27 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Flowers of Europe

  1. I want some of those blue ones – not the iris but the one hanging next to the yellow one. A few of those would be great in the garden. Haven’t told you but will be moving to a new house in 2 weeks. Pics will be posted !!!

    1. Eunice! It is SO GOOD to hear from you!! I’ve been over to your blog and left a couple messages, but can’t find your like key. Hope all is well with you!!!

      1. you must not be a follower of my blog Living and Lovin you must only see my re-blogs on 20 lines sorry not sure why my LIKE is missing from there but it is on Living and Lovin as I do have 800+ followers who LIKE ME lol

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    Thank you Cindy. Your eye for exquisite beauty is a perfect relief from and counterpoint to the many heavy stories in the news. It’s so good to be reminded that no matter what insanity the humans in charge are up to, beauty is everywhere around us-healing nature, beautiful flowers, soaring birds.

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