ahhhh, the joys of paradise.

  8. Hm – in those coral cuts nasty bakteria can hide! I hope you’ll get better soon, Cindy!
    I love those octopussies! They are so smart! You can play with them, if they are in the mood. And this fascinating ability to change colors! You should take one of those beautiful water lilies as a present for one of the octopodes – perhaps he would imitate the blossom πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I had a fire coral encounter in Bonaire where I barely brushed the coral and the reaction, fierce, came weeks later. This injury is worse because there were multiple pretty deep lacerations. Tonight it looks like it is halting in the spread of infection due to three antibiotics. I used to handle octopi when I was a child. Master camouflagers and fascinating creatures with camera eyesight. I saw one again today, but I can’t go in the water due to my cuts. I watched him though, incredible to watch the hunting process. They stick all their tentacles into the holes in the reef, searching. When they find prey, they stretch their body thin and wide and envelope the prey like balloon. This I had never seen before. They also propel themselves at great speed when they swim, curling their tentacles partly in. I am with you, I am fascinated by them! Hope to watch more. Cheers to you and glad you know about octopi! Vielen dank. Freundschaft~

      1. Good to hear that the infection comes to rest, my friend! Three antibiotics are no fun too… hope they won’t disturb your immune system!
        When I was young I had the idea to study marine biology at the university (not fulfilled) and I have always been very interested in ocean life. I’m quite jealous, that you sometimes had the possibility to interact with octopi – I always dreamed of diving at the californian coast, where the Enteroctopus dofleini lives – they must be really fascinating! In Γ…lesund, Norway, there lived a nice little Octopus in the Aquarium, whom I visited every time, when I was there. He obviously was bored and liked to observe me, when I made a show for him (or her?). πŸ™‚

    1. Ahhh, my wise and kind friend Lea. Plus they speak French here! What are you doing, in the next few days? Want to fly over? They speak your language here although they prefer their own. Mare, spelled wrong most likely, means thank you! <3

      1. Ah, Cindy a kind and tempting invitation. Alas, that would mean leaving France which is something I am not keen to do. There is still so much here to discover… πŸ™‚

  9. Oh, Cindy, I love these photos, esp. the cobalt blue fish! Thank goodness octopi aren’t bigger – their feeding sounds scary! I hope your cut heals quickly – coral can be nasty. Hope you have a good antibiotic to put on it. Tea tree oil (if you can stand the smell) is a good, natural one.

  10. Absolutely stunning photos, especially the first one. The purple is so intense. So inspiring to see these beautiful photos instead of looking out the dreary window at winter. πŸ™‚

  11. Take care of yourself, Cindy — I don’t imagine there’s an Urgent Care facility right around the corner?! Your photos are gorgeous! How heavenly it must be, sniffing and having the scent of tropical flowers envelop you!!

  12. Extraordinary sites and photos, Cindy. I saw an octopus once when snorkeling in Hawaii. It was a treat to see one up close in its natural habitat.

    Love those fish with the blue ‘eye shadow.’ Sigh.

    1. Tomorrow off to Huahine by puddle jumper. The Raiatea experience is something I am going to need to contemplate to gain perspective. We really roughed it, no AC, no insect screens in our deep over water bungalow. I used three types of insect repellent, on my body, in the air, and in a vitamin B patch, I am the one who got mosky bites. Beauty unbelieveable, but lots of health factors. I am the experienced ocean swimmer, but I got blasted by the coral that shouldn’t have been on the last step of the dive ladder. Jim is a newbie snorkeler, he got no coral contact or mosky botes. Cie le Vie! <3

      1. Poor you. It sounds like thing that would happen to me. I am impressed that you an ocean swimmer. I am afraid of swimming where my feet don’t touch the floor/ground. I have taken several swimming classes and it did not help. Finally, I took a class for non swimmers survival. Basically how to float on my back until help shows up. πŸ˜€ ))) That was many years ago. I will simply drown. πŸ™
        I hope you will heal soon. Enjoy Huahine! πŸ™‚

      2. “I will simply drown.”
        Oh dear! Now I know you are incredibly brave because you take so many cruises despite your fear of swimming. This is the definition of bravery, not letting your fear stop you!
        I’m impressed as usual with you Fae!

  13. I love the colors of the various flowers and creatures. And how cool — an underwater camera. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those so I can have hubby throw the animals in the pool and I can take their pictures! (Just kidding!) There’s not a swimmer in the bunch. (They can all swim because they’ve fallen in the pool before. They just don’t like it!) I’m so sorry to hear about your foot and I hope that you’re mending quickly.

  14. Been meaning to comment on this, Cuz, but, as you know, traveling sometimes hands us challenges when it comes to communicating. Loved the photos, Cindy. Water lilies are some of my favorite things… along with wandering cousins ! Safe travels and enjoyl Big Hug !

  15. Hi Cindy. You certainly go to places I shall never see. Not really a traveller. But I would like to see some paranormal sites. In particular The Battlefields of Gettysburg. Thank you very much for liking my poem ‘ A Dark Shadow Stood!’ And for your great comment. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

  16. WOW, you are liven’ la vita loca my dear. Gorgeous and interesting at every turn. Sorry to hear of your injury, hope you’re healing well. Don’t forget to send me your mailing info for “12 days of an Aqua Christmas”. If you’d rather not participate, I totally understand and will pick another name. Just let me know. Cheers my dear.

  17. I hope your infected coral cut is better soon, it sounds nasty and must be quite a disappointment that your underwater photography is shelved for the time being!

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