On The Road Again: Alberta and British Columbia Canada!

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Enroute today and yesterday to Banff, just arrived and here are some preliminary pics.


The flowers, butterflies and bees at Lake Louise are all very happy and beautiful.

Can you see the butterfly and the bee having a chat?

Such beautiful flowers everywhere!



I am traveling now which makes access to computers far more difficult. I will post when I can and follow your posts when I am able to. Please understand if I am less active than usual. But don’t worry, I will pop in when I can. Cheers to you from gorgeous Canada and I hope I get some good critter snaps for you soon!

102 thoughts on “On The Road Again: Alberta and British Columbia Canada!

  1. Gorgeous pics!! Have a wonderful time!! Years ago I went to Victoria, I love Canada and hope to go again sometime. Have lots of fun! Hugs Lisa and Bear

  2. Just beautiful. This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Have a great trip. I like your new blog background, by the way. I’ve changed my “About” page as well. When you have a moment, you might want to check it out–if you like color, you’ll like Franz Marc (the artist)!

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    If you have not seen my Home Land then these pictures bring you back! How beautiful it is to see the Creator and His handiwork! Absolutely breath taking! So breath taking there are no words to express what I see here.

  4. Critters can wait, Cuz. The mountains and flowers are beautiful enough. Really miss seeing that part of the country. Used to hike and trout fish in Wyoming and Montana. Even wandered into Alberta and BC a time or two. It looks really gorgeous from your pics. Enjoy !!!

  5. Wonderful pictures as usual! I especially love the butterfly and the bee chatting. <3 We may actually move up to that area someday, so this is a great preview. Just lovely. 🙂

      1. I’m sure I will! Apparantly black bears are common there and one paid my cousin a visit in their garden one morning when she was kissing her husband goodbye!!!! She was oblivious to it lol but he wasn’t!! She also had a close shave with a skunk as she was heading out to work and narrowly missed a very smelly morning!!

  6. Can you say: proliferation of daisies? because you can sure shoot ’em! And the beez! What are they…wearing mini aviator goggles? It looks like they could be-e!! So good!! Do you sell this anywhere?

      1. it is very cool. As i just noted in a comment–I admire your work tremendously, and also your perception about people overall.

        If i can ever do anything (other than share your awesome phtogrpahy on fb) to further your dreams…please do not hesitate to say what. 🙂

        also–really do want to buy the bee…;)

  7. Enjoy your trip. Enjoy your days away from technology. Your photographs, here and on subsequent posts that I have just scrolled through, are spectaluar, as usual. On a technical point, what you list as “bees” are actually flies of some sort. Bee have two pairs of wings and small eyes. These insects have two, single wings are really large eyes. Of course, both are pollinaters, and therefore desirable. The “honey bee” that we stick in boxes, and green-bottle flies that we swat are only two of thousands of beens and flies. A health environment should have many varieties. Thus, your photo is demonstrating that you are in a healthy place, regardless of whether the insect is one we usuall categorize as a pest.

    1. How fascinating!! There is a resident Bee expert lurking here, named Emily Heath. Emily are you here? She can probably identify them for us. I did find it odd how they clustered together on the flower buds in ways I hadn’t seen bees do. So thank you for the explanation. The next three days will be techno free as we will be remote in Revelstoke….but, I have been amazed at where you can find wifi spots!!! So we’ll see~

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