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A Parrot in Prague, A Twizy in Rome, What the Heck is this? Unliking My Likes….(And Other Misc Items…)

DSC06347 (1)
Okay, okay. It’s a macaw in Prague but that doesn’t rhyme.
It’s a Twizy
A cute little Twizy,
Open the door
Drive it off
and don’t forget your mom!

(Some of you may be able to prompt your senior cerebellums to recall the Polaroid Swinger jingle? This was my first camera and I still have one shot to prove it. I was about 8 or 9…. The rest of you will have to google this archaic artifact of photographic lore…. See if you can find the jingle. It was awesome…..)
DSC05246 (1)
Anyhoo, multi-tasking in Rome. This woman can talk on the phone, open her car door, put her mom in the back seat, talk to me in Italian about her car, and drive off, ALL AT ONCE!
I consider myself quite the multi-tasker. But this woman has clearly put me to shame.
And why, for heaven’s sakes, did wordpress print this in red?
DSC05247 (1)
Have you ever driven in Rome? I would require medication, even without the multi-tasking.
But, when in Rome…
Are you looking at me?
A gulls eye view in Gibraltar.
What, pray-tell, is this floral stunner from Vienna?
And this from Spain?
Jim ate it. He said it was sweet.
A tulip in Prague.
An Iris in Cartagena.
A Lebasque in Vienna.
And finally, does wordpress ever unlike your likes? It does this to me sometimes and it is quite frustrating. I set aside time to read your posts and if I like the post, I indicate it. I go back later and see sometimes that my likes have not recorded. Quite concerning because I want you to know when I like your posts. Has this happened to you?
I guess I have to talk to one of those “Happiness Engineers” at wordpress…..
Cheers & happy weekend.

Our More Intelligent Cousins From Gibraltar…..Part II!

It was hard to peel my camera away from these remarkable creatures…..DSC04160 (1)
Even though the seagulls were photogenic too……

The camera kept returning to the apes as if they were the magnetic north……..


Jim was reduced to reading maps….
Whilst (I always wanted to say this) my camera pursued its latest obsession….
I have a personal credo, to never give advice (unless it’s unasked for) so, if someone suggests you take to the sea, I recommend you pull a Nike, and just do it.
Cheers to you from the Med, and just yesterday, from the Wide Sargasso Sea. Now hanging out again, with the land dwelling apes, and their cousins.

Our More Intelligent Cousins From Gibraltar!

Maritime satellite is a disaster! I will be able to communicate in six more days. I am in internet withdrawal………
Jane Goodall is right. Apes are magnificent and so incredibly human. Look at their eyes……..

Gibraltar is gorgeous. You must visit and meet the real king of the mountain! They love to monkey around (even though they are Barbary Apes!) They don’t seem too impressed by us…who can blame them, some humans actually feed them M&M’s for heavens sakes! They aren’t the least bit afraid of us either, although some humans shrieked in their presence which frightened me. Just goes to show they are wise old apes…..