Huahine, also known as The Garden Isle, is one of the least visited islands in French Polynesia and retains a strong sense of early Polynesia.

We are staying in Lapita Village. Lapita refers to the ancestral culture of the ancient Polynesians. The village consists of thatched bungalows built around a natural lagoon in the style of an ancient Polynesian Canoe House.
In addition to jaw dropping natural beauty, the area is an important archeological site, with settlements and artifacts found nearby dating from 750 AD. Lapita Village maintains an onsite archeological museum.
Huahine is essentially tropical jungle, exotic flowers and fruit are growing everywhere in abundance.
Our accommodations here are far more lux than in Raiatea, in that we actually have AC and island critters can’t enter our abode, and beds, through all the open nooks and crannies! Woo Hoo! I have never loved AC this much! Not to mention beds shared only with my husband!
Far nostalgia purposes, here is a look at our over water bungalows in Raiatea. Pretty? Yes. Comfortable, errrrrrr….. AC and closing those nooks and crannies would work better for me in summer in Polynesia. Oh, and scraping the coral off the dive ladders would work too! My up close and friendly coral cuts still prevent me from going in the ocean.
Am I complaining? No. It is gorgeous here and the food is fabulous so I am a happy non-camper!
Cheers to you from our ‘very cool’ abode in gorgeous Huahine~

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  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Cindy! What beautiful places you find! As much as I am enjoying our brief spell of non-hot and muggy weather here in Florida, your photos and descriptions inspire a longing for island hopping!

  2. Love Polynesian island life. Just finished writing a post about Samoa, remembering and loving the heat, and then loving being able to go to our AC’d room!
    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time.

  3. For once, I can’t even find the words to describe the beauty of this place! I’ve been to some tropical paradises like Hawaii (Oahu) and Thailand but your pictures convey a surreal quality. And those first two photos… so lush green and vibrant! 😀

  4. You have found a true gem here, Cindy. Gorgeous photos. It sure looks like a tropical paradise. Maybe the South is not that bad at all. 😉 All in all a perfect setting for licking one’s wounds – I hope yours have healed by now.
    Take care. xo

    1. Today it is monsoonal. I have never seen rain this intense. You can read the tropical skies can’t you! And yes, each day we get a lovely burst of tropical rain that last briefly and are delightful. Today is water world. It may just now have tapered off but it has lasted for hours…..

  5. I know envy is a wasted emotion, but when I saw your first photo, my heart just leapt out! Oh, to be sitting in that tropical paradise 🙂 Thanks for letting me travel vicariously. Glad you are more comfortable and hope your scrapes are healing well. <3

    1. No gain without pain! I highly recommend Lapita Village in Huahine if your are interested in traveling here. Built in 2011, it is just gorgeous with incredible food. Cheers to you~

  6. What a gorgeous place! I was even telling my husband, “Wow…this place is amazing!” and then I read cramped and no ac…lol…I’ll just look at your beautiful photos. 🙂

  7. Eye candy for us winter dwellers! Those coral cuts must be quite deep…but if the ocean water is clean, you can still go swimming. The salt helps to clean out and heal the wound (I’m speaking from experience).

    1. Lucky you! I am absolutely verboten to go into the water until the infection is under control. The ocean has bacteria that can make it much worse. It is pouring today so the inability to swim is less annoying! Thanks for the tip though. Normally the ocean is good for cuts, but not infected coral cuts.

      1. . . . and now I do have tears. You are ever so kind. A dear friend sent me her 24 yr old daughter, who happens to be between jobs and who Tom already knows, in hopes that Sarah could both run errands for me and perhaps take care of Tom and I could get out for a couple hours here and there. I know Tom isn’t trying to be difficult and he admits I need a break. However, the two times I’ve tried to have coffee with a friend, it lasted 45 and 20 minutes respectively before he called me home. I plan to talk with his psychiatrist this coming week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Coral cuts… sheesh! I hear they can be quite nasty! Hope they are healing nicely!
    I stayed in a beach house in Santa Marta, Columbia for a couple of weeks, once. Had to share my bed with critters there. Crrriiinnngggge.
    Looks like you’re having a great time!

    1. The coral cuts are major bad news and have beached me, no ocean time, for over a week now! I am not big on finding mice droppings in my sheets in the morning either!!!

  9. Gorgeous! My first thought after admiring the beauty of the first two shots of the thatched huts in the lagoon was of how stifling they might be when the sun is at its zenith. And of how the critters tend to overrun open accommodations at night in tropical areas. (My memory was of St. Lucia.) But then to read you have all this beauty and the luxury of AC? Oh my, you ARE in paradise! 🙂

  10. Cindy, blogul tău are o frumuseţe paradisiacă.
    Mi-ar place să trag o fugă până la tine,şi unul lângă altul, să-mi descrii minunile de pe blog, cu aceeaşi însufleţire, de care sunt convins că te caracterizează.
    Eşti o fiinţă admirabilă!:)

    1. Esti o persoana foarte drăguț să spun astfel de lucruri frumoase pentru mine! Va multumesc foarte mult și bună sănătate și fericire pentru tine prietenul meu ! <3

  11. I can hardly believe there’s still such unspoiled solitude and beauty on this earth. My word, that is heaven. I snickered at the recap of Raiatea, I’m not a camper either. Been that, done that when we were youthful and broke. AC sounds just grande to me. Happy Travels x Oh and the florals are wonderful.

    1. Oh good, be sure if you visit more than one island like Bora Bora, to visit one of the less touristed islands, to get the real Polynesian experience. Huahine is a very good choice!

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