A Parrot in Prague, A Twizy in Rome, What the Heck is this? Unliking My Likes….(And Other Misc Items…)

DSC06347 (1)
Okay, okay. It’s a macaw in Prague but that doesn’t rhyme.
It’s a Twizy
A cute little Twizy,
Open the door
Drive it off
and don’t forget your mom!

(Some of you may be able to prompt your senior cerebellums to recall the Polaroid Swinger jingle? This was my first camera and I still have one shot to prove it. I was about 8 or 9…. The rest of you will have to google this archaic artifact of photographic lore…. See if you can find the jingle. It was awesome…..)
DSC05246 (1)
Anyhoo, multi-tasking in Rome. This woman can talk on the phone, open her car door, put her mom in the back seat, talk to me in Italian about her car, and drive off, ALL AT ONCE!
I consider myself quite the multi-tasker. But this woman has clearly put me to shame.
And why, for heaven’s sakes, did wordpress print this in red?
DSC05247 (1)
Have you ever driven in Rome? I would require medication, even without the multi-tasking.
But, when in Rome…
Are you looking at me?
A gulls eye view in Gibraltar.
What, pray-tell, is this floral stunner from Vienna?
And this from Spain?
Jim ate it. He said it was sweet.
A tulip in Prague.
An Iris in Cartagena.
A Lebasque in Vienna.
And finally, does wordpress ever unlike your likes? It does this to me sometimes and it is quite frustrating. I set aside time to read your posts and if I like the post, I indicate it. I go back later and see sometimes that my likes have not recorded. Quite concerning because I want you to know when I like your posts. Has this happened to you?
I guess I have to talk to one of those “Happiness Engineers” at wordpress…..
Cheers & happy weekend.

95 thoughts on “A Parrot in Prague, A Twizy in Rome, What the Heck is this? Unliking My Likes….(And Other Misc Items…)

  1. I have “liked” posts, and when I move on, then back, I’ll find they weren’t recorded. I thought it was a server issue, considering the service here. I usually “like” them again, and it usually sticks the second time. A royal pain, considering how much time it takes me to bring up a page, read it, like it, then go back through every move to recover the reader…which is going to take me ten minutes right…NOW

  2. Nice post and beautiful pictures. I like that small car whit the door open likes that. I think they really designed the car that does not take much more space even when the door is opened.

    1. Apparently it’s an electric car, a Renault. In some countries you don’t need a license to drive it. It’s considered similar to a scooter. Quite ingenious really and perfect for the hectic driving in Rome. Cheers to you my friend~

    1. I like the physallis too – also known as chinese lanterns because their papery outer coating grows in a beautiful lantern shape – they are delicate with a see-through intricate pattern whilst in the ground. It must be a hardy plant as it used to grow in our garden in SE England when I was growing up.

      1. Amazing! You know so much about it. Thank you. Now can you tell me what the fat fuzzy bumbler bee is in my “Home Again” post?? The one I call the B1 bomber? You are a librarian correct? Librarian’s are so helpful and knowledgeable!! Loved your post on the bee friendly plants~

  3. Losing likes – Happens to me all the time! And just recently I lost all my email subscriptions! But we are a resolute blogger community! Wouldn’t miss your posts. Love the car door.

    1. The car door is crazy…..First I saw the car, then the door, then the grandma…..too hilarious!
      The losing of likes is really concerning, but you are right, we’ve dealt with much bigger problems than this in our lives, so Que Sera. Cheers to you Rebecca~

    1. ooooh!! Log in again and recheck. I’ll try that. Thanks for the tip. I liked the birds beautiful eyes too. You can see through the vitreous humor and see the pupil so clearly. They obviously have amazing eyesight. Cheers & thanks~

    1. I know…..I always seen unfamilar cars in Europe but this one took the cake. I loved the woman who drove it. She was so unfazed by my gawking…..Hilarious! Cheers to you Pauline~

  4. I saw that my like wasn’t there so must have hit like button and forgotten that I had already liked your work! I LOVE your posts! Fricken awesome bird pics, and adore your flowers too! Wow what an interesting car! It is so kewl that you can travel to such lovely places!

