Reflections of Beauty

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.


Whose the Fairest of Them All?

Her beauty is reflected,

It runs deep,


and free.

It is a place for all creatures to find solace through time,

if we don’t destroy it.

111 thoughts on “Reflections of Beauty

  1. Beautiful mirror liked lake. I see there are paddle boats but no one in the lake. Is this not the season? Such a calm surface invites to get on the boat and just slowly go around the lake.

  2. Cindy, wonderful landscape captures–light that brings the best of nature to the forefront. And I do not mean the squirrel. I tolerate their presence in my gardens. They are forever trying to invade my bird feeding station. But I’ve finally out distanced them with great bird feeders that defy their efforts.

  3. I scroll down my reader and come to the pictures. I can always recognize your pictures before your name even comes up. Always so beautiful and worth clicking to see the detail. Loved the little squirrel. I have been out for a while and have missed so much. I like your new background too. 🙂

  4. These are beautiful, Cindy! I want to go there and just watch the water. 🙂

    By the way, I am really enjoying your blog’s new layout. It’s easier on the yes but all eye-catching.

  5. I’ve been to Banff twice, on the CNN Rail going from Toronto to Vancouver and back again. I loved it. You could see the mountain goats from the train platform. I almost stayed overnight. >KB

    1. I was photographing the Canadian rail cars yesterday. An old derelict train in the middle of no where, completely intact; an antique and perserved rail museum; and the actual moving trains. So stunning in the wilderness backdrop! Your trip must have been so beautiful! Cheers to you~

  6. You make me homesick for those sights, Cindy, and the scent of pine and spruce on the breeze, and a mayfly hatch along a quiet stream with a flyrod in my hands. The pictures are absolutely stunning, really beautiful. That camera loves you.

  7. Cindy, what a gorgeous brushstroke of a post. Your brief, well-chosen poem interspersed among those amazing photos–and then the squirrel, we ALLLL love a squirrel, even the more focused of us…;)–but the pictures! The bonus landscape reflected in the water is a visual double entendre…adding depth <<and bonus endtendres!!


      1. Hey Hunny…

        here is where…I think…and if you could, that’d be so great. I am trying to impress writer (hiring) type peeps around my immediate neighborhood these days…going to release a HARD CHATTER (newspaper pamphlet/coffee house thingee–and any such remark is especially appreciated (at this time)

        especially on my “growed up pieces”…

        if it doesn’t work–not to worry…I so appreciate your thought and support through the posts and spheres… Especially ’cause you are so at the top of your game yourself. But you are kind, too. That comes across, and must be due to your former profession.

        (imagine thumbs up emoticon)

        off to wander! (oh–and please delete link from your comments. I am not a “mad linker”…it is so…you know…tacky) (but here is this exception, so go figure…lol)

  8. Oh my! These are exquisite. Stunning. I so want to go to Banff. My husband and I were supposed to go this year for our vacation, but we moved instead so it’s been put off for at least a year, maybe longer now that we have to renovate the fixer-upper we bought. Thank you for posting such beautiful images. I can dream of Banff tonight. 🙂

  9. outstanding pictures, Cindy! What a beautiful place! Love the word ‘solace’, it is a magical word for me. This place looks like something out of a fantasy movie like Lord of the Rings or similar! Wonderful, thank you for sharing this, dear heart. hugs from Baldy 🙂

    1. I love the poem and think it should be paired with the photo!! I couldn’t see where to comment on your page to tell you how much I liked it and how synchronistic it seemed…..

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