Storm Surge~

Pacific storms are visiting.
Bringing prayed for rain,
and postcard waves.
Santa doesn’t need a sleigh in Caly.
He just surfs on in!
Cheers to you from Caly’s Surfing Santa~
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180 thoughts on “Storm Surge~

    • This is hilarious, I was trying to get my kids to don a surfers hat and catch a wave but they won’t do it…..go figure!!!! 😉 😉 I told them it was for ‘art,’ I attempted bribery. No dice……ingrates!! Laughing…….
      It has been another wonderful year with you Pauline! Happy Holidays and Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Jack!


      • What spoil sports Cindy, not even for art, laughing with you….

        It has been a good year for us and you and yours too. I have loved sharing it with you. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and here’s to 2015 and more adventures my blogging buddy… 🙂


  1. While the West coast was in need of a good soaking we all wish it didn’t come all at once. I hope you’re ready for a great Christmas and a very prosperous New Year’s 🙂


  2. Hi Cindy, what beautiful Picture…I use to live right on the beach in San Diego…I miss it…but I guess I will have to come over here and see
    Thank you for all your nice of you..
    Merry Christmas


  3. Let’s hope for peaceful 2015 after a “stormy” 2014. Sea, ocean, river, stream, water always beautiful, live-giving and dangerous at times. My best wishes for You Cindy. Happy Holidays and all the best in the upcoming year. I wish you many beautiful moments, people, places and photos. Cheers. Wanda from Poland.


  4. I LOVE these, Cin. Esp the first. Could look at ’em all day. (But then I couldn’t blog LOL.)

    Merry Cmas, my friend. You’ve been with me since my fledgling days and I am grateful for the faithful support. I am so happy to be journeying along, going where you go and seeing what you do.



  5. Wonderful way to deliver our Christmas pressies on a surfing santa sled!! Looks wonderful too 😉 Have a fantastic Christmas and big Woflie hugs surfing their way to you! Hmm….a surfing Wolfie…lol now there’s a thought for the Christmas cards!! 🙂


  6. The power of the sea is so awesome, Cindy. I could spend hours just watching and listening as the surge overruns the land during and after a storm. There’s a magnificence in it that transcends beauty. Beautiful shots….., especially like the first one. Hugs, Cuz !


  7. It seems Santa (or Father Christmas as he is known in Zambia) is creative in delivering gifts. He took to the skiis here when he brought us a package or two. I hope you had a great December 25th.


  8. Hi Cindy, I can’t locate your email address. Here is mine Will mid March work for you? After April, probably is travel time (?) Otherwise, Dec. will work since SD is warm in winter. 🙂 Feel free to delete my comment. Thank you, Cindy! Have a great weekend.


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