    1. I have definitely done that, double clicked and deleted my like. Thank you so much! Appreciate the appreciation. I love Bears blog too!!! Tell Bear thanks too and give him a cookie for me. Cheers~

  5. I remember being in a cab in Rome. We were all the way over to the right, and the traffic was at least 8 lanes thick. He picked up another passenger, AND THEN HE MADE A U TURN RIGHT ACROSS A SOLID 8 LANES OF TRAFFIC. Never forget that!! 😯

    1. Yes. I kinda love it. It is so different. I always put on my seatbelt, but wonder at the same time, is there really a point? Too funny! They probably are really skillful drivers. I talked to one cab driver who had bought a new car. It was immaculate. No bumps. No scrapes. He was the only stressed out taxi-cab driver I have met in Rome! πŸ™‚

    1. This makes me think, what city has the most crazy traffic? Probably Rome…..I haven’t been to Asia. It may have some contenders. The autobahn in Germany is crazy. Slow drivers, ie., ones going under 100mph, must stay in the slow lane at all costs, or some German driving machine going 120mph will scare the heck out of you in your rear view mirror! New York wouldn’t win any prizes either. Who drives in New York anyway? Taxi drivers. God Bless em!! Too funny~

  6. Hi Cuz,
    As always, the pics are great. You just keep getting better with that camera. Really liked the “Twizy”. That’s a real interesting concept. As far as driving in Rome…, rush hour in Chicago would probably compare, or at least be good training for it. Welcome home, sweet pea.

    1. This is good! I am in synch with all my good blogging friends. I was just reading another of your poems and marveling at you beatiful paintings. Thank you Paul~

      1. This is so much fun…I cannot believe we are speaking in real time. What time is it in New Zealand? Thank you for all the useful and informative material you have provided me in the last few minutes!! Wonderful~

    1. I’ve just been over reading your poems. This is uncanny I’m in real time with several of my talented blogger friends right now! Your poems are wonderful~

  7. Love your photos — as usual! The colors of the macaw…wow. I’m partial to tulips, so I adore that pic. You even got a little extra on the tulip with what appears to be a bit of spider web! The tiny car is not my thing.

    1. The tuk tuk is so much rommier! Did you see grandmother smooshed in the back seat with her knees sort of straddling the front seat? This is a most compact car! In fact it is classified some places as a motor scooter, so one doesn’t need a license to drive it. It’s a Renault and is electric. You could escape the carbineri in their souped up Alfa Romeos in this little baby….Cheers Arjun!

  8. First time I’ve seen a Twizy. It must be like riding in a sidecar. I’d suffer from claustrophobia. 😯 Your flowers and birds are absolutely gorgeous. πŸ™‚

    1. The twizy is hilarious isn’t it. I always see unfamiliar cars in Europe, but this one takes the cake. The disappearing like problem is concerning and lots of people are reporting it. Cheers to you (and I always like your posts!~)

    1. It’s a hoot. It’s the kinda of vehicle that if you bought it for your kids as a present, they would refuse to drive due to the mortification problem!! I love it! Cheers & thanks~

  9. Amazing & awesome pictures. Visiting your blog is always an exciting and uplifting experience. I do look forward to it. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

    Also, not getting the likes recorded, or worst getting the recorded likes un-liked happens every now and then. I have also noted that the reply to comment notification frequently does not go through – my solution is to approve it, and then respond from the post. It works.

    Make a great day!

    1. Ah yes! Why did I not think of this. Great solution. Bloggers are so smart! And thank you for your kind comments. I am so happy to hear you enjoy the blog. I certainly love everything about blogging, especially all the wonderful people I meet like you! Thank you~

  10. Ha, you’re right! Driving in Rome is not for the faint of heart. Our travel bus actually got in an accident and we had to wait for a replacement. Not a bad place to wait though. I love that car too, cool stuff. I haven’t noticed that ‘disappearing-like’ thing but I seldom refer back to the same posts so who knows. I have noticed though that my spam file has remained empty for over two weeks? Where is all that junk?

