Butterlies & Flowers!

Today was butterfly day! I got these three butterflies within a half an hour on our butterfly bushes.
Tiger swallow tail.

Red Admiral.

American Painted Lady.
The Holler is ablaze with blossoms. The gladioli are blooming!
So is the hardy blue sage.
Happy June from The Holler!

126 thoughts on “Butterlies & Flowers!

    1. This seems to be a bumper summer for us so far in terms of honey and bumble bees and butterflies. We have so many flowers they love and I am thrilled they are here. I hope you get more this summer also!

  1. I feel like I KNOW that lil yella fella that’s such a Hollywood head shot…and he wants to hang out, besides! What a friendly looking butterflutter! He can flutter over to Cally and “be fly” with the best of them any day!!

    1. Hilarious you wittty one you! My son used to call them flutterflies. I planted scads of stuff to attract them an it is working! Cheers to you & thank you~

    1. Sahm, you know I feel very fortunate blogging because it opens up the world and lets me make fascinating friends from all over the globe that I would otherwise probably never have a chance to meet. Like you and Blu. Thank you both most sincerely.

      1. Blu-This is just an incredible piece of art. First I need to focus on this fact. It is gorgeous. How did you make that? I am incredulous and impressed.
        Secondly, it is so very kind of you. Thank you~.
        I just saw it and am sending it to my husband. You and Sahm are so talented. I bet you have fascinating conversations.
        Thank you Blu. Your kindess is so appreciated and the talent of both of you blows me away! Each of you multiplied by two is a creative explosion of beautiful art.

  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

    Hi Cindy , these are simply gorgeous pictures. Thank you for liking my post ( Dehumanizing the others..) blessings and regards.jalal

  3. Liebste Cindy danke dir fรผr deinen Besuch in meinem Blog und wรผnsche dir eine schรถne Woche und sei ganz lieb gegrรผรŸt Klaus

      1. Me too I have tons and just Swallowtails are here our flowers are so far behind someone must have sent word south and they help up where the feeding is good ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I don’t have an Iphone…..if you want a new camera, check out the sony’s they have large capacity and are really cutting edge. Can’t wait for your gorgeous photos!

  4. Magnificent pictures, dear lady! beautiful butteflies, really beautiful!
    Thank you so much for all your support, I hope you know how much you are appreciated (and not just by me!). Have a super day and keep smiling, kind regards, Baldy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think I read somewhere that the original name was flutterby, because well that’s what it does.
    Butterfly…not sure how that came about…

    [Old English buttorflฤ“oge ; the name perhaps is based on a belief that butterflies stole milk and butter]

    (From the online dictonary…)

    1. Us usual from you Jules, most interesting and informative. Thank you! That is really coincidental because my son, when he was little, always called them flutterflies! The butter link is so odd and interesting! Thanks Jules for your usual interesting info~

    1. For me it holds the key to happiness. Looking at the continual presence of natural beauty clarifies that I am part of something greater. Even the rocks are beautiful. Especially the rocks, they have survived so many eternities. Thank you for catching this & cheers to you~

  6. The first click on my laptop after hectic schedule is this page..and it was very soothing and relaxing.
    Nice colours and sharpness of pic…elevating every details of nature. great ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am so glad that this was soothing and relaxing to you. That is exactly what looking at the glory of nature does to me. It is bigger than ourselves and that is most relaxing to me. Cheers & thank you~

  7. Cindy those are beautiful captures of the butterflies. The flowers are a nice compliment. Thanks for the like of my last two posts “Little Buds – Little Flower” and “Full Frame”.

  8. Those are so lovely. I love nature. Butterflies one of my favorites. It is sad that there are so few of them. I wish I lived out in the open areas as you do. Nature is often my family and animals my closest family.

  9. Cindy, What wonderful photo’s thank you for sharing them, that exhibits some true artistry on your part. Bill — also thank you again for visiting my blog and liking my current post.

  10. Cindy, your pix are always beautiful. You should use your blog here to link to other photo friendly communities like pinterest and tumblr. Your shots are so inspiring and lift my spirits everytime I see them. Thank you. — Bob

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