The Autumn Leaves Are Turning Gold At Lake Louise In Banff National Park!

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Looking towards six glaciers across Lake Louise.

Hiking Towards the Glaciers.

Getting side tracked exploring streams.

Looking Back at Chateau Lake Louise.
Reaching the Glacier.

Nature’s glory everywhere! Cheers to you from beautiful Banff~

106 thoughts on “The Autumn Leaves Are Turning Gold At Lake Louise In Banff National Park!

  1. Luanne

    GLORIOUS! And Banff is one of my favorite places! Lake Louise is beautiful. I’m homesick for a place I’ve only been to once!

  2. Wow, Cindy – I am speechless at the beauty in these photos and the talent you possess to capture it! On my bucket list – through the Canadian Rockies by train. I may have to move the time-frame of my trip up a bit, after having seen your shots. Thank you!

      1. I use to work up there in my teens. Penticton, Calgary, Squamish… There were so many places we traveled to up there. There is still family up in Whistler and down in and around Vancouver.
        Yes, it is so beautiful one does not forget.

  3. The beautiful mountains of Alberta. Almost makes me homesick until I remember that those Fall leaves mean that the snow isn’t that far behind. Perhaps after a few years away I will appreciate Winter more, but for now I live vicariously enjoying the beautiful pictures of home. Gracias for sharing. And yes, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the world isn’t it?

  4. W-O-W! These photos! Such beautiful scenery!
    I have often heard that Canada is THE Autumn country. I have also read an article that said, “one has never known real autumn until one experiences it in Canada”. I wish I get the chance to visit Canada one day! (Crossing my fingers)

  5. Looking at these pictures only reinforces the awareness in me to be grateful for the wonderful home we have been given by the Creator to live in. Absolutely marvelous photographs that have made my day!


  6. You make me homesick! I lived in Calgary a decade, and was often in the mountains. The colours of those glacial lakes and mountain ranges seem so garishly impossible when viewed in a photo, yet that is exactly what they look like in real life. Thanks for the memory trip

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  9. Mike Vogler

    Hi Cindy, I came over to your blog from Inion and Mathair’s post. They are sooooo adorable! I love your pictures and as I shared with them I have had a huge crush on Banff for most of my adult life. Yet, I’ve not been there! I will someday and I loved the picture of Lake Louise and The Holler in a previous Mt Revelstoke post of yours πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Cindy, & Congratulations!!! Inion & I just nominated you for a huge blogging award!! We knew when we read the post from a fellow blogger, who we wanted to nominate. That part was simple. Cindy Knoke!!! The hard part was finding one single picture as you have too many that are utterly spectacular & deserve to be first place winners!! After hours of surfing your blog, picking dozens & narrowing them down, we finally chose the winner. The first picture in this post. It was most definitely hard & we will tell you that the picture of Jim in front of the Sequoia was another one of the choices but we felt this one would have a great chance at winning. We are so proud of you Cindy & know your going to win!!! We’re thrilled we we’re able to be the ones to nominate you as you know what huge fans Inion & I are of your work. We’re making sure to leave you the link of the contest. Also, some of the other bloggers who have been nominated are putting the link up on their blog to the site that is hosting this. The way they do it is they put not only the site up, but where their link is to vote for THEIR blog. You can do it where it will pop right up to the site & your blog where they can cast a vote!! We’ve already casted ours Cindy, Good luck Sweety!!

    1. I am honored beyond words, humbled, and so grateful for you two and your enduring kindness. Thank you for your generous appreciation. It means more to me than you both can begin to imagine. Love & hugs to you both!

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