    1. You are spamless??? How did you accomplish this miraculous feat? Figure it out and patent it and you’ll be richer than Matt who started WordPress! Jim was driving a rental car and got hit by a bus in Florence. It’s always exciting!! Thanks & cheers~

  11. As you have the Pinterest button, I figured it was okay to pin a few of your pics to my Pinterest Boards. If there is a problem, just let me know and I can remove them. Great work!

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    1. Thank you so much for doing this!! Plus I love the poem and I will assume, like you, that thousands of likes for my blog are missing! Hilarious! Cheers & thank you~

      1. I did wonder with various “bits” poking out of its feathers. Possibly there is a good reason for harnessing the Macaw, e.g. it was rescued and once healed was too domesticated to be returned to the wild. So harnessing it while it enjoys the outdoors and human interaction seems very valid.
        Thanks for your encouraging feedback. It gave me a lift:-)

  13. Cindy–that macaw really pops! Great shot. I did think for a second, “That bird has something cruel planted in its chest,” then figured I had to be wrong–the collar just had to be concealed from me. I’ve never (well, I don’t THINK I’ve ever) had a LIKE disappear. Weird. Ken

    1. I’m not enough of a bird expert to know whether the harness is humane or not. I had birds as pets though and raised some and had never heard of harnassing. So an expert would need to weigh in and inform us whether it is good for the bird or not. I did notice the bird kept trying to gnaw if off.
      Glad to hear you never had a like disappear. The next time it happens I would log off and return and see if this remedies the problem.
      Thank you and cheers to you both~

  14. The ‘fruit’ look like tomatillas (the L’s are silent).

    I sent you an e-mail on my take on the ‘disappearing Likes’.
    You’ll see why…it was rather long winded.

    1. Thank you for both Jules! Yes, apparently the Physalis is related to the tomatillos. Our fellow bloggers successfully identified it. I noticed the similar husking too, but Jim who ate them, said they were a bit sweet, which confused me. I use tomatillos all the time to make green salsa for chilaquiles. Yum!!

      1. A few years ago I got tomatillos at a different food farm co-op that I belonged to (actually with another person). They knew what to do with them. I wasn’t quite sure. The Physalis look a bit like a cherry tomato with a husk.

        I actually sauted the greens from a bunch of turnips with onions and garlic. Added the stems from a relative of Bok-choi that looked a bit like spinach. Salt and pepper, oil and margerine. like collared greens I guess. I saw one recipe for using the turnip greens that called for Okra…but I’m a fan of that particular veggie. I’m going to use the seperately sauted spinach type veggie with some spinach in a quiche. Fresh greens really cook down quite a bit. I was watching a cooking show and the gal used four bunches of spinah for a bed for what ever she was cooking, and it barely covered the bottom of the platter.

  15. Yes!! They have unliked my likes, played havoc with my photos, especially in a new post, etc. The photo thing is fixed, but the Like issue is random.

  16. Lovely macaw-parrot! lol…. maybe wordpress were exceptionally impressed with your writing skills in the paragraph they highlighted in red! I think the like button is very temperamental πŸ˜‰ I often find it “loading” and even though it never appears if I click on it, later the like has in fact registered. Very strange! I have been known when the like button first appeared to accidently like my own post which was very embarrassing! I’ve since discovered if you click it again it unlikes the post but I didn’t know that at the time.

    1. “maybe wordpress were exceptionally impressed with your writing skills in the paragraph they highlighted in red!”
      Somehow I am doubting this is the explanation! LOL! But thanks for trying! Hilarious!! Wouldn’t it be a kick if WP actually did that? Too funny~

  17. Loved Prague years ago, but was traveling in a wheelchair and ran into distressing harassing, because back then people kept the handicapped inside out of sight. Only MacDonalds and the airport had handicapped bathrooms!

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